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RPG to the finest

Fallout3 took me a while to finish. According to my XFire account, it took me 80 hours to finish, and I am not really sure that every hour was recorded. The game was just too good to rush, so I definitely took a lot of time looking at stuff, killing lots of unneccessary animals and doing lot of things you don't even get achievements for. But it was all worth the while, because the experience is just too great. O I remember the first time I stepped out of the vault. Blinding it was and beautiful. 1 minute later I was killed by some stupid loners as I didn't exactly know how to fight. Such a shame. Afterward, I paid them back doubletime. 
Many times I wondered what the big explosion would be like. The one that I rejected too fast. I remember the hallucinative world, the moment that the animals didn't attack my anymore, the times I was to rescue someone from a toilet, the big airfield boat. etc. Just too good to be true so long time enjoyment. If you like RPG, just buy this and play it. period.

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