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    Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Jan 14, 2004

    Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel is a top-down Action RPG game set in the post-apocalyptic Fallout universe using a modified version of Snowblind's Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance engine. Players explore dungeons, complete quests, kill monsters and gather loot in single-player or two-player cooperative gameplay.

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    Not to be confused with Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel, which is an entirely different game, Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel is an action variant of the popular RPG franchise that received pathetic scores from critics, was received angrily by fans who preferred the turn-based gameplay of the original and was even wiped from series canon by embarrassed designers.


    Carbon, the first town in the game.
    Carbon, the first town in the game.

    The game revolves around an initiate (or group of initiates) of the Brotherhood of Steel, who are chosen from several playable characters. At first, the player's mission is to find out what happened to several missing Brotherhood paladins in the city of Carbon. But things derail as the city's Mayor sells the town out to raiders, who immediately begin their siege. After dealing with the raiders, the initiate(s) heads to the city of Los. A cult called the Church of the Lost is found, along with a Brotherhood paladin named Rhombus. Rhombus has the initiate kill the cult leader Blake, and the initiate finds a key card to a secret Vault. After heading to the vault, the initiate learns of a massive army of mutants, and fights the mutant general Attis, but is seemingly defeated and left for dead. Thanks to the survivors in the vault, the initiate is able to once again find Attis, who has now mutated into a giant blob creature. The initiate kills Attis, and flees the Vault's self-destruction sequence.


    Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel is built upon Snowblind's Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance engine framework, and plays very similarly to it. Players kill monsters and complete quests for experience points, and can put points into abilities when leveling up after achieving a certain number of experience points. The game also balances melee weapons and ranged weapons.

    Playable Characters


    Battling Super Mutants in The Vault
    Battling Super Mutants in The Vault

    The strongest of the first three characters. He can wield the heaviest of weapons.


    The quickest of the first three characters. Nadia also has the ability to dual wield, which makes up for her lack of strength.


    A ghoul (which is odd, because the Brotherhood only accepts human membership) that is neither as fast as Nadia nor as strong as Cyrus. He can gain a "RadChild" ability that allows him to gain health when in contact with radiation.


    Unlocked after completing the first chapter. Patty has similar abilities compared to Nadia, but with some bonuses.


    Unlocked after ending the second chapter, Rhombus is a Paladin of the Brotherhood of Steel. He is similar to Cyrus, but with additional benefits.

    The Vault Dweller

    Unlocked after beating the game, the Vault Dweller is the protagonist of the original Fallout, whose actions in that game changed The Wasteland forever. He is the most powerful character in the game.

    Fallout Canon

    Supposedly because of inconsistencies with previous Fallout games, Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel is not considered part of the official Fallout Canon, however some of its content could be used as "flavor" material as long as it does not contradict Fallout Canon.


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