Far Cry 2 Review

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Posted by Shadow106 (65 posts) -
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#1 Posted by Shadow106 (65 posts) -
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#2 Posted by Gizmo (5467 posts) -

Far Cry 2 was pretty bad on my Xbox, I can't imagine how much worse it could get on a PS3.

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#3 Posted by Shadow106 (65 posts) -

Thankfully it isn't bad apart from the multiplayer stuff it's actually very good.

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#4 Posted by Eric_Buck (1424 posts) -

Awesome Motor Storm vid. Sorry but I wasnt sure if youd see my comment if I posted it on the Motor Storm one so I'm posting it here. Anyways Thanks a lot it helped a lot and I'll definately keep watching your reviews. There great.

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#5 Posted by AlwaysCrashing (98 posts) -

Good review, but you really should mention some of the bad points too.

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#6 Posted by Shadow106 (65 posts) -

I did mention the bad points or the ones that I have seen, I find it hard to fault single player but multiplayer is flawed.

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#7 Posted by Duke_Lion (260 posts) -

I felt the game was a repetitive and although fun at first got boring fast.

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#8 Posted by jagt707 (103 posts) -

Decent review but I felt you failed to mention some of the obvious faults of the game like how it's takes too long to travelt towards your missions, how every mission is exactly the same, the lackluster storyline, A.I. quirks, and under developed buddy system. Yeah, you can see I'm not a fan of Far Cry 2 but it's not a bad game, it's pretty good but it had potential to be so much better. I prefer Crysis Warhead instead.

So please be more constructive in your reviews, but they're not bad. Just keep it up and you'll get better eventually.

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#9 Posted by Chaos_Bladez (148 posts) -

Very frustrating game. Dying is too unforgiving.
I liked some of it though but sometimes I couldn't get past the horrible design decisions.

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#10 Edited by TwoOneFive (9786 posts) -

did he just say it was an urban setting? lolwut?

i got about 30% in to this game and never got around to beating it. eventually i will go back to it. i just find these open world games that require you to keep driving everywhere to be pretty fucking boring. i've already gone on rants over this game in the past on here though so im not about to do it again. 

all i have to say is 1. it has a lot of problems 2. they showed us a lot of things that you could do in the game pre-release (track people you see on your map, more stealthiness etc), but then most of that stuff was never in the game and 3. Brad's review is seriously misleading. 

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