NO PC Controller Support for PC Version

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Just as the topic says... After some file search, Activision appears to not even included a controller.ini file anywhere either... I have a Logitech dual action controller, which works in all my other games such as Fifa 13 so i know its not the controller or that windows doesn't even see it.. I'd be interested to know if anyone else has had this issue, but basically after plugging in the USB controller, loading the game up, when you go to the controls menu in the options, the gamepad is not selectable as a controller... and which in tern, prevents you being able to do coop with friends or family... considering this game is $50 !!!!!!!! that is totally un-acceptable....

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I'm playing with a wired 360 gamepad. I think that the game even displays the gamepad button icons instead of keyboard keys. No issues here, so it's definitely something on your part.

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Yep going from what i've seen on other forums, the 360 controller is the only gamepad that works with this game...

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@BillyMethers said:

I don't hate you personally or anything, but THE FUCK is wrong with you for supporting a Family Guy product? or even a licensed product in general.

Just quit while you're ahead is my suggestion.

Maybe he likes the show. A lot of people do, even if the common internet hipster opinion is that it is shit. Which is hilarious as back when it was cancelled the first time internet hipsters would shout down anyone who didn't like it.

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hehe I take no offense in what you say its fine, I just really love the show, and I actually like the game, its quirky and funny! and has all the things thats in the show, in the game, i love the 1 liners and the constant banta between stewie and brian, just love it, both me and the wife do, and we were hoping to play together hence why i made the this post in the first place about the no controller support, yes i know all about turning your controller into a 360, that programs been around since fifa games started to fuck up on the controller support, but I'd rather not use that if i can because it doesn't quite work correctly for me, i've never been properly been able to that program to work correctly, I am hoping that someone will create a .ini file for controllers or a patch to be released to support other controllers, not spending more money on a 360 controller which i dont personally like anyway when my current controller works perfectly fine for every other game I own... I wanted to bring this issue to light because only a few of us over at the steam forum have even mentioned it... i cant believe that people who reviewed this game never tried a controller that wasn't a 360.. talk about console bias media...

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