ps3 frame rate issues

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anybody else experiencing frame rate issues with the ps3 version, it gets worse in the second part of the game when you get to the second island. Am i on my own or is this a regular occurence. It doesnt make the game unplayable just detracts from the overall experience. Thanks guys

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I'm sure you're not alone. You are playing on a console, after all.

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yeah watch the quicklook they did on the 360, bad framerate all around, there's so much they can do with ancient hardware you know...

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#4 Posted by gazcrawfo8692 (43 posts) -

so is the framerate supposed to be like that or is it just my copy of the game

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#5 Posted by Justin258 (14694 posts) -

@gazcrawfo8692 Everybody who is playing this game on a console is experiencing a bad framerate. They might be OK with it and say that it's fine because they can play it, but across the board this game has been proven to have a bad framerate on the PS3 and 360.

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#6 Posted by SathingtonWaltz (2167 posts) -

The frame rate on the console versions is abysmal, and was reported to be running between 15 - 30 fps. For some reason though I find that I can handle lower fps better when I play on consoles. Perhaps it's something to do with the different input methods (mouse vs gamepad)? Anyway, you do get accustomed to it and the game is playable for the most part.

Frame rates aside though, the game looks pretty damn good on consoles and it's impressive what they've managed to pull of with 256mb of RAM...

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