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    Fantastic Contraption

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Jul 11, 2017

    A room and lap-scale physics building game where players create contraptions to solve puzzles, designed for VR by Northway Games and Radial Games.

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    Fantastic Contraption is a room-scale virtual reality game where the player constructs contraptions to move a pink orb into a pink goal by any means at their disposal. Instead of giving the player lots of tools like The Incredible Machine the game gives the players very few tools to encourage creative combinations of these tools.

    The game is also a remake of a 2008 2D flash developed physics game with the same name.

    Puzzle Elements

    Pink OrbGet it to the goal
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    Pink GoalGet the orb here
    Wooden RodsStretchable, objects cannot pass through
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    Water StickStretchable, objects can pass through
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    WheelRolls in one direction when something is attached
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    Neko CatFloating toolbox that can be summoned and petted
    Sticky SubstanceCan be attached on joints to prevent rotation or add traction.
    HelmetCan be placed on head to enter the menu dimension

    Special Features

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    Fantastic Contraption supports an end-user mixed reality streaming solution that the developers themselves used to showcase the game on Twitch.

    Users with access to a green screen can key out their backgrounds and insert themselves into the game world.

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    In the 1.5.0 Kaiju Update players are also able to scale themselves up for seated play experiences which enable desk-scale support to alleviate issues with limited tracking bounds such as with the default 2 camera Oculus Touch.


    Fantastic Contraption was released on Steam with the launch of the HTC Vive in April 2016 as part of a pack-in for the headset along with Job Simulator and Tilt Brush.

    The game was later released in December 2016 on Oculus Home with the launch of the Oculus Touch peripheral. The Oculus Touch support is also available from the Steam VR version of the game.

    The Playstation VR version is scheduled to be released on July 11th, 2017. This version is exclusively played in the seated mode similar to what is available to the PC versions in the Kaiju update. A couple exclusive levels are also only available in this version.


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