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The third major version in the franchise "Farming Simulator" contains plenty of new features and improvements. It's now possible to raise cattle, by completing a variety of tasks including feeding them and using the manure for muck-spreading on the fields. Another great addition to this version of "Farming Simulator" is the inclusion of a multiplayer mode in which you can manage your farm together with your friends, using either a LAN or an Internet connection.

In the improved career mode, you take on the role and experience the everyday life of a young farmer in the countryside. The accurately modeled world is by far the most visually impressive yet; you are also free to go wherever you wish. By performing activities such as plowing fields, seeding, and bailing, you build up financial resources which allow you to purchase better equipment. You can visit the local agricultural machinery store to buy new vehicles and accessories or sell your old machinery.


  • Career mode with business section and cattle breeding
  • Multiplayer mode for playing together with friends over Internet/LAN
  • Large new vehicle fleet with authentic agricultural machines by DEUTZ-FAHR, KRONE, HORSCH, PÖTTINGER and VOGEL & NOOT
  • Lots of sophisticated equipment
  • Computer controlled helpers
  • Download of additional machines and maps with automatic mod installation, includes Mod SDK (contains Editor, Exporters and Sample Mods)
  • Gamepad and steering wheel support

Vehicles and equipment

Farming Simulator 2011 includes 16 vehicles and 49 pieces of equipment. (Not including the DLC packs)


  • Lizard 2850
  • Lizard 422
  • DEUTZ-FAHR Agroplus 77
  • DEUTZ-FAHR Agrotron K 420
  • DEUTZ-FAHR Agrofarm 430 frontloader
  • DEUTZ-FAHR M 620
  • DEUTZ-FAHR L 720
  • DEUTZ-FAHR X 720
  • DEUTZ-FAHR Agrovector 30.7
  • Lizard LZ 500


 Krone BIG X 1000
Krone BIG X 1000
  • Krone Big X 1000
  • Lizard 58
  • Lizard 7210
  • DEUTZ-FAHR 5465 H


  • Lizard CULT 2000
     Vogel & Noot TerraTop 800
    Vogel & Noot TerraTop 800
  • HORSCH Joker 6 CT
  • HORSCH Tiger 6 MT
  • HORSCH Terrano 8 FX
  • Pöttinger SYNKRO 2600
  • Pöttinger SYNKRO 4003
  • Vogel & Noot TerraTop 800


  • Pöttinger NOVACAT 306 F
  • Pöttinger NOVADISC 900


 Pöttinger SERVO 35 S
Pöttinger SERVO 35 S
  • Lizard 039-D
  • Pöttinger SERVO 25
  • Pöttinger SERVO 35 S


  • Lizard SWG-216A
  • HORSCH Pronto 9 DC
  • HORSCH Sprinter 8 ST
  • Pöttinger VITASEM 301
  • Pöttinger AERPSEM 3000


 Pöttinger EUROTOP 461 A Windrower
Pöttinger EUROTOP 461 A Windrower
  • Pöttinger EUROTOP 461 A


  • Pöttinger EUROHIT 690 N

Other Equipment:

  • Krone Comprima V180 Round baler
  • Krone BiGPack 1290 HDP Square baler
     Krone BiGPack 1290 HDP Square baler
    Krone BiGPack 1290 HDP Square baler
  • Bale trailer, 9 meters 2 axles
  • Bale trailer, 11 Meters 3 axles
  • Self loading bale trailer, 24 bale capacity, 2 axles
  • Lizard Slurry tanker, 8,000 liter capacity
  • Self loading wagon, Pöttinger EUROBOSS 330 T
  • Lizard manure spreader, 12,000 liter capacity
  • Single axle tipping trailer, 12,700 liter capacity
  • Dual axle tipping trailer, 21,300 liter capacity
  • Triple axle tipping trailer, 30,100 liter capacity
  • Sprayers, 5.7 meter and 15.5 meter widths
  • Weights, 600 kilograms, 900 kilograms and 1500 kilograms
  • plow 4.4 meter width
  • DEUTZ-FAHR frontloader bake fork
     DEUTZ-FAHR frontloader bake fork
    DEUTZ-FAHR frontloader bake fork
  • DEUTZ-FAHR frontloader palete fork
  • DEUTZ-FAHR frontloader shovel
  • DEUTZ-FAHR Agrovector Bale fork
  • DEUTZ-FAHR Agrovector Palete fork
  • DEUTZ-FAHR Agrovector Shovel
  • KRONE Easy Collect 1053
  • Lizard harvester cutter, 4.8 meters (X2)
  • DEUTZ-FAHR harvester cutter, 5.4 meters
  • DEUTZ-FAHR harvester cutter, 7.2 meters (X2)
  • DEUTZ-FAHR corn cutter, 7.2 meters


Latest patch: (2.2)

The latest patch for Farming Simulator 2011 is available


. (Not compatible with Steam and MAC versions. They will be updated automatically.)

Changes include:


  • Fixed switching cutter fruit type switching if with combine grain tank capacity of zero
  • Fixed rare issue with loading of milk production/price scale values from savegame
  • Fixed rare issue with NAT Punch-through with identical local IP's
  • Fixed very rare crash bug with physics contact reports in missions
  • Fixed rare issue with screen shot feature


  • Supplemented multiviewport script interface
  • Added support for buying mods in multiplayer as client
  • Increased the maximal number of help messages shown

Previous patches:

Here is a list of fixes and updates from the previous patches. (Which are included in the latest patch.)

2.1 Fixes:

  • Fixed sync issues with fruit prices in multiplayer
  • Fixed tip triggers with the same name in the PDA
  • Fixed loading of mod vehicles with different number of components in savegame

2.1 Updates:

  • Added support for fruit converting cutters
  • Added pickup animation support to baler and foragewagon
  • Improved vehicles and cutters (collision, attacher points, etc)
  • Baler pickups widths increased

2.0 Fixes:

  • Fixed sync issues with baler in multiplayer
  • Fixed issues with non-ascii characters in nickname
  • Fixed issues with weather warnings
  • Fixed issues with number of visible cows in multiplayer

2.0 Updates:

  • Improved driving and AI helper behavior of all vehicles and tools
  • Improved AI helper sounds and lights
  • Improved sowing machines
  • Improved barn straw elevator
  • Improved ground collision for brewery and grain mill
  • General multiplayer improvements and optimisations
  • Added NAT Punch-through support for multiplayer (STUN)
  • Reduced time to create multiplayer game
  • Added button mapping to analog axis
  • Shovel level is shown in the fill level bar as well
  • Increased foliage growth time in Hard mode(3x)
  • Disabled environment maps in low hardware profile

1.4 Fixes:

  • Fixed issue with old AMD Athlon XP CPUs

1.4 Updates:

  • None

1.3 Fixes:

  • Fixed rare crash on some Pentium 4 CPUs in multiplayer

1.3 Updates:

  • Price of fertilizer has been increased
  • Improved calculation of milk, manure, liquid manure, grass and silage fill levels

1.2 Fixes:

  • Fixed baleloader saving, loading and deleting if bales are mounted
  • Fixed manure fill level when using shovel
  • Fixed rare shop screen button hovering and keyboard input issues
  • Fixed self propelled sprayer not being able to refuel
  • Fixed rare issue with combine unloading

1.2 Updates:

  • Improved PDA tip triggers stats on multiplayer clients
  • Added multiplayer ban and kick user functionality

1.1 Fixes:

  • Fixed typo in stop refuel text message
  • Fixed PDA tip triggers stats
  • Fixed selecting seed type in multiplayer
  • Fixed baleforks for Agrovector and Agrofarm textures

1.1 Updates:

  • Improved driving behavior of several vehicles
  • Improved visual quality of wheat, barley and grass windrows
  • Improved visual quality of Agrovector attacher
  • Improved visual quality of chat user interface
  • Improved visual quality of cow animations
  • Improved visual quality of windrows on multiplayer clients
  • Improved mass calculation of trailers
  • Improved visual quality of multiplayer avatar
  • Improved shop messages in multiplayer games on the game host
  • Save settings of the multiplayer game creation screen
  • Added total number of available open games to the join game screen
  • Added auto save option to the game host admin screen and added new console commands gsAutoSave and gsAutoSaveInterval
  • Added savegame history system
  • Added Internet/LAN icon image to the join game screen
  • Added mod management screen to remove installed mods
  • Added advanced controls screen that allows the adjustment of gamepad deadzones and mouse sensitivity
  • Added new options "allow clients to sell vehicles" and "allow clients to create new fields" to multiplayer admin screen


Equipment pack 1:

Equipment pack 1 adds 5 new pices of equipment to Farming Simulator 2011. The pack contains:

 Lizard Mobile Fuel Tamk
Lizard Mobile Fuel Tamk

 Krone ZX 550 GD dual-purpose forage wagon
Krone ZX 550 GD dual-purpose forage wagon

 Krone XDisc direct cutting system
Krone XDisc direct cutting system

 Pöttinger HIT 130 A tedder
Pöttinger HIT 130 A tedder

 Pöttinger TOP 1252 four-rotor windrower
Pöttinger TOP 1252 four-rotor windrower

System Requirements

PC Minimum

  • Microsoft Windows XP, Vista and 7
  • 2.0 GHz Intel or equivalent AMD processor
  • 1 GB RAM
  • Nvidia Geforce 6800 Series, ATI Radeon X850, S3 Chrome 430 GT or better (min 256 MB VRAM)
  • 1 GB free hard drive space
  • Sound card

PC Recommended

  • Microsoft Windows XP, Vista or 7
  • Intel Processor: Pentium 4 at 3.0GHz, or AMD Processor: Sempron 3400
  • Nvidia Graphics Card: GeForce GT 210 512MB, or AMD Graphics Card: Radeon HD 5470
  • RAM Memory: 1 GB
  • Hard Disk Space: 1 GB
  • Direct X: 9

MAC Minimum

  • Mac OS X 10.5.8, 10.6.1
  • Intel CPU 1.83 GHz
  • 1 GB RAM
  • Nvidia Geforce 8600, Radeon X1600 or better (min. 256 MB VRAM)
  • 1 GB free hard drive space

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