Trouble free experience?

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Sorry to bring up the bug thing yet again but I wanted to get some idea of this.  
I have this game on the 360 installed on the HD and am about 30hours in. I haven't got to New Vegas yet where I understand most of the problems are but so far, apart from the odd enemy merging with the scenery (only happened twice) I am having a problem free time - saves cool, short loading times etc. 
 However my enjoyment is being marred slightly because I keep reading on the all the forums about all the problems people are having and I keep waiting for the game to break. Is this just an overreaction (I read on the Bethesda forum someone saying that Chris Avellone should be jailed for fraud!!) or not? 
 Are there people out there who have reached New Vegas or finished the game without major problems?

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@leebmx: Yes, there are people.  And if you do a quick search through the forum post, you'll read many accounts of both sides of the argument.
You'll be fine.  None of the bugs are really game-breaking anyway.
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@zegolf: That was kind of what I thought...the unhappy people maybe make more noise than the contented. Loving this game sooooooo much.
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I thought this thread was going to be about a free XP glitch lol.

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@DillonWerner: There's one of those floating around here, somewhere.  I think if you check my blogs, I did one on exactly that! 
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@DillonWerner:  I second this incorrect assumption.

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