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I might be in the minority here, but while I wouldn't say Far Cry 5 is an amazing game overall, it was one of my favorite games last year. I wasn't even going to buy it, and in fact, didn't, but my brother bought my other brother the game so they could play co-op and that's when I went through it. I was surprised by how enjoyable it was to go through the setting of Hope County, and I really, really liked a lot of the soundtrack which is always a huge plus in any game. I appreciated the small changes to the typical Far Cry gameplay. Visually, it was a beautiful looking game too.

The shooting and story could have been a bit better to name a couple issues with it, but overall it was a great experience for me. It is probably my third favorite Far Cry game behind Instincts and Blood Dragon. With that said, has anyone played New Dawn and perhaps with a similar perspective to mine about five, what did you think of New Dawn? That said I'm also curious about everyone's experience with it. There's only one thread on it here, which tells me not a lot of people played it, or the enthusiasm just isn't there for it. I'm guessing it has a lot to do with it being more Far Cry.

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I didn't like 5 much but it was mostly because of the writing, the sequences where they just take you out of the game into an awful villain monolgue and how you were always getting attacked by something every 20 seconds. I liked the gameplay and the world though.

I'm enjoying New Dawn so far. The writing is still awful apart from a few moments so far and the villains are bad but out of the way. I like the base building stuff and scavenging for materials. The expeditions are also a cool idea and I've enjoyed those so far along with being able to give outposts back for a harder challenge and more rewards.

I don't like the RPG elements though, those feel really forced and don't add anything. The skill tree continues to be lame in far cry and they removed weapon customization in favor of tiered weapons. So with my level 1 and 2 weapons I couldn't even attempt a level 3 outpost because enemies were crazy bullet sponges until I got level 3 and 4 weapons. So I'm not a fan of that and weapon variety is still a problem for the series. I was hoping they'd get more creative when they showed off the saw launcher but that's really the only crazy weapon they add. Everything else is standard far cry stuff.

I'm enjoying the game a lot though and I like it better than 5.it being smaller and shorter helps too, it doesn't wear out its welcome.

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I just finished it yesterday but I came from it with a bit of a weird perspective since I never played 5, I've kind of put modern Far Cry in the same box as Assassin's Creed or Dynasty Warriors where I can just kinda go "eh I'll get the one with the most interesting setting,there all pretty much the same gameplay wise" and just check it out every 3-5 years maybe. As such, for modern(post 2) Far Cry...i've only played Blood Dragon, 4, and now New Dawn.

Gameplay wise, yeah, it's still Far Cry, which is fun for a limited time, which worked out pretty god considering the smaller map size of this one for me. I do agree with the RPG system kinda sucking, it was frustrating to discover how ineffective weapons where on higher tiered enemies, though honestly I didn't really mind the lack of weapon customization. The story on the other hand was kind of miserable, I found Mickey and Lou to just be poorly characterized and boring. Every cutscene with them after your first introduced is EXACTLY the same, a "problem solver" speech with a "we warned you not to mess with us" again and again and again. I really started to lose my patience by the end of the game. Even without the full context(I did read up on the story of 5 before playing) the scenes with Joseph/Ethan were far more interesting, even if kind of a weird direction to go. I was kinda disappointed that the Wrath power you get wasn't as satisfying as the powers in Far Cry: Instincts, but i'm sure barely anyone remembers those games. Over all I think i've got my Far Cry fill until maybe like 7 or whatever the next spinoff game will be.

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I finished it a few days ago. It's mostly fine. The highlight was defintely the three antagonists, but unfortunately not a whole lot is done with the post-apocalyptic setting, and most of the heroes are dull and uninspired. That said, it's still Far Cry, which I really like, and there's a new element added to the game midway through that makes it a lot of fun. I just wish there was a bit more to the story, the writing, and the ambition of the game in general. It's fine as an aside, but I wouldn't go into it expecint something as meaty as 3, 4, or 5.

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Does it still do the thing where you try to talk to a quest giver but you’re interrupted 18 times by a raccon attacking the NPC, then a cultist attack, then a rabid turkey, then a helicopter, after which the quest giver takes your fucking vehicle and drives off before you can finish talking to them?

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@hnke said:

Does it still do the thing where you try to talk to a quest giver but you’re interrupted 18 times by a raccon attacking the NPC, then a cultist attack, then a rabid turkey, then a helicopter, after which the quest giver takes your fucking vehicle and drives off before you can finish talking to them?

Yes lol

Also, You sorta possibly find out what happened to The Deputy from Far Cry 5. Its all but confirmed, but not outright

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You know... Coming off Anthem, this is kind of my go to. Because before I even play it I KNOW Ubisoft is going to give me a decent shooter RPG open world experience, with no crazy loading or sound cutting out bugs etc. Because they're proven it to me.

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I played it it's more far cry 5 with a color swap, i have no idea what soundtrack your talking about if you mean that one bad Die Antwoord track in them game?

I still think the original Far Cry is the best one it was pretty revolutionary at the time with it's vast maps and a get from A to B how you like gameplay.

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I was gonna write a reply to this yesterday (before finishing it) basically saying "eh, it's just disappointing", but then I finished it today and now I'll just say that this game is trash. If you want to play Far Cry go replay one of the other ones, and if you haven't played them then play them instead. This is by far the worst version of the series they've made both from a gameplay and story perspective.

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