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    Far Cry: Instincts

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Sep 27, 2005

    Xbox exclusive reimaging of the Far Cry franchise. Initially follows the PC version loosely before branching out into an entirely different adventure.

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    Far Cry Instincts was developed by Ubisoft Montreal Studios. It was released on September 27, 2005. It was fully re-imaged from the original PC game Far Cry with its design scaled back to work within the lower system specs of the Xbox. It had a drastically modified single player story which introduced feral abilities but was also far more linear than the PC original. Some portions of levels from the PC version were retained, but they were reworked and redistributed to provide a new experience.This version also added new weapons and multilayer modes.


    Assaulting an enemy installation
    Assaulting an enemy installation

    The game stars Jack Carver, a former member of the United States Navy, who was dishonorably discharged for various illegal activities. Jack fled to Micronesia to avoid his former illicit associates where he purchases a small fishing boat which he uses to take tourists out on the ocean. A woman named Valerie Cortez rents Jack's services for a large sum. When they are out at sea Cortez takes a Jet Ski out and Carver takes a nap on his boat. That is until he is woken up by an attack by a UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter. Carver jumps ship and forced to swim for cover dodging hostile fire.

    Carver is left to his own devices to discover what is going on and why his boat was assaulted. He gets help from a mysterious man named Doyle via a headset he finds in a mercenary installation. He must use his wits and whatever weapons that he can find to dispatch mercenaries and travel through the thick jungle islands to rescue Cortez and stop the bizarre experiments that are taking place in the area. caption

    Game Play Additions

    Feral Ability

    Feral Abilities at work
    Feral Abilities at work

    The Feral Abilities are created by strange experiments taking place on the Micronesian islands. Carver is introduced to a serum which gives him these abilities.

    The Feral Abilities at the player's disposal include:

    • "Feral smell" - The natural scent given off by living things is visible to Jack as an orange haze which can be used to track movement
    • "Feral vision" - Allows for night vision and thermal vision.
    • "Feral speed" - Allows Carver to run much faster than normal
    • "Feral jump" - While utilizing feral speed, allows Carver to jump great distances
    • "Feral attack" - A melee attack, initiated by pressing the 'B' button when an enemy is targeted, powerful enough to send most enemies flying and refuel adrenaline.
    • "Feral strength" - Allows Jack to rip a mounted weapon off its post and use it in place of his current special weapon (currently held special weapon is holstered until mounted weapon is dropped or its ammunition runs out)
    • "Regeneration" - Jack's health slowly recovers when he's not under attack; how fast he recovers depends on how much adrenaline remains


    This game added the ability for carver to create traps with tree branches which he could use to eliminate enemy forces.


    Far Cry Instincts Evolution

    This version of the game features a new single player campaign that is considerably shorter than that of Far Cry Instincts.

    Far Cry Instincts: Predator

    This is the Xbox 360 version that features both the instincts and the instincts Evolution story lines.

    Paradise Lost

    An on-rails shooter devolped for the arcade by Global VR.


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