Does anyone still play Far Cry 2 online?

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#1 Posted by TermlessHalo (103 posts) -

I can only find one person when i'm doing a deathmatch game. And i was hoping that do people still play this game online?

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#2 Posted by mrariscottle (285 posts) -

I went on it like a month ago and no one was on it. So probably not.

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#3 Posted by Porcelain_Snake (193 posts) -

honestly theres much better fpses out there and everyones moved on

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#4 Posted by Jadeskye (4392 posts) -

more unachievable achievements.

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#5 Posted by JacDG (2186 posts) -

I thought the MP was great in Far Cry 2, kinda sad that no one plays it, but again COD4 is almost dead never more than a couple of thousand playing it, which isn't that much, so not a big surprise that Far Cry 2 died, even though online WAS very cool IMO.

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#6 Posted by nail1080 (2025 posts) -

I used to play it a few months ago and I could always find a team deathmatch game. But yeah since the release of MW2 it's not surprising no one plays it.
Whta sucks even more is the fact that people don't play unreal 3 anymore, that game's epic

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#7 Posted by Kraznor (1617 posts) -

I recently revisited this game's single player and really started to enjoy it. Definitely unlike most other shooters on the market, almost to a fault. If your just looking to get some achievements probably wouldn't be to hard to get a band of people together if you set up a time online. Either here or would likely get some attention. I'd be up for if you PM me the details.

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#8 Posted by chokomofo (61 posts) -

I didn't know there were people that played it originally...

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#9 Posted by J0n3s1 (293 posts) -

Holy sh*t that mp was horrible..

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#10 Posted by CrazyCraven (230 posts) -

I tried a few nights ago after picking the Classics edition of the game up really cheap.  I sat in a lobby for almost 10 minutes then gave up. 

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#11 Edited by TheCreamFilling (1235 posts) -

I really liked the singleplayer, despite the horrible respawning enemies and stupid fast travel system, the story and gameplay were great. Barely touched the multiplayer because there were far better games to play at the time.

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#12 Posted by RichardLOlson (1904 posts) -

Shit I've moved on from that game.  I had beaten the game and decided that the rest was just bullshit and didn't really need to play it anymore.  So I decided to trade it in at GameStop for store credit and preorder my copy of Red Dead Redemption

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