Boss fight on the Aircraft Carrier... help!

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#1 Posted by Jack_Daniels (1610 posts) -

Hey Im at the boss fight on the Aircraft carry and the game up to now has been smooth as butter. But here it goes to complete hell. Its unplayable at 3 frames a second. What gives? I mean I have a machine that can easily rock this game and every other part of the game is totally smooth. Anyone have this problem?

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#2 Posted by Bucketdeth (8252 posts) -

I`m not sure about the game but maybe you should have put the title as, Far Cry 2 help!(Spoilers).

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#3 Posted by Il_Zio (19 posts) -

Do you mean Crysis?  Thats probally the most demanding point in terms of hardware, just turn down the settings, its only for one scene.

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