Duders looking for some Fallout 76 companions?

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I know the general reactions on here is that fallout 76 is a disappointment and while im not entirely against that opinion (considering ive already had several failures to launch and CTD errors) im gonna be playing it a bit for the next few weeks at least so im interested if there are any around here who plan on giving it a shot. I didnt see a GB community discord anywhere so if the interest is around i may make one or we can just find eachother in the wilds of the bethesda net friends lists.

Oh yeah i forgot to post, if nobody wants to reply to this but still wants companions my BETHnet is iamtheforce. if there are only like 5 of you out there than this may be the easiest option haha

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@iamtheforce14: Hey duder! I am also one of the few people digging this game, sure it's got it's problems but doesn't every Bethesda game? I am Quirkwood on Bethesdanet.

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I'm on PS4 :(, but if any console duders want to group up let me know. PSN PhilOsyfee

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Hello guys...this seems like a more friendly group towards 76 and since I was on the fence about this game, I was hoping maybe you can help out. I played FO4 and loved it. What is making you guys like this game when there is not a lot of love for it? I liked NPC and quest lines, but I am still open minded. Is there plans to expand 76 into something I do not see yet?

Thanks for the help...PS4 Mac122

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I'm playing on PC, no sure if the hours will match since I'm in Europe, but I'm "robsonsiebel" on bathesdanet

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More friends/duders to play with and group with the better. I'm on XBOX, GT= PWEID5

I'm in PST, and I've just started, lvl 5, btw.

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Anybody needs help in the wasteland I'm level 20. Playing on the PSN. Add me DirtySkidMarcs

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You can add me on PC as SoDx in-game.

E: Sent invites on PC but who knows how long they will actually pend for before decaying.

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Bethesda on PC:


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