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A List of Everything Wrong with Far Cry 3 12

* Fall damage is pretty punishing. This is somewhat offset by your ability to slide down hills without taking damage, but you still might find yourself cratering more often than you would like.* There are juggernauts/heavies. Personally, I really dislike this type of enemy. They are not plentiful, and you can deal with them easily and creatively enough, but I find them off-putting.* The save system could be better. It autosaves often enough, and you can opt to save anytime except when mid-missio...

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Really good - but falls shy of greatness 1

(Spoilers are present in this review - not that you should play this game for story)Far Cry has always been a series whose entries have had grand ideas but have fallen short of what they could deliver on. The original had these huge, gorgeous, wide-open areas with many different ways in and around things, but it was a very difficult game and the latter half was horribly unbalanced. The second was full of ideas about fighting a civil war, finding the antagonist, dealing with malaria, and roaming ...

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Far Cry 3 Review 0

Far Cry 3 is the third installment in the open world shooter series. The game is developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft. Far Cry 3 claims to be Skyrim with Guns but is this just another marketing ploy or does this statement really hold true?StoryFar Cry 3’s Story is fantastic and at times overly stereotypical. Before I discuss what is fantastic about the story and was isn’t lets first discuss the setup. In Far Cry 3, you play as Jason Brody, a spoiled rich kid who is on vacation ...

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Far Cry 3: Blood, Bullets and MANTA RAYS! :> 0

* FAR CRY 3 : Blood, Bullets and MANTA RAYS! *I was actually pretty surprised by the time I finished everything I wanted to do in FAR CRY 3 with how I felt about the game. Beautiful game of course, both graphically and in reference to game content. Plenty of stuff to do and plenty of ways to do it. A wide range of weapons, three diverse skill trees, stealth and aggressive kills, land/water/air - combat and travel, gripping story and a serious amount of side stuff to do.... PLOT (5 stars)The sto...

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Far Cry 3 - Better Than Expected 0

I didn't expect much of Far Cry 3. By the time of release, I had mostly lost interest in shooters so I decided to wait until the game was on sale somewhere down the road. Luckily I was rewarded with an all around fun and engaging experience.The original Far Cry, (not the offshoots on Xbox), wasn't more than a standard, linear first person shooter. But the unique and open jungle setting, and high hardware requirements to run properly on a PC, made it stand out. Far Cry 2 changed things up a bit, ...

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Far Cry 3 review 0

Far Cry 3 combines elements of open-world games like Skyrim and Ubisoft's own Assassin's Creed with the first-person shooting of Crytek's original entry in the series. In between scripted story missions, you can explore Rook Island, do sidequests, hunt animals to craft upgrades, scavenge for collectibles or whittle away at the enemy presence on the island by taking over outposts scattered across the map.These elements don't always cohere into a satisfying whole, though. The story initially sees...

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Far Cry 3 Review: The Definition of Insanity 0

Far Cry is a series that I have never been interested in. It seemed like a more pedestrian version of Crysis, and I have never been interested in Crysis either, so Far Cry was certainly far from my attention. I had seen some of Far Cry 2 but beyond the whole fire mechanic that game had there was nothing about it that interested me in any way. Far Cry 3 came onto my radar thanks to its E3 2012 showing, but all I really expected from this game was a middling shooter with an interesting looking bad...

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Best 2012 Game of 2013? 0

I think the guys have said that this particular category in their awards discussion might go away, but BOY-HOWDY does Far Cry 3 ever foot the bill. The first few hours felt a bit on-rails to me and I very nearly moved on to something else, but I am so very glad I gave it another shot.I'm in my early thirties, work way too much, but can't seem to cut loose the vidja games. I tend to latch on to huge open-world games that take 50-100+ hours to beat or tiny, contained bite-sized nuggets on PC, PSN,...

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Should have used the rubber 0

Don’t know the best place to begin, so I’ll just start into it. Far Cry 3 is a shooter… specifically a good feeling shooter. The movement and combat feels natural – meaning my character pretty much does what I have in mind when I press the buttons that will presumably make him do it. The weapon sounds are nice, and the enemy death animations are nice… and all that. The shooting aspects are well-rounded. But there’s far more than shooting in this game. And in nearly every other category, it falls...

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My first first person action-adventure game experience. 0

This game is an exciting first person action-adventure game.The quality of graphics that is featured in this game is mind blowing.The story line of this game is very simple and easily under stable.The most interesting part of this game is there is no Glitches or Bugs in this game. ...

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A Vacation Cut Short 0

I had no frame of reference for what to expect from Far Cry 3, having never played the previous entries in the franchise. Like several series that were off my radar before it, the hype surrounding Far Cry 3 in late 2012 was too much to ignore. Claims of “Skyrim with guns” from the game’s marketing were enough for me to take a chance on it. The result is a game that succeeds in many aspects, but stumbles in an attempt to make a great open-world experience.Far Cry 3’s story starts promising. Jason...

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'Did I ever tell you the definition of 'Insanity'?'. 0

'Did I ever tell you the definition of 'Insanity'?'. Insanity seems to be a running theme in Far Cry 3, which frequently pays homage to Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland, which is fitting as the game has a down the rabbit hole feel to it throwing you into a vast world filled with interesting varied characters and no shortage of things to do. Far Cry 3 puts you in the shoes of protagonist Jason Brody one of a group of thrill seekers visiting Rook Island on holiday with his brothers and friend...

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Lives up to the hype 0

Once in a while a game comes along that takes over your life. You cant stop thinking about it when you stop playing it, and when you are playing, you are amazed at what you are able to do/happening onscreen. Far Cry 3 is one of those games.StoryBy far, the weakest part of the game. The narrative in FC3 is paper thin and gives you just enough reason and motivation to meet people that give you more missions to do on the island. I also found the ending very disappointing and not satisfying in the ...

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They Got It So Right 0

Far Cry has been a series that always seemed like a series that is prepared to be excellent but odd decisions and ideas ruined the concept. The original was silly. The sequel was a chore to play due to the constant respawning of enemies at checkpoints and an overly complex story. I've seen the brilliance of the idea in all of the releases, but always felt let down --- especially with 2 --- when the execution was horribly flawed.Far Cry 3 was the best game of 2012. Nothing is really comparable. ...

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crazy, beautiful, fun 0

Far cry 3 is the third instalment in the far cry series and probably the best one to boot. The beautiful open world created by ubisoft is incredibly expansive and allows you, pretty much from the beginning of the game, to do what you want. You can craft new items and inventory slots from animal skins you hunt in the world, (much better than assassin’s creed 3’s systems) take over outpost and free the island from the magnificent Vaas’s mercenaries and reveal the map by challenging the treacherou...

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Far Cry 3: An Open World Experience Unlike Anything Else 0

Far Cry 3 is a game that wasn't really on my radar. I had played the first two games and found them to be really ambitious but that ambition, i felt, came at the expense of the gameplay. This is not the case with Far Cry 3. It still maintains some of the ambitious ideas that the first two games had and make one of the most fun to play games of the year. The Story may fall apart towards the end, but that shouldn't scare you away from an excellent, open world experience. Far Cry 3 begins with a m...

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A terrifically fun combat sandbox. 0

The RadA crafting system that’s actually pretty fun!The world’s incredibly open and full of a good variety of activities.The shooting is super satisfyingThe BadNo particularly likable characters.Co-op is a stripped down version of the full game.Better late than never I guess!Finally wrapped up Far Cry 3.I’ve still got a bunch of side activities to chip away at.But I’ve wrapped up the story line at least.And the narrative wasn’t particularly great, none of the characters particularly likable But...

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An Island of Insanity 0

Far Cry 3 is essentially the last major title to release this year, and it contains everything that you would expect from a AAA title. There's an interesting story of redemption, character growth, and the conflict of battling crazy pirates, as well as great open-world gameplay elements, fun co-op and multiplayer modes, and the return of the game's map editor that allows you to build your own island of fun.After Jason Brody and his friends are kidnapped by the unpredictable Vaas and held captive ...

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Great fun! 0

I never played Far Cry up until the third game and I'm starting to regret that decision. This game was amazingly fun and kept me entertained for hours. The story was a little annoying at times but the amount of open-world activities to do was a perfect save. So much to do and explore and lots of extra content to accomplish. Graphic's are great, sound was good, game play was fluid, and the overall game is worth a play and buy!...

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Great game with a few caveats 0

Far Cry 3, while it may not be as ambitious as Far Cry 2, but it’s just a better game. In so many different ways from the shooting to the art direction it improves on the neat ideas Far Cry 2 had and turns them into a much greater product , where you explore this giant tropical island, hunting tigers, sharks and bears, and taking bake out post from the pirates for the indigenous people. (The Rakyat) If you like first person shooter and a big open world this just might be for you.The game starts ...

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Game of the Year 2012. 0

Oh Far Cry, we've come a long way. What started off as a promising pc franchise is 2004 has since turned into a console affair. While early iterations such as Far Cry: Instincts and Far Cry: Instincts - Predator tried to take the story down a more sci-fi route, and 2008's lukewarm Far Cry 2 brought more of an open world aspect to the franchise, nothing could have prepared me for how good Far Cry 3 actually is.In many ways, Far Cry 3 is this year's Saints Row: The Third. That's the best compariso...

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Another big, dumb sandbox game lauded for stale design. 0

I will preface this by saying that I am one of the few that seems to have given Far Cry 2 enough of a chance to figure out why that game was great. It is probably one of my favorite games ever made for the way it didn't lead the player by the hand, let you play your own way, rewarded players for slow, careful approaches, and introduced unique dynamic story components that allowed players to make their own experience by presenting them with a series of dynamic mechanics (the buddies) instead of a...

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Wonderful Surprise! 0

I am obviously not a professional reviewer and I tend to review things like how I would talk to a person, not as if I were writing an article.So I had to be talked into playing Farcry 3. I spent 3 hours playing Farcry 2 and I said: “Never again”. My husband began playing it and the first thing that caught my attention was the acting of the character named Vaas. I was absolutely blown away at the caliber and believably of the character. I mean he was one crazy fool! I was so drawn in by that char...

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This is the best thing since Skyrim 0

By now you've probably heard an awful lot about Far Cry 3, but I should go ahead and qualify this review:I never, ever, ever write user reviews, but sitting there in my basement listening to the electro-orchestral beat pound into my headphones as the credits scrolled up my screen, I thought "my life has been improved as a result of playing this game." If you have played Far Cry 2, you know about what to expect in terms of style. The difference here is that the gunplay is tight (this is as good a...

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Did I Ever Tell You About My Review of Far Cry 3? 0

Some game franchises have a steady supply of good games before finally having a breakout hit. A game which stands up and demands people pay attention to it outside of its immediate fan base. This can be for many different reasons but usually it's because it is an excellent game. Call of Duty had Modern Warfare. Saints Row had Saints Row The Third. And now after a few good games in the Far Cry series people who aren’t already fans need to pay attention to Far Cry 3.The story sees Jason and his fr...

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Fun Wins Out Over Realism 0

The game designers deserve some kind of medal for this game. Its just fun from beginning to end. This is the rare game that I will play for 20+ hours. Then I will almost immediately miss the gameplay and play it again on a harder difficulty just to revisit the fun I had a few days earlier. This is a rare experience and a rare game that can compel to this level.Although the gameplay designs do not hide being gamy (full of gameplay contrivances), its amazing how well these game elements serve as p...

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Far Cry 3 0

Far Cry 3 is an open world First-Person Shooter developed by Ubisoft Montreal. This is the second Far Cry game they’ve developed in the series and looks to be the best. Its set on an uncharted island, where a group of brothers and their friends are vacationing. At least they thought they were vacationing. Truthfully they were hiking their idiotic boots right up into a crazy human trafficking and drug dealing operation.Gameplay ElementsRadio Towers: You can climb different radio towers in the gam...

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What a surprise. 0

Okay, I admit it. I went into this one with a bit of a sour taste in my mouth. It surprised the !@#$ out of me. The storyline is amazing, the FPS (Frames per Second) is smooth, and crisp (most of the time) and the game mechanic are amazing. I've not played any of the other Far Cry's, but this one makes me want to go to the store, and pick it up. The only reason this title is lacking the entire "5" stars is because it's online (VS, and Co-op) really "isn't there.." I mean it is "there", but only ...

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Great First Half, Repetitive Second half 0

For everything that Far Cry 2 seems to do great, there is an opposite coin of where it seems to drag on. Moments of it seem brilliant while other parts seem down right boring and repetitive. On the whole Far Cry is a very competent open world shooter. It is flat out gorgeous looking and the shooting mechanic is fun. The weapons are for the most part OK and the novelty of many of them wears off after a few hours of use.Mechanically the game is very sound with only a little bit of the "jank" that ...

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What Far Cry 2 should have been 0

I hated Far Cry 2. I mean, I really hated it. It was one of my most hated games of the decade. It had virtually no story, incredibly bad voice acting, lousy shooting mechanics and frustrating "features" like Malaria, near instantaneous enemy respawns and Gun-jamming. The entire game felt like tech-demo demonstrating foliage rendering.I am happy to say that Far Cry 3 fixes nearly all of these problems. It shines in exactly the places that Far Cry 2 did not.PLOT:Unlike Far Cry 2, Far Cry 3 has a p...

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Far Cry 3 Review 0

Far Cry 3’s story tells the tale of two factions at war on a tropical island and one mans involvement therein. A story of an island at war with itself over reasons that are roughly defined and not at all important that has its ups and downs but ultimately falls flat. I can’t help but feel that there was a similar war going on at Ubisoft during its creation. A lot of the story telling seemed to hint at something more. A hidden subversive plot that would eventually play out in some cryptic manner ...

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Great on gameplay, poor on story 0

The Far Cry series has come a long way since Jack Carver found himself trapped on a island with terrifying, Dr, Moreau-style beasts. After taking the franchise away from Crytek, Ubisoft Montreal pulled it out of its sci-fi roots and grounding it in reality as Far Cry 2 set the conflict within war torn parts of Africa. Far Cry 3 brings players back to the lush, tropical island paradise ruled by violent pirates who have terrified the natives into fearful compliance. Far Cry 3 is more than a servic...

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