When to start the DLC?

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#1 Posted by Ultimadark (190 posts) -

I got the GOTY edition of Fallout 3 for the 360, and I'm wondering when it's a good time to start playing the DLC. I'm at lvl 11 now (thx to a perk ^^)

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#2 Posted by MistaSparkle (2285 posts) -

Whenever you want to really. Point Lookout is great for leveling though. And you get a very handy perk at the beginning :)

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#3 Posted by CL60 (17117 posts) -

I would wait until you finish the game, which leads you into Broken Steel.

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#4 Posted by Djeffers03 (2537 posts) -

Like CL60 said play through the game first then play Broken steel then perhaps Anchorage.

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#5 Posted by GrandpaJelly (191 posts) -

Anchorage for good armor and if you want to glitch you can get more. Zeta is pretty meh, has alot of good ammo though, I'd get the most boring ones out of the way first.

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@Ultimadark: Listen to me an me only, my child.  For an Easy Loot filled start, go with Operation Anchorage, this is a good start for low level characters.  For an exotic and one shot encounter with aliens AND their weaponry, go for Mothership Zeta.  The Pitt is broken and should not be played unless you want to suffer through the experience just for the loot and Broken Steel is an expansion on the story. Point Lookout is the toughest but most enjoyable of all the DLC.  Many powerful weapons like the Lever Action Rifle are here and they use common ammunition, unlike the Alien Weapons you find in Mothership Zeta.
Go unto the wasteland, my child, and remember my sage words.  Also don't forget the three rules of looting. 
 1.  Find it. 
2. Stash it. 
3. Go back for it once you finish your current mission. 
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#7 Posted by ken4242 (18 posts) -

about level 8 i would say the first one i always do is operation anchorage..... and i like to have high speech for the end cause that chinese general is a pain in the butt

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#8 Posted by EightBitShik (1492 posts) -

Thanks for this thread that helps I'll try and finish the current mission I am on then hit up the anchorage. 

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#9 Posted by InKtOiD (111 posts) -
Just remember that the higher level you are the more difficult the enemies in the DLC become. I was Lv30 when I first did Point Lookout on my first game and those enemies are insane. Mainly because I believe at level 30 they do like 30-40% more damage to you and take 30-40% less from you.
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#10 Posted by Mystyr_E (1456 posts) -

I'd recommend Anchorage somewhat early since you get the stealth suit and the gauss rifle and those things are beast. Might want to wait till you learn power armor training too so you can use the winterized suits

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#11 Posted by ThePickle (4356 posts) -

I did Mothership Zeta at level 6 and it helped a bunch. I got a ton of awesome energy weapons. I just started Point Lookout at level 9 and it's proving to be quite the challenge. I haven't tried The Pitt, or Anchorage yet, and I haven't finished the main story yet.  

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#12 Posted by Renachan (145 posts) -

I did Anchorage first thing out of the vault, and that was great for leveling. Also would be too easy otherwise

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