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    Fang Repeater

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    A munition chamber fashioned from an unlucky beast gives a distinct silhouette to these silent repeating rifles, once favored by Ura hunters.

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    The Fang Reaper is a fully-automatic, long-ranged weapon in Bastion. The Repeater is the only automatic weapon in Bastion. This feature is balanced by low damage per shot, and the inability to move while shooting. Like the Dueling Pistols, the Fang Repeater has a clip, and must be periodically reloaded.


    Like every weapon in Bastion, the Fang Repeater is upgradeable. There are 5 tiers of upgrades, with 2 options for every tier. The upgrades are listed below:

    EffectOption 1Option 2Effect
    +8 Ammo CapacityDouble ClipSpeed Clip+55% Faster Reload
    +50% DamageHeavy BoltsFlurry BoltsImproved Firing Rate
    Wider Attack Spread
    +8 Ammo CapacityHollowed ChamberGrooved Chamber+55% Faster Reload
    +50% DamageReinforced PistonMulti-PistonImproved Firing Rate
    Wider Attack Spread
    Bolts Ricochet on ContactBounding CrittersTracking CrittersBolts Seek Out Foes

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