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    Farming Simulator 2009

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Mar 30, 2009

    Essentially a less exciting take on Harvest Moon, Farming Simulator 2009 allows players to experience the life of a modern farmer.

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    The sequel to Farming Simulator 2008 contains plenty of new features and improvements. Take on the role of a young farmer on a island and experience the workaday life in the countryside. Choose from many vehicles and equipment and explore the huge island, which is all yours.

    The career mode has improved and you now start with a poorly equipped farm and some old rusty vehicles. Your goal is to whip the farm into shape, get more powerful vehicles and equipment so you'll eventually become a successful and rich farmer. In order to become the greatest farmer of them all, you have to experience activities such as ploughing fields, sowing, pressing bales and harvest. The game includes 7 tractors, 4 combine harvesters and over 20 equipment such as trailers, ploughs, sowing machines, balers and cultivators.

    There is also a Gold Edition of the game. The Gold Edition includes:

    • Seven new machines and pieces of equipment: three cultivators, two sowing machines, a self-propelled sprayer and an automatic bale collector.
    • New keyboard, mouse and gamepad controls configuration menu.
    • Improved gamepad, joystick and steering wheel support.

    Mod Support

    Farming Simulator 2009 supports user generated mods, these mods can be everything from a monster truck instead of a tractor, a plane to spray your fields with, or an entirely new island.


    The career mode is set on a sandbox island, where you are free to roam. When starting a new career, it lets you pick three different difficulty levels. The difficulty determines things like your starting money, the amount of grain already in your silo, and the price for delivered grain.

    Farming Simulator 2009 also features a tutorial mode, where you can learn how to attach equipment to vehicles, how to plow, how to harvest, how to deliver various grains and so on.

    The Farm

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    Your farm is located in the middle of the island, this is where all your vehicles and equipment will be placed in the beginning of your career. In order to attach an equipment to your vehicles, simply move the vehicle to the object and manoeuvre it until a green icon appears, then press the assigned button. Depending on what kind of equipment is attached, a display will appear, showing what kind of commands and features the currently equipped attachment is able to do.

    • Silos
      Silos are used to store grain that you harvest from your fields, you can then stack up all your harvested grain in the silos in order to save yourself some time. The silos is located around your farm, there's a silo for every type of grain in the game. To store your harvest in a silo, you have to unload the filled tipper in the correct spot under the correct silo, when a green symbol appears, you can unload the tipper. If you want to fill a tipper with the content of a silo, simply drive the tipper under the silo, and it should start pouring the grain into the tipper automatically.
    • Fendt Station
      At some point you need new vehicles and equipment, then it's good that there's a store close to your farm where you can buy all sort of beauties to your farm. You can also sell equipment and vehicles you already own.


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    To earn money you need to cultivate the island's fields and deliver the harvest to one of the three grain stations (mill, port, brewery). The prices of the grain types change continuously and not every station accept all types of grain. When you are out on the field and doing your work, you can hire a worker to do the job for you, it will cost some money, but you can do other things at the same time as well.

    Vehicles, Trailers and Equipment

    Fendt 936 Vario
    Fendt 936 Vario
    Tractors are what desribes every farmer, they are essential for them in order to do their work. The old tractor you start with (Lizard 2850) is somewhat useless compared to the later ones. As soon as you can afford more powerful vehicles, like Fendt 936 Vario, you will be an unstoppable power-farmer.
    • Lizard 2850
    • Fendt 209S
    • Fendt 614
    • Fendt 716
    • Fendt 936 Vario
    • Fendt 936 Vario (Black)

    Tractor with Frontloader

    Fendt 614 with Frontloader
    Fendt 614 with Frontloader
    The frontloader allows you to carry all sorts of handy things from one destination to another, like loading your straw bales onto the conveyor belt.
    • Fendt 614 with Frontloader

    Tools that can be attached to your frontloader
    • Fendt Universal Bucket
    • Fendt Bale Fork
    • Fendt Pallet Fork
    Combine Harvester
    Fendt 9460 R
    Fendt 9460 R
    Once the grain is ripe, venture forth into one of the mighty combines, use a cutter of your choice and start harvesting corn like you've never done it before.
    • Lizard 7210
    • Fendt 5270 C
    • Fendt 8350
    • Fendt 9460 R
    Fendt 1290S
    Fendt 1290S
    The straw that accumulates during the threshing process can be presses into bales. In other words, this fine product transforms straw into bales! these bales can be picked up with the frontloader and dropped onto the conveyor belt at your farm. You can also use the baler to press dry grass into hay bales.
    • Fendt 1290 S

    Body Tipper

    30.100 Liters
    30.100 Liters
    Once the combine's grain tank is full, you can unleash the harvest into a tipper, and then drive to one of the three grain stations (mill, port, brewery) to receive cold hard cash!
    • 12.700 Liters
    • 21.300 Liters
    • 30.100 Liters

    Bale Trailers

    11 Meters
    11 Meters
    When the balers has produced some bales, use a bale trailer to transport the bales from a field to your farm, by lifting the bales with your frontloader and placing them on the bale trailer.
    • 9 Meters
    • 11 Meters

    Bale Collector
    A bale collector is basicly the same as a bale trailer, however, you don't need a frontloader to place the bales onto the trailer, this beauty will do the job for you.
    • 24 Bales (Only available in the Gold Version)

    Grass Forage Wagon

    Pöttinger EuroBoss 330 T
    Pöttinger EuroBoss 330 T
    The grass forage wagon will automatically load up mowed grass if you run over it when the wagon is activated. Mowed grass can be delivered at your farm in the grass heap, in exchange for some money.
    • Pöttinger EUROBOSS 330 T
    Fendt 770 Powerflow
    Fendt 770 Powerflow
    Attach cutters to your combine, which allows you to power-farm some grain or corn. The different cutters varies in size and length.
    • Lizard 7210
    • Fendt 6000
    • Fendt 7700 Powerflow
    • Fendt Corn Cutter

    Grass Mower

    Pöttinger NOVADISC 900
    Pöttinger NOVADISC 900
    When the grass is starting to have flowers growing on it, it is time for them to be slaughtered. The best way is to attach a mower and just drive straight through the grass field.
    • Pöttinger NOVACAT 306 F
    • Pöttinger NOVADISC 900


    15.5 Meters
    15.5 Meters
    The sprayers sprays dope onto your farms, making them grow faster and becoming stronger, which means more money in less time! But remember kids, drugs are bad (plants doesn't care though).
    • 5.7 Meters
    • 15.5 Meters


    Pöttinger SYNKRO 4003
    Pöttinger SYNKRO 4003
    Use a cultivator to work the soil of a freshly harvested field. After this you can seed it again right away. Using a plow to plow the field after using a cultivator is optional
    • Lizard Cult2000
    • HORSCH Joker 6 CT (Only available in the Gold Edition)
    • HORSCH Tiger 6 MT (Only available in the Gold Edition)
    • HORSCH Terrano 8 FX (Only available in the Gold Edition)
    • Pöttinger SYNKRO 2600
    • Pöttinger SYNKRO 4003


    Pöttinger SERVO 35 S
    Pöttinger SERVO 35 S
    Before spraying your field with thousands of little fetus-plants, you may want to plow it first to loosen up the soil. The different plows varies in size and length.
    • Lizard 039-D
    • Pöttinger SERVO 25
    • Pöttinger SERVO 35 S

    Sowing Machines

    Pöttinger AEROSEM 3000
    Pöttinger AEROSEM 3000
    You can choose what kind of seed you want to sow yourself, choose the sweat-droppingly hard decision between wheat, barley, corn, canola and grass.
    • Lizard SWG-216A
    • HORSCH Pronto 9 DC (Only available in the Gold Edition)
    • HORSCH Sprinter 8 ST (Only available in the Gold Edition)
    • Pöttinger VITASEM 301
    • Pöttinger AEROSEM 3000


    Pöttinger EUROHIT 690 N
    Pöttinger EUROHIT 690 N
    By turning over the mowed grass with this tedder, you can speed up the drying process of mowed grass. Allowing your forage wagon or baler to collect it much sooner.
    • Pöttinger EUROHIT 690 N


    Pöttinger EUROTOP 461 A
    Pöttinger EUROTOP 461 A
    The windrower blows the mowed grass into rows so it is easier to pick up by the forage wagon or baler.
    • Pöttinger EUROTOP 461 A


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