Fallout: New Vegas

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    The post-apocalyptic Fallout universe expands into Nevada in this new title in the franchise. As a courier once left for dead by a mysterious man in a striped suit, the player must now set out to find their assailant and uncover the secrets of the enigmatic ruler of New Vegas.

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    Great New Fallout 0

    I won't lie... when Fallout 3 dropped in late 2008 I wasted hours upon hours exploring the vast Capital Wasteland and it's DC counterparts, and earning the ever-so-rewarding XP points that chimed in after every kill. Needless to say I've been following New Vegas ever since its debut and was exited to give a western wasteland a go. I was very pleased with what the Obsidian developers did with the game franchise....  Unlike Fallout 3, New Vegas gets right into the action after a short and sweet in...

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    Hopefully what happens in New Vegas doesn't stay there. 0

    Fallout: New Vegas is published by the company that developed Fallout 3 in 2008 which was Bethesda, but this time around New Vegas is developed by Obsidian entertainment. Obsidian is fairly well known for making flawed but fantastic games. Sort of like they give you your cake and never let you eat it too…at least not until a year and “X” amount of patches later. It usually takes Obsidian awhile after one of their game’s launches to get it up to where it should be, but afterwards their games are ...

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    Fallout: New Vegas shines through all the muck. 5

      Just like the great, but flawed, Fallout 3 and Oblivion before it New Vegas has a wide array of technical issues. But that is by no means a valid reason to not play this game. It can freeze out of nowhere and leave you holding the bag on a chunk of the game that you had forgotten to save, making you replay it. It also has a tendency to glitch in the same manner as its predecessors and when too much is going on it will slow down the frame-rate and make you feel like you're back to playing Morr...

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    I'm here to do some business with the big iron on my hip 0

     I initially decided to play Fallout: New Vegas in a similar way to how I played Fallout 3 two years ago – as a good guy bringing justice to the wasteland. What I found was a game where the line between good and evil wasn’t quite as clear cut. Take the Brotherhood of Steel for instance, the closest you got to a «good guy» in Fallout 3. In this game, they’re pretty much a bunch of dicks! Certainly not evil, but secluded, unpleasant mole-people holed up in a cave for years. I ended up destr...

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    A standout package in a weak field 0

    Fans can be forgiven for being more than a little bit sceptical of Old World Blues. After all, Dead Money annoyed us with its Rusty tinge and persistent enemies, while Honest Hearts was deprived of meaningful choices and exciting locations.Old World Blues has none of those problems. Out of all the modern Fallout DLC (including FO3's DLC), this is the one to get. This is the only one which I can say is absolutely worth your time and money. This is quintessential fallout.Old World Blues begins cra...

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    Honest Hearts Honestly Rocks 0

    Now the next DLC for Fallout:New Vegas is here and very deeply searched threw-out and the DLC is an improvement. With a much more expansive area and monsters along with items to gather, it's fairly fun in that aspect. There is atleast a new weapon for every type along with the new Ammo type with hand loader bullets and some guns for it make it an easily used weapon that after going to the dlc allows it to be sold in stores at the Mojave. Though some of the weak points are easily seen, since the ...

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    Innovative and Fun Despite Huge Problems 0

    The fact is, after Fallout 3 I was a huge fan-boy. Hell, even before that I bought everything Bethesda made and played it for years afterwords. But that doesn't mean I can't at least attempt to be objective. I have played 30+ hours of this game already and seen several hours of the PC version played (both patched and unpatched). The glitches, freezes, frame rate issues etc. make this an exceedingly frustrating game to attempt to play. Those who don't make tender love to the autosave frequently a...

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    Fallout New Vegas,The Good,The Bad,and The Buggy. 0

    Fallout New Vegas  First time i heard of it,or rather seen it, was on youtube, the trailer for Fallout New Vegas. I was hyped, i was more then hyped, big fan of the fallout franchise.  And now for the Good the Bad and the Buggy.  Overview  Is it buggy? Yeah of course it is, if you didnt see the past 30 reviews saying it was,then yeah,yeah it is buggy. Personally, i only experienced  freezes and crashes, and in average it happens once or twice in 3-4 hours. Other then that, a couple of graphical ...

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    Really good game, with technical issues 0

    Fallout: New Vegas is one of the best gaming experiences I have ever had, but that probably applies to me because I love the setting of the game, the post-apocalypse with that special touch of humor and grittiness that the fallout series have. But for people who don´t dig the sluggish engine this game is running they probably wont have a good time. The things I enjoy about the game is the characters and the conversations you have with them. But the game combat is kind of lacking. When you use m...

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    Forget Fallout 3; this is the definitive Fallout experience 0

    Before I start the review, I'd like to point out that I played the game with every piece of DLC installed as found in the Ultimate Edition. As such, my experiences, and thus my opinion of the game, may differ from your own. Fallout New Vegas, with all due credit to Bethesda, is better than Fallout 3. Obsidian, the developers of the game, took what was great about Fallout 3 and improved it, while getting rid of some parts that just didn't fit. As a result, Fallout New Vegas, more than just an ex...

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    A flawed but worthwhile experience. 0

    Fallout New Vegas is an expansion pack in disguise. It reuses countless assets from Fallout 3, and offers only a handful of geniunely new things. Somehow, this manages to be okay with me. Maybe it's because it uses those recycled assets skillfully enough to create an experience that feels worthwhile and somewhat new.  The story of Fallout New Vegas starts off simply enough. As a courier for the Mojave Express, you are tasked with bringing a package to the town of Primm. Before you are even given...

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    The real Fallout 3 0

    Story- Its Obsidian many of whom who worked on Fallout 1 and 2 so of course the story is amazing. There are a ton of branching paths in the story, quest lines, and classic Fallout humor more so than Fallout 3.. 10/10Gameplay- Its easy to pick up and play with out much trouble regular shooting is much better thanks to iron sights but VATS is still the way to go. Its still really buggy but as of now its much better. 8/10Dead Money DLC- Its really difficult and frustrating but the story is worth it...

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    Even with its technical issues this game is easily recommended for any rpg fan. 0

    We all have our weak spots for certain games. Even though we hate to admit it, we discriminate in the amount of crap we tolerate from games and its developers.To me, Fallout and Fallout New Vegas are such games.Again, the atmosphere of the aftermath of an apocalyptic event is quite compelling and convincing. (for example the lack of a centralized government backing a dollar, makes it a practically worthless piece of paper).Lots of missions, side missions, individual choices that influence the c...

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    Waking Up In Fallout: New Vegas 0

    I’ve never been abroad. For all i know, England is the only inhabited place on the whole of earth. I’m sure this is the case for a lot of people, all over the world, and the only way we are fairly sure of the existence of other countries is through the media. We learn of world events through the news, and we learn about other countries’ histories via the documentation of others. It should come as no surprise then, that my view of the wide world may be a little different from reality. But is this...

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    Fallout: New Vegas - the game that couldn't be bothered 1

    A brief history 2008's Fallout 3 was the first in the series that most people ever played, this was due to the fact that it was the first to be available on consoles, and since it had been over ten years since Fallout 2 (some spin-offs were released in the meantime). When Fallout 3 was released to the world it was well received by reviewers and the gaming community in general due to it's almost-unprecedented non-linear approach its gameplay. The new IP owner, Bethesda, are well-known for their O...

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    Excitement Squashed 0

    So, They made a huge hype about this game. And I was so excited when I first heard it was being released. I pre-ordered the game and when It finally arrived I was disappointed to a certain extent.  The game is almost a repeat to Fallout 3, They barely did anything with the graphics. Its as If they were in such a rush they forget to upgrade the graphics. Lots of glitches and lots of freezing with this game. The only thing that's exciting is New Vegas.  But overall I was expecting more. The game h...

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    Fallout New Vegas is the absolute most buggy game I have ever played on PS3.  And it always bugs out when you haven't saved in a while.  The story is more boring than enchanting, the graphics are poor at best, sure the scenery looks good but the characters look like they were transported in from a 1994 Final Fantasy game, polygon anyone?  Side missions are pointless, there is a freaking level cap.  If you want to make an RPG, why in the hell would you ever have a level cap? I mean I was enjoying...

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    A Much Better Paced Game 0

    Sense everyone is using Fallout 3 as a example which make since  the game is after all built off Bethesda game engine  so here are the things I think make New Vegas "Better" or refreshing  The focus is more heavy on the sub quest which are more interesting and better written  Societies and faction are the main theme making the world more livelier Characters and voice acting are more intriguing and have more depth an heart   Iron sight view is a nice new feature with new guns which look and feel ...

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    Openworld bethesda sytle 0

    not a huge fan of the openworld games but I gave New Vegas a chance with more than 12 hours into the game it still fails to pull me in and convince me to finish the story. the game is just not compelling.  the shooting is fine. the quests are ok. but following a point on a map for 15 min to do a quest gets boring so fast. ...

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    A Great Game, but When Compared to Fallout 3, Comes Up Short. 0

    Fallout New Vegas (NV) tries to be Fallout 3, but without fixing the previous issues with the engine and with less personality, unfortunately comes up short.  Game play:  The game is set up much like an MMO in many respects, just without any other people. For the most part you are a single person travelling a vast landscape, which is mostly populated with open areas, seemingly abandoned towns, a few key spectacular locations, and raiders who want to kill you. If you are new to the Fallout franch...

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    Rivals Broken Steel 0

    This is hands down the best DLC for New Vegas, and even rivals Broken Steel as maybe the best Fallout DLC yet. Simply put, it does everything right that a Fallout DLC should do.It gives you a decent sized new open world to explore that is quite varied, and includes a lot of areas you can go inside to explore. That is exactly the kind of exploration layout that a Fallout game should use.The story is also excellent, it really has a mid 60s sci-fi feel to it. The characters are interesting and ente...

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    Fallout: New Vegas Review 0

    Fallout: New Vegas offers incredible storytelling and some of the most interesting characters I’ve ever encountered in a game. New Vegas also brings an immense setting you could spend weeks exploring and combat, which has been improved in several meaningful ways, to the table as well. New Vegas would be one of the best games of 2010 if not for the technical issues plaguing it. I really do think you should play this game. I think the adventure you make for yourself in the Mojave Wasteland can be ...

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    Resident Evil Beware! 0

    With the release of Honest Heart's coming soon, Why not give a view on Dead money. Dead money though was released months ago for the 360 still some people are iffy on it. And should be so because unless you are into Survival Horror type games. This game isn't completely up your alley.One thing that can be said is, this is more New Vegas. The same complicated plot about what your "factions" intent are besides what he says. The story is about Father Elijah. If you played though with the Brotherhoo...

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    Completely falls short of Fallout 3 0

    While I don't usually find myself being drawn in to open world games, Fallout 3 had just the right mix of role playing elements, exploration, and amusing dialogue to keep me interested.  Having played through several hours of Fallout New Vegas, I walked away without the game ever clicking.  Whether it was the numerous technical issues, the smaller world, or the odd replacements for Fallout 3's karma system, it really seems like just about every phase of the game took a step back in this game.  I...

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    Don't waste your time 0

    Dead Money is a disappointing add-on for Fallout: New Vegas that shies away from what made the core game so enjoyable while simultaneously ignoring any lessons learned from Fallout 3's DLC.Like Fallout 3's Operation Anchorage, Dead Money sends the player to a new area, alone, with no way to return to the Mojave until the quest line is completed. All your equipment and items are taken from you as you begin, and Dead Money quickly turns into a series of frustrating and drawn-out fights against ene...

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    The Best of Fallout in a DLC Package 0

    I love Old World Blues because it epitomizes the reasons why I love the Fallout series (and New Vegas in particular): a well-written and told story presented by memorable characters with a few surprisingly emotional moments that stick with you long after you stopped playing. Spoilers Ahead.Old World Blues's 1950's cheesy sci-fi movie-inspired story is surprisingly deep and meaningful. Although the interactions between the six scientists and the antagonist Dr. Mobius in the beginning imply a ligh...

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    Broken but engrossing 0

    If you liked Fallout 3 you will like this game. If you are like me you will not like it as much as Fallout 3 though.  Compared to Fallout 3 this game is severely lacking in athmosphere and interesting locations and buildings. The main story is not as engaging or well written as the one in Fallout 3 with a few exceptions. But the worst thing about this game must be the developers total disregard for giving the customer a game that works. Yes, this game is broken in helluvalot ways and continues t...

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    fallout 3.5? 0

    fallout new vegas...well wat can i say about this game its just plain disapointing to see its just about the same game as 3. quite frankly it is i purchased the game and finished the game ofcourse but for the money and content it holds it dosent diliver much (i actually forced myself to finish this game) wat a shame. its been said 2 stars!...

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    Honestly okay 0

    Honest Hearts take you on an intresting trip throught through Zion Vally. Unlide Dead Money in which you loose all of your equipment until you complete Dead Money. Honest Hearts gives you a compromise, you can bring the gear you have but your carry weight has to lower to begin Honest Hearts. Which means that you have to put some equipment that you can survive without in a expedition crate near the quest giver. Shortly after you begin the expodition with the Happy Trails trading Company you are ...

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    A messed up experience still worth having 0

    Fallout: New Vegas might be one of the most poorly made games I've played recently. When the game isn't locking up every few hours, the framerate is either dipping to sickening levels in some spots or the game is otherwise breaking in some other amazing way that will either make you cringe or laugh hysterically. Naturally, a game in this state would be very difficult to recommend, but between all the rough spots is a title that is very much a worthy sequel to 2008's Fallout 3. Whether or not you...

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    Howdy from New Vegas! 0

    If there’s one thing to be said about Fallout: New Vegas, it’s that the game has a panache all its own. That’s incredibly impressive, given New Vegas’ pedigree. New Vegas’ bloodline needs little introduction: Bethesda’s Fallout 3, Black Isle’s Fallout and Fallout 2, not to mention spin-offs like Fallout: Tactics and another that shan’t be named. It’d be easy to link dozens of elements in those games with Fallout: New Vegas, but New Vegas has defied the odds by having a distinct personality all...

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    Again.... 2

    I have been a huge Fallout fan from the very first. So I am sad to say that the new Fallout is anything but new. I enjoyed 3 quite a bit, but to but not enough to accept it again with just a new wrapper. That's what I feel this is, just with a few doodads added. That plus the many bugs ( the game save bug should have stalled its release) make this just a rehash of the last game, to me it feels like the developers were just lazy. Even if it pains and disappoints me....

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    If you don't like Dead Money. You ain't doin' it right. 0

    Fallout is intended to be about scrounging, scrapping, stealing, lying, playing dirty, whatever it takes to survive. Dead money takes this idea and cranks it up to 11.I would not recommend playing Dead Money [DM] on a low (under 20) level character unless you have your skills focused very well, a jack of all trades and a master of none would probably not have much fun in DM. As a side note New Vegas [NV] in general is much harder on character development than Fallout 3 [F3] and the challenges in...

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    why wouldn't you like it 0

    I know a lot of people are going on about the bugs and the glitches to fallout new Vegas, but what most people seem to forget is the absolute freedom the game gives you throughout, i mean think back to  the unbearably drawn out beginning to fallout 3, with fallout new Vegas its wake up, sort attributes and hit the road if you want, and then for new people to the fallout world there are beginning quests to get acquainted but for the veterans of fallout it makes the whole getting on your feet and ...

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    Great game marred by bugs and glitches. 0

    I finally got around to playing FO:NV after having sit in my Steam games list for months. I was hesitant to even start FO:NV because, having played many open world RPGs (and just RPGs in general) before, I knew that any gaming session I had would require a minimum amount of time. With these types of games, it's difficult to just sit down and play for 5 minutes. Those 5 minutes become 30 and then 60 and then before you know it, it's 3 am. It turns out, I was exactly right. FO:NV is addictive and ...

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    A Letter from a Courier 0

     I hate having bad days. You would think that after several years of carrying packages as a courier for those rich shmucks in the wasteland id probably seen it all. Stabbings, tripwires, super mutants gutting folk alive for no reason, hell, going into gang territory is always a plus too, I get to use my 10 millimeter for a change instead of a baseball bat. But damn, getting captured and robbed by some zoot suit wearing motherfucker and left in the ground with a bullet hole in your head counts as...

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    Since I am unable to continue.. 0

    my game because "the game save is corrupt and cannot be loaded"  Since this happened in a few hours of play time  During which I experienced many battles where I fired on an enemy for them to receive zero damage.    .....Seeing over a dozen enemies freeze into the environment.  I give this 5 stars....

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    I Got a Review that Jingle Jangle Jingle 0

               It is sometimes not easy to gauge the legacy of a video game series by how its instalments tap into its emerging and often revised canon. Some of the settings materialize in a seminal event where the original and fresh ideas are employed skilfully laying the foundations of consistent and interesting stories, and in the case of Fallout, we have its first game. Then there is a slight more controlled mainstream derivation decked with pop culture references that nonetheless expands on th...

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    Welcome to New Vegas... Enjoy Your Stay! 0

    Developed by Obsidian Entertainment and published by Bethesda Softworks, Fallout: New Vegas places the player in the shoes of the Courier, a man or woman (depending on the player's choice), tasked with delivering packages across the brutal Mojave Wasteland, in the year 2281.While delivering an important package to the city of New Vegas, the Courier is shot in the head by a man in a checkered suit, and buried in a shallow grave. A strange robot named Victor finds the Courier, not nearly as dead a...

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    It's OK, Let's just Say That. 0

    I played through the whole game and though it was interesting, I was really hoping for upgraded graphics, especially along the line of the character models. Hardcore mode is cool and the ability to make different weapons, ammos and medicines, etc is really nice. But, it was just no that engaging, unlike Fallout 3 which took the series to a new high, this just basically lowered it for me. Very buggy, lots of freezing, even with the update, fallout 3 wasn't near this bad. I don't appreciate the fa...

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    Better written, and better characterised than Fallout 3. 0

    The post-apocalypse is such a contradiction in terms. The very idea of there being a post-apocalypse should be nonsense, since the apocalypse it meant to be “the end of things”. However, over the past few decades a rich seem of post-apocalyptic fiction has grown and matured, and the Fallout series has been leading the way in terms of video games in this field. In 2008, Fallout 3 brought the much-loved role-playing franchise into the new world, updating the classic gameplay to suit a ...

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    A Great Ending 0

    While not as good as Old World Blues, this is a solid add-on well worth the money.The add-on is very linear in nature, and that has to be it's biggest flaw. The strength of Fallout has always been in the open world. The whole thing is pretty much a long road where you work from one end to the other. But the level itself is very well designed, with some great visuals.An interesting change from other DLC is that you are free to travel back and forth from the Mohave at any point you want to, a welc...

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    Fallout New Vegas the new rpg addiction 0

    Fallout New Vegas is now released and i was really wondering if it was going to be brilliant as fallout 3 , since they use the same graphics and engine .But the game is indeed a masterpiece since i wanted to play "fallout 3" but in a different location with different weapons perks and some other great surprises that you will find in the game . The feeling when i started New Vegas was the same when i started playing fallout 3 , a world that i really want to explore and it seems to be another huge...

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    The former Black Isle duders come back to their baby... 0

    As I trekked through yet another post-apocalyptic wasteland, I was suddenly hit by a startling epiphany: Fallout is a smart piece of art. Now, this fact was clearly shown by the first two games in the series, but Fallout 3 - As great as a game that it is - wasn’t the most intelligent of games. I’m speaking specifically about the writing here. I can’t say enough good about the writing in this game! It is superb, some of the best in Obsidian’s history, and they’ve made a lot of extremely well writ...

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