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    Far Cry 2

    Game » consists of 16 releases. Released Oct 21, 2008

    The sequel to the original Far Cry dispenses with Jack Carver, and moves the action to a war-consumed Africa complete with an open-ended storyline involving civil war, several hours of missions, heated gunplay, and a slew of dynamic elements powered by a new engine.

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    Beautiful world marred by many questionable design choices 0

    Set in a fictional country in Africa, you begin Far Cry 2 as a just-landed mercenary sent to kill a notorious-but-elusive arms dealer. After a relatively lengthy opening and an introductory mission, you’re thrown into the open world with a knife, a gun (along with the ability to buy more), and a map and GPS unit that conveniently point the location of all available missions.From a graphical perspective, traveling through the world of Far Cry 2 is a joy: trees and bushes react so satisfyingly to ...

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    Good and bad design choices mingle in Far Cry 2 1

      The original Far Cry on the PC was something special; it successfully combined an open world to roam with great shooting action. However, when Far Cry Instincts and its expansion, Predator, were released, Ubisoft did away with the open world elements, much to the games' detriment. Thankfully, Far Cry 2 does not follow that example. It features a huge chunk of African savanna to explore by running, gliding, swimming and driving. To compliment that overworld, a solid shooting engine is i...

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    FarCry 2 makes a good first impression, but soon leaves you bored 0

      FarCry2 is the sequel to the 2004 First-Person-Shooter that was praised for its high level of AI and enemy behaviour which brought a whole new strand of realism to the game that helped the player feel as if he was Jack Carver. FarCry2 doesn’t leave that behind, although it is plagued by travel times, gameplay issues and repetitive combat sequences. It improves on immersion so much that when you see one of your AI friends (or “buddies” as the game calls them) get shot down by a jeep-mounted mac...

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    One of the most unique games in the last couple of years- 0

    Far cry 2 is a difficult game to classify, on a base level it is a first person shooter but is also greatly enchanced andinfluenced by open world games like Elder Scrolls and GTA. It also blurs the line between PC and Consoles by Having Collectables (usually a console gamer thing) and a dynamic openworld (usually a pc gamer thing).It is also unique in the fact that as a sequel, it shares nothing with its predesessor than the fact that its a first person shooter, all these factors make Far Cry 2 ...

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    Fire! Pretty! 0

    Far Cy 2 is a beautiful game. It captures the image of the savanna perfectly. It creates a world that should be worth exploring. Unfortunately, exploring it just isn't any fun. For an open world game, Far Cry 2 just doesn't seem to have that much to offer.For the first few hours, you may be tricked into having fun. The map is so well built, the gameplay mechanics seem to be solid. You get into your first few gunfights, maybe you get the satisfaction of shooting open a few heads. Then the tutoria...

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    Don't get lost or found here 1

    I've been playing Far Cry 2 for close to 24 hours on the hardest difficulty right off the bat.  I move out of the stolen truck I picked up 2 Km ago from a military security check point.  I move quickly running across the open plain and slid into the taller grass.  Crouched close in to my target with guidance from my GPS and map.  Every so often I pull out my pistol and insure I'm alone as I creep up on my target.  The grass breaks away and I climb up a hill that looks out on to a lake and a smal...

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    10% awsome 90% Mediocre 1

    A few weeks ago I had beaten all the holiday season games and had nothing to play.  My older brother said that he had just beaten Far Cry 2 and Fallout 3 on the PC and that Far Cry was ok and that Fallout 3 was garbage.  So I went and bought Far Cry 2 since he had a few good things to say about it.  The game is about a mercenary who is sent to Africa to kill The Jackal, an arms dealer who is arming both fighting factions in the country.  Before you start the game you are able to choose what char...

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    Hello, Far Cry 2. Sit back and relax. 0

    Far Cry 1, needless to say was pretty freaking awesome and appealed to almost everybody. If you like blood and gore, it was for you, you like pretty graphic, it was for you, if you like man eating beasts' with a crazy sick disease, it was no doubt, for you. Far Cry2 is pretty much completely different from the first ones. There's no crazy rabid animal powers, your just a man, in war-torn Africa. But does that really hurt Far Cry 2?Short answer no, long answer, hell no. Far Cry 2 has a rather wea...

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    Perfectly acceptable, but not necessarily enjoyable 0

    GraphicsThe graphics for Far Cry 2 are very impressive. And I do mean that. They really are  very impressive. For a game made in 2008, you will be impressed. Actually, even by the standards of 2010, this game has superb graphics. Character models are detailed and feel more real than those of more recent games. Vehicles may not seem that textured, but you really shouldn't be concentrating on that. Weapons look standard fare. They might not be as detailed as those in other games, but when they bec...

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    Far Cry 2 is a solid action game, although it's not amazing. 0

    I started playing Far Cry 2 a couple of weeks now, and I have realised that for the six pounds that I paid for it was damn good value for money. This game is pretty huge, and you can invest over 10 hours playing this game. Far Cry 2 is an open world shooter with a lot of the game based on realism. For example, if you are driving around, and someone shoots at your car, you have to manually repair it. If you get shot up in the middle of combat, you have to literally perform battlefield surgery on ...

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    The Idiot's Review With Sarcasm - Far Cry 2 1

    I know this review of the game is a little late as it came out exactly one year ago. But I have to admit, I’m a little hazy on the game. It’s strange, from what I remember of the game, it takes place in a place called- hold on, bad writing, let me try that again, it takes place in a city called , that didn’t come out too well either, oh well. So to refresh my memory of the game, I looked at some screen caps, that’s when I realized that I got the game confused with an incredibly identical game, G...

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    Far Cry 2 is competent, but nothing more 1

    Far Cry 2 is a game with a lot of good ideas, many of which simply are not well-executed. While the basic shooting action is enjoyable, the context in which the shooting takes place is often frustrating, boring, and filled with questionable design decisions.For example, the enemy checkpoints positioned at intersections throughout the map seem like a good addition to the game; they break up long drives and often have useful item caches or diamonds (the currency of FC2). The problem is that these ...

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    Tedium and repetition detracts from Far Cry 2's intricacies. 0

    Far Cry 2 is the kind of game that teases you. It puts you in an enourmous, sprawling African setting populated by all sorts of wildlife, lush terrains and choices to tangle with. It also boasts a terrific atmosphere and occasionally enthralling action that is a product of the stellar gunplay and weapons--of which there are many-- and some exciting missions. Sadly, Far Cry 2 also suffers from a loathsome of downtime and it probably wont take long for the game to devolve into repitition after a w...

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    Far Cry 2 0

    Crytek, the developer of the first game in the series, went on from that to make Crysis, while the rights to the series stayed with publisher Ubisoft, who gave the sequel to one of their internal teams. Thanks to this, Far Cry 2 doesn't have a lot in common with the original besides shooting people in a jungle environment. I only played a bit of the first game, but basically you were a guy named Jack shooting his way through a linear story, albeit with some freedom in how you went about doing th...

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    I had mixed reaction after finishing Far Cry 2 but... 0

      "Somewhere out there is an arms dealer known only as the Jackal," the game tells you, by way of a send-off. "He has been selling guns to both the UFLL and the APR. Every gun, every bullet, and every corpse you have seen can be traced back to him." The dynamic paragraph breaks, and then - "Find him and kill him." This is how you start your journey of FarCry 2 in the middle of Africa. You get the gist of the current political situations by the taxi driver who picks you up after landing in ...

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    The Best $25 I've Spent In Years 0

    I just picked up the game from Steam about a week ago, and I am LOVING it. I don't mind all the combat, because it is awesome. The guns have a heft to them that feels natural, and there are just so many of them. I got the Fortune Pack at the same time as the actual game, and the crossbow is the best weapon in the game, bar none. Also, the weapon combinations you can make are quite useful. I am currently wielding the AR-16, an Uzi, and the DLC Crossbow, but I have had everything from a stealth ...

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    This game is worth buying just for online play and the map editor 0

    Far Cry 2 even if it's a pretty new game series,it's growing up to becoming a franchise.The first game,amazed us at it's launch.It featured an entire island to explore,new game-play mechanics at the time and fantastic visual design.It quickly became a fan favourite among FPS players and has also become one of those games to witch all other FPS were judged by.Nothing really came close to Far Cry . Now Far Cry 2 is out.It's a different game,a different fish bait.It doesn't feel like the orig...

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    A guiltless action-fest with astounding sceneries. 0

    When I first heard the news that Far Cry 2 wouldn't take place in the Caribbean I went through all phases of grief: shock, denial, bargaining, anger, depression, guilt (well, maybe not guilt), acceptance and hope. Let's face it, the setting made the first game memorable, because the genetic experiment gone awry story was as original as butter on toast. Hearing it would take place in Africa actually gave me something to hope for. Africa is largely untapped material in video games. I couldn't wait...

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    A far cry from a bad game. 0

    No prone option, seems pretty weird. Crysis had a prone position, and that game had you as an elite Delta Force guy in an uber nanosuit with a magical armor shield, as opposed to being a malaria patient wearing a hawaiian shirt.This game runs fucking awesome. I have to turn everything to Low to make Crysis playable, whereas here I can run pretty much everything on medium with 2x AA with silky smooth framerates. Definitely impressed, and while it doesn't quite look as amazing as Crysis, it's stil...

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    Rusty's Far Cry 2 Review 1

    When I started up Far Cry 2, I expected to get one of these kinda recently popular open world FPSs. And for the most part, that is absolutely true. This is, by all means, a standard shooter; you'll be shooting dudes in the face, and than talking to some dudes. But what Far Cry 2 did with story and characters, no game I have ever played comes close. At the beginning screen, you get to choose one of 12 playable characters. There are no classes to speak of; these are merely skins. You are then plun...

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    A boring and repetitive shooter, save your money 0

    Pros:-Nice graphics-Interesting setting-Extremely large open world to explore-Great map maker-Some interesting gameplay ideasCons:-Overly repetitive gameplay-Too much focus on realism makes the game frustrating-Storyline and characters are weak-Lack of fast travel options-Stupid and annoying AIFar Cry 2 is a game that has good ambition, but flawed execution. Some of it's ideas could have been beneficial, but due to it's overly dull gameplay these elements are never fully realized.Being set in wa...

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    Far Cry 2 is like GTA 3 in first person view 0

    After playing it for about 12 or so hours. I've come to the realization that FC2 is very similar to GTA 3 you do errands that are not very different from each other, and you buy guns, you unlock them, you kill EVERYONE that looks at you wrong (aka, anyone that stands in your way while driving). You drive like a maniac. It's all very fun. But it seems rather shallow. It's not really fair to compare these two games, but I think the spirit of GTA 3 (Yes GTA 3) lives in Far Cry 2. Of course FC2, h...

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    Goodbye Jack Carver, hello mediocre gameplay and crappy AI 0

    No one really knows what happened to Jack Carver, the macho oozing Hawaiian shirt wearing tit of a protagonist that graced our screens in the original Far Cry. A man who after having 400 mercenary's shoot at him and him still surviving in the understatement of the century says, this isn't my day. However it's probably safe to say that no one really cared what happened to him either. However Ubisoft just couldn't completely let go to JC, even if it was only subcounciously, two of their characters...

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    Welcome to the Savannah with no tropic island insight. 0

    For anyone who played the original Far Cry or the enhanced versions on the xbox, Far Cry 2 will not feel like the same game. For one thing the protagonist is no longer Jack Carver but a choice of a few male and female characters to play as. Gone are the tropical palm trees and islands surrounded by water. You're in  the Savannah where there is nothing but mountains, grassy plains and sand. There is no sci-fi twists where you change into a viscious predator. This time you play as a mercenary sent...

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    A Journey Into The Heart Of Darkness 1

    Far Cry 2 is one of the best games I've played this year. But ever time you think about giving it ultimate greatness the niggling doubts come and change your mindIn Far Cry 2 you play as one of 9 mercs sent to an Unnamed African country to kill an arms dealer called the jackal. U need to work for both the factions and your buddies in order to gain diamonds needed to buy weapons needed to continue fighting the war. So far so standard fps. However, when Far Cry 2 was made some one at Ubisoft hit i...

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    Booooooooring... 0

    ...I was waiting for something way greater then this...I've played way better games than this.Some people say that Far Cry 2 is better than Crysis,but I just cannot agree with them.That's because the game is boring and very lame.On first place-the story is perhaps interesting,but the way it opens to you is very dumb.Everything in this game(except shooting)goes really slow.You have to drive a very uncomfortable vehicle every time you start a mission.You have to drive 5 minutes to the objective's ...

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    Sometimes technically impressive, but has a few annoying quirks. 0

    There is a lot to be said about Far Cry 2 for its technical feats.  This open world game based seemingly somewhere between the Tropic of Cancer and Equator of Africa gives an impressive realism to this environment.  Much like other open world based games there is day and night time passage and weather systems.  The terrain models of Africa vary between dry Sahara desert to lush jungle.  With wonderful lighting, a realistic sense of atmosphere, and nice touches of animation of grass and plants li...

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    Compelling but Flawed 0

    I got Far Cry 2 on launch day, not 100% sure of what to expect. I had seen the "do it your way" open world demos, I had seen the piece-of-cake map editor, I was hyped. What I found inside was a great concept with a number of bad design choices.The game is beautiful maxed out, although perhaps not on par with Crysis' visuals, but at the same time the engine is a lot kinder to hardware than Crysis. There are lush jungles, desolate deserts, sprawling savannahs, and cramped urban centers. The weathe...

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    Far Cry 2 0

    I’ve been playing Far Cry 2 for the past week and a half and I’m loving it, the mix of a SPS and an adventure game is always a winning combination in my book :-). Also the explosions, the wild fires and being shoot at without some kind of gps that tells you the position of your attackers, make it an engaging and fun game. The only part I don’t like is the way you save your game in the safe houses. ...

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    Welcome to the jungle... 0

    A good game that sadly doesn't live up to all it could have been!Story: Far Cry 2 puts you in the role of a mercenary in an unnamed African nation in a post civil war state.. Your overall goal is to kill an arms dealer named the Jackal, however to find him you need to work with the various factions, the underground and the mates you meet around the nationWhile it's name indicate a sequal it has nothing to do with the first Far Cry at all, not even the gameplay is simularGameplay: Far Cry 2 is a ...

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    Far Cry 2 tries to be a really great game, but falls a tad short. 0

    For the longest time I had no real desire to buy this game. From the looks of screenshots and videos it just looked like another run of the mill shooter. And for the most part. It kind of is. The shooting isn't breaking any new ground, and isn't always the most satisfying. But what Far Cry 2 does have is a lot of "oh snap" moments. Whether it be blowing up a car and watching a raging inferno ravage the savannah or sneaking into a guard post and killing all the guards silently with your knife. Fa...

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    Beautiful Desolation 0

    Far Cry 2 begins as open ended as the Sahara Desert: It's wide open, with no rules, little direction and plenty of anarchy. It's gorgeous visuals dominate the game from beginning to end, and the vast open world immediately gives the player the sense that Ubisoft wants to "push the limits" with Far Cry 2.When the game begins, you're given the option to choose from one of 8 characters. This doesn't make a huge difference in gameplay - but it's a nice touch. As a mercenary dropped into Africa with ...

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    It's too...BIG 1

    Far Cry 2 : A supposed open-world first person shooter that lets the player go anywhere and betray anyone, because these are the aspects that appeal to players apparently. Story : The game makes you choose one of 8-odd playable characters, with no discernable difference between any of them other than appearance…which doesn’t mean anything either considering how you are playing a FIRST PERSON shooter. The goal of your mercenary is to hunt down a fellow known as The Jackal, who’s been giving both ...

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    Far Cry 2 0

    This open world thing is easily the thing of 2008. Far Cry 2 is a solid game but it has some very hardcore-type ideas buried inside. If Far Cry 2’s competition during its release is Fable 2 and Fallout 3 then it does stand on its own as a quality game. Questionable design decisions aside it still has some pretty interesting things going for it. Fire is absolutely a great new idea that is being used so well here. If any developer can take one thing away it’s how successful fire can be to build in...

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    Bullet Point Review: Far Cry 2 (XB360) 0

    What I liked: Controls - Finally a Far Cry game with lefty controls, though for what ever reason they assigned the left trigger button as your trigger finger. Pssst. Game makers. For the love of God just copy what Halo offers in their controller dept and everything will be fine. Graphics - This is the best looking game I've played so far. Period. Yes even better than those found in Gears of War 2. Size - My word this game is big. I was blown away when I first fired this up and stepped out into ...

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    Too much and not enough. 0

    Open world is the new light bloom: a lot of games have it, few of them need it, and even fewer use it in a way that makes sense. Done right, with a delicate balance between pointless exploration and scripted elements, it can extend the life of a game with its playground-like appeal. Crackdown is a perfect example of this: plenty of wandering, but well-done story encounters. The biggest challenge for any game of this type, and one that Far Cry 2 completely misses the point of, is pacing. There is...

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    It burns... 0

    It's sad. The potential that Far Cry 2 had was huge - a 50sqkm African open world, gunplay, great graphical design and gameplay. Too bad only some of that came true. Yeah, there is a 50sqkm open world, and there's great graphics - but where's all the fun? The game play is horrific. All you do, is complete missions which involve you driving from one place to another, killing a lot of dudes on the way, and repairing your car like 20 times within your journey. The bottom line is, it sucks. The mult...

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    Far Cry 2 Impressions 0

    Far Cry 2My Rating:Impression: Far Cry 2 would be the end result of taking the Grand Theft Auto world and relocating it to Africa, only to substitute fancy cars for inoperative, unreliable rust buckets, massive buildings for endless fields of arid Savannah grass, and amusing city pedestrians for systematic dictatorship overseeing the slaughtering of the innocent. I consider Far Cry 2 as a step up from its predecessor because the sandbox style of game play shines brightly, as does the sun through...

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    Crying from afar. 0

    Ambition is a funny thing when it comes to video games. Whenever we hear the word "ambitious" it usually denotes one of two things, either that A: the developer has used a new set of rules, options or settings that separate the game in question from the norm (this usually comes pre-release) or B - that the game has bitten off more than it can chew, a game that has tried new things and not quite pulled them off but is commended for trying them anyway because the content itself is not bad per say ...

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    Far Cry 2: A Big Open-World Bust... 0

    Back in 2004, a little known German company named Crytek made a first person shooter (FPS) for the PC called Far Cry. It was the sleeper hit of 2004, raved by critics for its non-linear gameplay, intense firefights, and immaculate AI (almost too good...). It was also hated for it's difficulty and lack of a save-anywhere option. After four subpar console spinoffs not made by Crytek, there finally is a sequel to Far Cry... sort of.Far Cry is only a sequel in name. It has absolutely nothing to do w...

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    Waaay too long 0

     Ubisoft tried something a little different, taking a first person shooter and trying to make it open world. Unfortunately by not having anywhere near enough variety when it came to gameplay options, the game just ends up feeling unnecessarily long and drawn out. It lacks any really plot and while the visuals are fantastic as a package it really wasn’t enough to keep me engaged. By the end I was just burning through the main storyline to get to the end. No way I was going to go through all the s...

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    The Paradox of Immerson 0

    It is interesting to see how skewed the views of a game developer, yet how accurate their gameplay becomes when you actually study the region the game takes place. “Far Cry 2” a game made by the guys from Ubisoft, takes the realistic approach based on Crytek’s engine and ups it further by accidently capturing how realistic the events that may occur in a war torn African continent may be. You star as one of twelve unique but interchangable mercenaries who is tasked to find an arms dealer known a...

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    Potential not fully realised 0

      Far Cry 2 is an open world sandbox game and you play it like a normal first person shooter. Unfortunately the shooting action or navigating the environment is not fun. THE CALL OF AFRICA Story sets you as a lone mercenary who has come to a nameless African country to kill a man named The Jackal. This arms trader has sold guns to both sides of the conflict and the situation is very tense. Getting in touch with The Jackal is not easy and you need to do some dirty work to all sides of the ...

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    "It could have been a contender" 0

    Far Cry 2 is a good game at it's core, sporting an amazing world, and great selection of weaponry, FC2 is unfortunately muddled by many problems that range from annoying to extremely frustrating.  If you have read Brad's review, you know this game has a completely different premise than the original, so lets get to how the actual game works.   In FC2 your a mercenary dropped in the middle of a fictional African country in turmoil. Two factions, the UFLL and APR are fighting for control in two se...

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