Fallout 1v1.3??

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I'm currently on v1.2 and I tried to patch to v1.3 but it still says v1.2 on the lower right hand corner when you start up the game.  Is this normal?  Thanks in advance.

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I'm not 100% sure. 
I was actually playing this yesterday, though. 
I know there was a patch that eliminated the time limit for a major portion of the game. 
There was also a patch that eliminated child killing, I think. They're split up depending on nation to some extent as well.
What version are you using, where did you get it?
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 I was just on version 1.2 the menus were in english so I guess it was the english version.  It was a downloaded bootlegged version off the internet it was like 105 mb.  I'm actually downloading the full version off gog right now its 500 mb.  I downloaded the english patches off nma-fallout

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