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    Farfetch'd is a Normal/Flying type Pokémon. Farfetch'd is very protective of its leek, and can use the vegetable to attack opponents, even as Farfetch'd moves out of harm's way.

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    Although Farfetch'd isn't the most powerful Pokémon, it does stand out in some ways.

    • It's able to learn both cut and fly, making good for traveling (Ironically, though, it's shown swimming in the Pokémon TV show, but cannot learn any swimming-based HMs in the games.).
      Farfetch'd does not sleep, he waits.
      Farfetch'd does not sleep, he waits.
    • It's the only Pokémon to have the item "Stick" in the wild, which increases the critical hit ratio.
    • Farfetch'd does not evolve, so no need to use those Everstones.
    • Farfetch'd can have one of two abilities: Inner Focus (prevents flinching) or Keen Eye (prevents accuracy loss, also helps keeps away lower level Pokémon).
    • Farfetch'd is the only Pokémon with an apostrophe in its English name.
    • Nicknames of the Farfetch'd that the player can trade for are DUX (Red/Blue) and CH'DING (LeafGreen/FireRed, CH'DING is holding a stick).
    • Farfetch'd's concept is based on a popular Japanese meal involving duck with leek. How's that for disturbing?

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