Fang the Wolf

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    Fang is the first of two new characters in the Lost Vikings 2 (and it's Next Gen incarnation Norse by Norsewest: Return of the Lost Vikings).

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    Fang is a werewolf, or wolf as he refers to himself ("Hello, I'm a WOLF!  W-O-L-F, Wolf!  And yes, I am coming too.").  He is the first new character encountered in the game, in the first 'world' of the game, Transylvania.

    Fang is sadly, a character who is called by the wrong species by the other characters in the game, referred to as a Deer, Ferret, Platypus, and other animal types throughout the whole game.  He also doesn't like the heat, when he sarcastically thanks Olaf for bringing him to the Amazon Jungle ("Heat, humidity, and a heavy fur coat.  You know I was thinking, I've got it all.  And all thanks to you, Olaf.")

    Fang's abilities are jumping, attacking with his claws, and clinging to walls, which allow him to wall jump.  In Norse by NorseWest, he has a different aerial attack animation.  He also runs the same speed as Erik the Swift, but cannot charge into walls like Erik though.


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