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    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released August 1991

    A game inspired by "The Sorcerer's Apprentice," part of the animated classic Fantasia.

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    Fantasia is a Sega Genesis exclusive platformer based on the 1941 Disney movie of the same name, which at the time had just celebrated its 50th anniversary. The goal of the game is to guide Mickey to musical notes scattered around the worlds of Fantasia seen in the various vignettes of the movie in order to reassemble its soundtrack of famous pieces of classical music.

    The game was recalled post-launch after Roy E. Disney eventually found out about the deal Disney had struck with Sega to produce a Fantasia game. As he had promised his late uncle, Walt Disney, that he would prohibit the use of the Fantasia license, Roy insisted that the game would be withdrawn from the market.


    Shh! Mickey, the sorcerer's apprentice, is asleep in the master's dungeon. But not everything is quiet. A wicked wind from Bald Mountain creeps in, flicker's the candle flame, and--poof--the candle's out!

    What's the evil wind up to? The paper on the table rustles, but Mickey is deep, deep in a dream. The musical notes on the paper float away, captured by the win!

    Mickey, do something! And Mickey does? He follows the notes in his dream, rising into the air and drifting after them.

    But is Mickey too late? The tricky wind scatters the notes throughout Fantasia. It drops a few in the master's workroom, and loses others in the ancient jungles and under the sea. Some notes fall into deep, dark caverns. Many of the notes are scattered about in the garden's and meadows, where mushrooms skip. And far, far into the land of Fantasia, even more of the notes drift among airy columns, between floating bubbles, flying horses, and hippo's dancing on their toes.

    Take care, Mickey. Magic is everywhere, ready to catch you in it's spell! You'll bump into marching brooms, waddling cauldrons, and poisonous dancing flowers. You'll be knocked into the ooze by the rumble of battling dinosaurs. Pterodactyls will flap around your head, and crocodiles will snap. You'll even travel high into space, where planets zoom and stars explode. On Bald Mountain, witches, imps, and wailing goblin heads will chase you through burning lava!

    Take along some magic spells of your own, and get more magic from the master's book. You must find the notes and bring them back, so the master's music can play again!

    ~Passage from the manual.


    • The Water World- A wolrd full of scaly amphibians, skipping mushrooms, and dancing brooms.
    • The Earth World- Set in a jungle full of dinosaurs, the level is also visited frequently by earthquakes.
    • The Air World- Set in a beautiful sky garden.
    • The Fire World- Enter Bald Mountain, and combat the witches and goblins.

    Bonus Rooms

    Wooden doors appear in special places. These lead Mickey to bonus rooms filled with magic items.

    Magic Items

    Magic items are all around. If Mickey can get them, they'll keep up his strength and earn bonus points.


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