Lonesome Road Quicklook?

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#1 Posted by gjedwards (111 posts) -

Does anyone know if giantbomb's gonna do a lonesome road quicklook? i know they did Old world blues and honest hearts

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#2 Posted by hangedtoaster (186 posts) -

It wouldn't surprise me if they did, From what I've played it's one of the better pieces of content that they've put out. Also when did they even announced that it was being released on the 20th? I thought it was still TBA?

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#3 Posted by matt_wickstrom (167 posts) -

I would expect them to make one, especially if they have for past DLC's.

@hangedtoaster: The release date for Lonesome Road was announced a few weeks ago, along with two small DLC packs to be released next week. You're right though, it was TBA for quite some time.

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#4 Posted by Aishan (1066 posts) -

None of them sounded particularly into it when it was brought up on the Bombcast.

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#5 Posted by Wiseblood (770 posts) -

Do you really want to hear them bitch more about encumbrance for 20 more minutes?

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#6 Posted by rjayb89 (7811 posts) -

It's pretty talky, but there's the possibility of seeing 30 explosions that actually destroy parts of the environment (i.e. cars, fences, etc.). There is also a new perk that adds another 50 points of weight you can carry, of which I took advantage of because there seems to be so many new weapons and armor in this one. Like a nail gun for example and a shoulder-mounted machine gun.

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#7 Posted by Swoxx (3034 posts) -

They did the other ones right? I'm sure we'll see one

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