Fast Travel Messing up Progress?

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Really enjoying Far Cry 3 even with the dodgy framerate (I'm playing on the 360), but I'm having some weird issues with mission progress not saving. I'm doing the flamethrower mission, and when I got to the fields I realized that I had forgotten to bring it with me. I went to go back to the nearest outpost to get the flamethrower, but when I fast traveled there I no longer was on the flamethrower mission - all the sudden my current mission was the one before that where you go and confront the stranger in white in Badtown.

Also, another time I fast traveled to a location and checked my crafting, only to realize that all of the sudden a whole crafting tree that I had filled out was missing - it said I hadn't even created the most basic wallet yet. Anyone else have any issues with fast traveling messing up progress?

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Those straight up sound like bugs. I haven't had any problems like that. (PC)

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