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    Farah is an Indian princess and is the daughter of the Maharajah. She crosses paths with the Prince of Persia on numerous occasions and aids him throughout his adventures (while they develop special feelings towards each other).

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    The Sands of Time

    Farah and the Prince, exploring the sultan's palace
    Farah and the Prince, exploring the sultan's palace
    As the daughter of the Maharaja, Farah is captured as a war prize when King Sharaman invades her kingdom. Before she can be given to a neighboring sultan as a gift, Sharaman's son, the Prince, unknowingly releases the Sands of Time, consuming both the sultan and his palace. Protected by her magical medallion, Farah is unaffected by the Sand's corrupting touch, and she proceeds to work with the Prince to end the disaster.

    Furious with the Prince for his role in both the destruction of her kingdom and release of the cursed Sands, Farah is distrustful of his motivations, and the Prince reciprocates these feelings. As they navigate through the palace's catacombs, libraries, and barracks, the necessity of teamwork draws the two together. Distrust turns to friendship and even romance.

    At long last, the two heroes approach the Hourglass of Time, an artifact capable of sealing away the Sands of Time. Farah instructs the Prince to place his dagger in a slot on the top, but the Prince hesitates, unwilling to trust her commands. This hesitation results in a traitorous vizier expelling them from the hourglass's chamber.

    Frustrated with the Prince's actions, Farah steals the dagger for herself, intending to complete the job the Prince was unable to do. Adventuring by herself, she falls prey to the monsters inhabiting the palace.

    Discovering her dead body, the Prince is motivated and ultimately seals away the Sands of Time, and as a side effect, time itself rewinds to the point before Farah's kingdom was invaded. The Prince sneaks into her bedchamber before the invasion and warns her of the attack, but she has no recollection of their adventures together which were erased from the timeline.

    The Two Thrones

    Together again; disagreeing again
    Together again; disagreeing again
    Due to the manipulation of the timeline by the Prince's actions, a new timeline emerges with the traitorous vizier killing Farah's father, taking command of the Maharaja's army, and invading Babylon. Farah pursues the vizier to Babylon to avenge her father and her kingdom. While investigating this city, she meets the Prince for the first time (it's actually the third time counting erased timelines).

    Together, they make their way to the Tower of Babylon to again put an end to the vizer. And again, Farah's distrust of the Prince softens into friendship.

    After numerous diversions and adventures together, the vizier is finally killed. Afterwards, Farah questions the Prince about how he knew so much about her before they had even met. He proceeds to recount to her all their past dealings together that she has no memory of.


    • Because Prince of Persia is a complete reboot of the franchise, Farah's character is no longer present in the story. She is jokingly alluded to, however, when the Prince reveals that Farah is the name of his donkey.

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