The Fallout 76 Saga somehow gets worse: Support ticket information being exposed to other players including addresses.

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I keep thinking this can't continue to be a worse PR Nightmare for Bethesda and every day I'm surprised at just how wrong I am. This really seems like a slam dunk for a lawsuit. Apparently the said poster at one point posted a screen grab of said leak confirming this but it looks like the picture has since been deleted.

In short this was posted on the /r/FO76 reddit:

Hi guys! First time Reddit poster here. I am a gleeful vault dweller as yourselves and as of this moment I am receiving every single one of your support tickets on my Bethesda account. Mostly it's your receipts for you power armor set requesting a new bag. These receipts contain all your info. Your email and home address and the card you used to buy this extremely glitched game. I can see the problems you are having with the game, yes I'm having them too. And I know a few of you want a refund that Bethesda has said can't happen. I can update your ticket for you, if you'd like. And close it! How fun is that? Please rest assure I have no desire to stalk you or mess with your Fallout 76 experience. I just wanted to let y'all know that this is happening atm. Anyway, I gave Bethesda a heads up via the Twitter. So we will see. I wouldn't want to be the person having to respond to all of you. Currently there's 8 pages of canvas bag requests, tickets and "fix or refund me" demands. Is there anyone enjoying the game like me? Oh well! See you in Appalachia. Be nice to each other. I love you!

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This story is the gift that keeps on giving. Truly a Christmas miracle.

If this didn't win hottest mess in GOTY, I demand a recount. The number of different, increasingly severe ways Bethesda has utterly fucked this up is astonishing.

On a similar note, here's a link to their forum where mods locked the topic about this to prevent it from being discussed any further, but the forums are bugged too and people can still post:

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Fallout 'Are we the Hottest Mess YET' 76.

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Someone posted this on Discord and I laughed:

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This mess has really hurt my desire to ever touch another Bethesda game again. They've made some great games in the past (Morrowind is one of my favourite games of all time) but with the disappointment with Fallout 4 and now all the stuff surrounding 76 I have no faith in Starfield or the next Elder Scrolls. I definitely can't see myself ever touching their website and launcher so those games better launch on Steam when they release.

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Well, if Giant Bomb hasn't already decided "Hottest Mess" for their Game of the Year deliberations, I think we have a winner.

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@arbitrarywater said:

Well, if Giant Bomb hasn't already decided "Hottest Mess" for their Game of the Year deliberations, I think we have a winner.

Nah, they'll give that to Metal Gear Survive... Jeff said he would rather play this.

As a Metal Gear/Fallout fan MGSu is nowhere NEAR as horrible as Fallout 76.

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@elite49: What was the mess around that game though, it's not about what you'd rather play.

Unless there's something dramatic about that game I've forgotten which honestly being Metal Gear Survive I wouldn't rule it out.

Honestly though it still isn't Fallout because the Quiet Man came out this year.

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Jesus Christ, Bethesda. Shitting the bed isn't supposed to be an Olympic contest.

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@efesell said:

Honestly though it still isn't Fallout because the Quiet Man came out this year.

I think if a mess grows beyond just the quality of the video game then it should be a lock for biggest mess. Quiet Man is a worse game for sure (76 certainly has problems both in design and competency but Quiet Man is just bad) but this may (probably should) lead to huge legal fees at this point. Lying to the customers was a crappy move but accidentally releasing personal information is soooo far beyond terrible quality in terms of a mess.

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Okay, I was convinced nothing could top Telltale's mess this year because of the human element, but this has the potential to be far, far worse. And all because they wanted to save a few bucks on fabric, too.

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@impatientandy: Well I don't nominate Quiet Man for being a bad game so much as the way that its bad, who released it, and the entire concept behind its gimmick and 'dlc'. It's a perfect confusing storm.

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Quiet Man kinda came and went but Fallout 76 keeps on giving in new an spectacular ways. Only way they could top themselves is if the game started bricking peoples consoles/PC’s.

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What will their "make good" be for the people who paid $200 for a version of the game that didn't come with everything advertised and, caused them to have sensitive personal information leaked to the internet? Because, it is going to have to be substantial if they want to ward off the inevitable lawsuit from this.

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Listen, it's just not possible to create this kind of thing without some level of jank.

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Hoo boy, they could get in some serious shit legally with this. This is just one guys account, who knows how deep this goes. Could be a class action lawsuit in addition to getting taken to the cleaners by the GDPR.

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#17 Posted by Yesiamaduck (2562 posts) -

Hmmmm some data protection laws wouldve been broken in the uk whoch would result in serious fines. Not sure what the rules are like in regards to the Americas

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Making a Online store is hard guys :D. Still this bug is something else, i am wonder how many people are gonna report this data leak, also Bethesda has to report this data leak immediately ( to the required instances) as it's required by GDPR Law.

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Telltale is a way hotter mess than this, though. This is a series of increasingly bizarre and humiliating blunders. Telltales shutting down is hundreds of people losing their jobs, with essentially no safety net and no warning.

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I love how Bethesda essentially managed to fuck over their most loyal fans once again in such a short amount of time, because many exposed open tickets were about the canvas bag fiasco. How do you even make a mistake such as this anyway, I can't wrap my head around their incompetence.

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As someone who enjoys this game they certainly are doing a great deal of work to try and stop that.

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As someone just watching, this whole thing is hilarious. My favorite part might be the 500 atoms as a make good. How do you get that stingy with your loudest fans that you need to be invested for this game to have the longevity they're looking for. They bought a 200 dollar version of your game! The in game currency doesn't even cost you anything, they should have given them as much as they could have without breaking whatever economy this game has, or if that's an issue do something like 20 bucks worth of currency every month for 5 months. I wish we could bet on what the next piece of FO76 news is going to be.

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Dumpster Fire of the Year!

I am just hearing about Bethesda supposedly silently nerfing the production rate of workshops in the game during the latest patch. Has anyone else confirmed this? I haven't played the game so I am not sure how big of a deal it is to slow the rate of production by the percentages they did, if this occurred.

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@quantris said:

Listen, it's just not possible to create this kind of thing without some level of jank.


I for one am fine with getting doxed on the internet because no one else is making canvas bags quite as like Bethesda does.

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just think of it as a funny glitch

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@gkhan: That'd be fair competition. Telltale is definitely screwed up and hopefully Skybound made good on their effort to hire the telltale staff. But Bethesda hurt some of it's most loyal fans. It's hard to know how many were affected and the level of damage certainly isn't to the scale of someone losing their job out of nowhere (let alone in somewhere as expensive as California) but it's a huge blindside to throw at a consumer. It's always bad when a company lets out credit card info but that's somewhat manageable. You can cancel cards and work to get that fixed. Could definitely cause undue stress and maybe hard times for a bit but there are protections in place. But a company leaking home addresses and personal information is completely irresponsible and potentially dangerous. This is after a stream of garbage with regards to the marketing and handling of the mess prior.

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