Who had the 360 frame rate issue?

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#1 Posted by Manatassi (789 posts) -

Ok so having completed Farcry 3 on the 360 I was expecting to hit some serious frame rate problems from all the comments the giantbomb crew made about he game. Weirdly it never happened, is the issue specific to some models of 360 (I'm using my launch one still) or have Ubisoft patched the problem out since the guys played it? It runs around 30fps most of the time sometimes dipping a little during heavy action sequences it the final helicopter section ran the same as he rest of the game. Left me a bit confused albeit not complaining.

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#2 Posted by MegaMetaTurtle (419 posts) -

I only remember seeing it dip when it does the swooshy, top-of-the-radio-tower reveal thingy.

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#3 Posted by DeShawn2ks (1107 posts) -

@Manatassi: I think it was more Brad just being Brad. Patrick went out his way one bombcast to say it plays just fine on 360. I am also playing it on 360 and haven't had any issues at all regarding the frame rate at least nothing so bad to where I would notice. I don't think the game plays like shit and weird enough the closes I came to a glitch were a pair of legs sticking out the ground spread eagle. If it was even a glitch. That could have just been Vaas being Vaas.

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Haven't played the 360 version, but I don't care what anyone says to the contrary, FC3 on the PS3 is terrible. It actually gives me eye strain the poor framerate is so distracting, though suffering framerate issues from a first-person perspective (and not to mention a game as bright as FC3) is always tougher to bear for me. Regardless, it's fucking terrible all the same.

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#5 Posted by Baillie (4708 posts) -

Plays completely fine for me on the 360.

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#6 Posted by Lumley (1035 posts) -

I am certainly realising that the framerate isn't the best on the 360 version but it's not getting in my way so far (I'm only a few hours in)

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#7 Posted by natetodamax (19462 posts) -

It ran lower than 30 for me, but it was fairly consistent. I got used to it really quickly and it stopped bothering me. The section near the end of the game where you must defend a radio dish on top of a hill was the only time when it dipped into single digits for me.

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#8 Posted by Deranged (2020 posts) -

I never had any frame rate issues on my playthrough with the 360 version.

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#9 Posted by mordukai (8482 posts) -

According to Brad...Everyone. Teehee

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