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The answers you seek are in the Divide. To get there you must wal

Lonesome Road is probably the last of the story expansions for New Vegas, and it’s one that delivers some answers. Remember the beginning where you get ambushed trying to deliver a package? And then you find out what it is and what it can do? There was originally someone else who was supposed to deliver the package, but refused, and did nothing to warn you, the Courier. That guy is Courier 6, and you’ll make your way to the Divide in order to find out who he really is and hopefully give you some answers.

Traversing the Divide won't be easy
Traversing the Divide won't be easy

FallLike with most of the add-ons, Lonesome Road starts with a mysterious transmission, and then increases the level cap by 5. You’ll have to make your way to the divide, where you’ll be asked to leave your companions and venture on to the new land. The divide is a pretty nice place, and by nice I mean in complete ruins where every one wants to kill you. Seriously though, there are no allies here except for one companion you get for a while, although it’s someone you've had before, and you can only shop from certain machines, similar in a way to Dead Money.

The people you’ll come across are packing new heat, and Lonesome Road adds about 5 or so weapons to the all ready packed arsenal of the Mojave Wasteland. If you specialize in Melee weapons, you’ll be happy with the new additions, and even if you don’t, there are still some useful items to find.

Lonesome Road contains new enemies, weapons, and achievements
Lonesome Road contains new enemies, weapons, and achievements

Lonesome Road is packed with about 5 hours of content, so it has enough to add to the hour count, and the quests here are pretty straightforward. It’s more about narrative than action, so you’ll be on the main quest most of the time as you make your way to Courier 6. When you get to him—well, you can find out for yourself for 800 MSP ($10).

Lonesome Road is nice add-on, although it’s pretty linear compared to the previous add-ons, with the exception of trying to unlock the new achievements made for the content as well as find all the new items. Should you enter the Divide? Yeah, but only if you’re still playing New Vegas and have done everything else there is to do.

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