Issues with lag?

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(I'm new to the world of PC gaming so I dont know almost anything about anything so PLEASE bear with me.) I bought Far Cry 3 for my laptop that was optimized for PC games. When I get into the game the game will run fine on the "High" setting but it does seem to lag sometimes. The video quality doesnt drop, the game just lags for a couple of seconds. I'm playing it with a mouse and keyboard now but after Christmas I will be playing it with a gamepad if that makes any sort of difference. Thanks for any help you can give me duders.

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Maybe because it's a laptop, and you're trying to play a demanding game on it? What specs does it have? In what ways is it "optimized" for PC games? Lower your settings dog, this ain't console gaming.

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#3 Edited by kgb0515 (427 posts) - will most likely need to adjust some of the settings. Far Cry 3 is a pretty graphically demanding game with DX11. Just play around with some of the advanced video settings until the frame rate smooths out a bit for you. I also play with an XBox 360 controller as an FYI.

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Ok. Ill try messing with the settings. Thanks for the help

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Post FX setting fucks up the fluidity of mouse control. Turn it to low/medium.

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