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Now i just posted this thread on Gamespot *cue booes and hisses*, and i got enough spittle to fill a lake thrown at me, half of which ignorant, the other half just purely spiteful.

So i'm trying here as well, to see whether it's genuine hate for the platform, or just Gamespot being full of morons!

I just thought i'd say I love GFW-Live, as i finally have a platform that unifies DLC and Online friends/mail/matches/patching together into one place.  My experience with it has been pretty sound, the DLC (broken steel) i got worked, the patches fixed the game for me with the auto-update system, and it's nice being able to keep in contact with my friends from XBL while PCGaming.

Now i know my experience could be equally one in a thousand compared to thousands of experiences of pure hate.  But i wanted to gauge this, hopefully this time with a more mature audience and far less trolls.  If however your experience is negetive, feel free to explain why.

Hopefully people here's reasons won't be:  "It patches the game, i don't care for patches, XBL sucks" or "It's just MS CONFORMATY LOLZ!" or "I dun know how tah download duh DLC with da client, it broken i no undershand!".   Oh you think i'm joking.  Haha.  Aah.
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Assuming that we all know Gamespot has been there for years and have great success in targeting a wide variety of audiences, mainly kids and teens to their website. Thus, the overall forums there are flooded with worthless, immature responses.

In Giantbomb forums, I've already worked on the assumption that the majority here, sadly we haven't proliferated to match the numbers of Gamespot users yet but are quite mature and know damn well how to answer directly as well as criticize with respect.

I personally can't place an opinion on the GFWL-FO3 experience as I'm waiting for my copy of the game tomorrow followed by a whopping $1000 worth of parts for a new rig. Lastly, just to assert that this thread doesn't have that many people posting and believed that they are not bothered to post at my topic.. "post your fucking FO3 Specs" .. kinda think that ppl here really cbf'd.

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I like GFW Live. It's fun to be able to get achievements on pc games. Makes it just a little more fun to play. The patching is also a good thing although it can sometimes be a bit slow. I hope more games get live but i also insist on it being an alternative and not a nessecity.

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#4 Posted by George_Hukas (1319 posts) -

Its nice when it works but I wish more games supported it!

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Josef_Nastra said:
I like GFW Live. It's fun to be able to get achievements on pc games. Makes it just a little ... [more]
Aye, agree about it being optional.  What most people don't understand though, is that it is optional.  Create a basic offline account with it, don't sign up for a Live Online profile, and it signs you in when you load up the game, into a saves profile just like any other game, and that's the last you'll see of it.
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I think a lot of the hate comes from 'hardcore PC gamers' who don't like that something from a console is being incorporated into their beloved PC.

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I like Games for Windows live, and I like getting achievements for games that weren't for the 360, like Dawn of War II or Halo 2. I'm not too keen on multi-platform achievements. I don't really like having achievements in both Gears 1 versions, and it's a bummer that you can cheat achievements in some games, like Fallout 3. I do like Games for Windows live, though. Combined with, it does everything I would want a PC component to Xbox Live to do.

...and yeah, Gamespot forums...

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I personally enjoy GFW-Live! games.  When it works properly, things couldn't be smoother.  Earning achievements through PC games just motivates me to keep on playing them.  

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I'm a Steam user primarily, but I don't mind games that use GFWL. Fallout 3 integrates both well, and any non-Steam games can be set up to launch through it anyway. I had a few problems setting up GFWL to begin with but I haven't had any problems since.

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#10 Posted by Origina1Penguin (3524 posts) -

Let's just say I'd buy many more PC games if they were GFWL enabled.

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#11 Posted by Karmum (11515 posts) -

Games for Windows is good for getting quick achievements, literally.

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#12 Posted by Vaancor (258 posts) -

I'm having a mixed experience with it personally. While I do love myself some achiveables, like that I can see my friends listt, send messages, and I'm happy we have a great DLC option (though I haven't bought any DLC through Live for the game yet) I just wish it wasn't so clunky or felt more thought out. I'm always having to click a few pixals away from whatever button I'm trying to press in the Live HUD while in game, the GFWL side client doesn't let you communicate with friends like I thought it would, and while I do appreciate the automatic updates a lot they seem to take a long time for me and ususally have a problem or two installing. Granted, this could be a Bethesda issue and not Microsoft.

That being said, I think it's alright and honestly I'm starting to look for that little banner on my PC boxes. I just wish Microsoft would put a little more effort into it considering how amazing and smooth Steam's experence is.

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#13 Posted by Time_Lord (793 posts) -

I like getting achievements for pc games, what I do not like is having to be online to access my saves with my spazzed modded internet and even when my internet connection is stable it will sometimes not let me sign in for no reason and sometimes gets stuck updating and crashes. But I put with all of this for achievements. 

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The only thing I can agree with the gamespot forums is that cake is better than pie.

GFW works. I own The Club (it was cheap) and Shadowrun. I love being able to sync with my XBL gamertag and go into private chat. I dont get the constant nay-sayers but yeah once they put out a GFW Marketplace (with UNO) then I'll use it a hell of alot more.
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Well I feel more tempted to buy games for Xbox 360 even when there is a PC counterpart due to the fact of achievements. (Yes, I'm a sucker for them)

However, if more games intergrated GFWL I'd probably buy more PC games. Which would save me money also, considering they're usually about £10-£15 cheaper.
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I'm embarassed to say that before I played Fallout 3 I wasn't even aware that GFW utilized your 360 gamer tag and allowed you access to your friends list, achievments, etc.  I became much more excited about playing PC games agian onces I figured this out but I'm still torn due to how much I love steam.  I wish their was a way to simply link any game that has a 360 counterpart to GFW for a small fee and get your achievments added to your gamertag.  Also, the fact that the PC version of a game can't be compared directly to the 360 version of a game when your comparing games seems odd to me.  I think I understand the reason though.  Difference in easy of play due to a mouse and keyboard on some games and the ability to hack achievments caused them to differintiate between the versions.  

Also, I think GFW may be responsible for my game crashing everytime I attempt to exit the game.  Their is no tech support on Bethesda's website for the issue but overall that is the usual poor support for their games (still love those games of course, heh).  Also, when a friend comes online or I get an achievment it will cause weird graphical oddities in game until the GFW tab disappears.  The GFW GUI and the games sometimes have weird interactions with one another.  Its also possible to move your GFW saved games to a folder that allows you to play offline but I'm not sure if that allows you to keep acquiring achievments, etc.

That is all, ^^

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