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Family Feud is an adaptation of the TV game show of the same name, in which two families (five members each) must guess the results of a poll with questions like "What food is commonly eaten at breakfast?". If a team correctly guesses all the answers, or correctly guesses one answer after the other family has given an incorrect answer three times, they win the round.

These particular versions were all published by GameTek for various systems, but were functionally similar. The first game to be published by GameTek was the 1991 version for the NES, which was developed by Beam Software (which has since been rebranded as Krome Studios Melbourne). The SNES and Genesis versions were released in October 1993, developed by Imagineering Inc and Eurocom Entertainment Software respectively. The 3DO version from 1994 was also developed by Eurocom Entertainment Software -- this version used digitized actors and clips from the show.

This Family Feud is not to be confused with the many other games that have had that title, a complete list of which can be found on the Family Feud franchise page.

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