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NameCostsSellsFeedRecipesTime until harvest
Tomato10 coins12 coins1 feed

Tomato Soup

Tomato Paste

1 minute

Wheat10 coins14 coins2 feed

Carrot Cake

Rose Cupcake (limited)

Sunflower Bread

4 hours

Blueberry15 coins17 coins2 feed

Blue Handkerchief

Blueberry Tart

Blueberry Die

2 minutes
Pumpkin15 coins20 coins4 feed

Bouquet of Orange Yarn Flowers

Pumpkin Pie

Orange Yarn Flower

8 hours
Strawberry18 coins24 coins10 feed

Strawberry Angel Food Cake

Strawberry Yogurt Pie

Strawberry Pie

1 day
Onion22 coins30 coins6 feed

Parsnip Soup

Tomato Soup

Asparagus Soap

12 hours
Corn20 coins24 coins2 feed

Corn Bread

Corn Meal

2 minutes
Sunflower25 coins47 coins11 feed

Sunflower Cookies

Sunflower Bread

1 day
Eggplant30 coins58 coins4 feed????4 hours
Radish28 coins38 coins3 feed????2 minutes
Broccoli45 coins87 coins7 feed????8 hours
Carrot60 coins118 coins14 feed

Carrot Cake

Carrot Bread

1 day
Potato55 coins108 coins10 feed

Potato Sallad

Potato Roll

12 hours
Ginger65 coins129 coins7 feed


2 hours
Blackberry75 coins98 coins8 feed

Black Berry Cream Cake

Blackberry Jam

Blackberry Cream

2 minutes
Cucumber70 coins142 coins15 feed????1 day
Spinach90 coins183 coins10 feed

Spinach Pinwheel

Spinach Filling

4 hours
Sweet Potato100 coins206 coins13 feedSweet Potato Pie8 hours
Rye80 coins110 coins8 feed

Banana Cream Cake

Glazed Walnut Scones

Squash Dinner Roll

1 hour
Black Pansy (limited)40 coins57 coins5 feed

Black Pansy Bouquet (limited)

Black Pansy Wreath (limited)

Black Pansy Scent Bag (limited)

2 hours
Red Rose (limited)34 coins48 coins5 feed

Valentine (limited)

Rose Bouquet (limited)

Rose Cupcake (limited)

4 hours
Black Tea Plant (limited)40 coins57 coins5 feed

Turkish Tea (limited)

4 hours
Vanilla (limited)80 coins139 coins5 feed


4 hours
Daisy (limited)15 coins45 coins????????2 hours
Fava Bean (limited)50 coins70 coins7 feedFava Bean Dip (limited)6 hours
Vanilla (limited)80 coins139 coins5 feed

Vanilla Butterscotch Bundt

Vanilla Cream

Vanilla Butterscotch Filling

4 hours
Swiss Chard (limited)30 coins35 coins3

Tart Swiss Chard (limited)

1 hour
Rapaseed (limited)32 coins46 coins4

Crepe Cake (limited)

Rapaseed Oil (limited)

2 hours
Daisy (limited)15 coins45 coins5

Catch Three Butterfly (limited)

2 hours
Crimean Iris (limited)30 coins42 coins4

Crimean Iris Corsage (limited)

Crimean Iris Wreath (limited)

Crimean Iris Bouquet (limited)

2 hours


NameCostsSalesFeedRecipesTime until harvest
Lemon Tree260 coins17 coins3 feed

Lemon Meringue Pie

Peach Lemonade

Blood Orange Lemonade

12 hours
Apple Tree320 coins18 coins2 feed

Apple Pie

Apple Scone

Apple Filling

4 hours
Olive Tree480 coins29 coins5 feed

Plain Soup

Olive Oil

12 hours
Pine Tree5600 coins133 coinsno feed

Plain Soup

Plain Trellis

Pointy Garden Fence

1 day
Orange Tree300 coins18 coins3 feed

Citrus Salad

Orange Cupcake

Orange Icing

8 hours
Fig Tree400 coins25 coins4 feed


12 hours
Peach Tree620 coins33 coins3 feed

Peach Lemonade

Peach Muffin

2 hours
Pecan Tree1200 coins43 coins4 feed

Pecan Muffin

12 hours
Pear Tree800 coins41 coins4 feed

Pear Tart

1 day
Lime Tree4500 coins257 coins12 feed

Cherry Limeade


Lime Water

12 hours
Cherry Tree4750 coins234 coins

Cherry Limeade

Cherry Cobbler

8 hours
Pine Tree5600 coins99 coins

Pointy Garden Fence

Rooster Weather Vane

Fertilizer Rake

1 day
Nutmeg Tree

4000 coins

260 coins

Nutmeg Cookie

8 hours
Plum Tree3200 coins190 coins

Plum Pie

Plum Betty

12 hours
Banana Tree2700 coins163 coins

Banana Cream Pie

Banana Cream Cake

Banana Cream

20 hours
Mango Tree1800 coins98 coins Mango Muffin2 hours
Almond Tree (limited)12 farm bucks85 coins4 feed

Almond Candy (limited)

Almond Cake (limited)

16 hours
Camellia Japonica Tree (limited)12 farm bucks82 coins2 feed

Valentine's Day Wreath (limited)

Camellia Scented Bag (limited)

8 hours
Ash Tree (limited)12 farm bucks133 coinsno feed

Plain Soup

Plain Trellis

Pointy Garden Fence

18 hours
Beautyberry Tree (limited)12 farm bucks822 feed

Beautyberry Angel Food Cake (limited)

Black Pansy Scented Bag (limited)

Beautyberry Sauce (limited)

8 hours
Linden Tree (limited)12 farm bucks133no feed

Plain Soap

Plain Trellis

Pointy Garden Fence

18 hours
Pistachio Tree (limited)12 farm bucks833 feed

Pistachio Turkish Delight (limited)

Kunefe (limited)

12 hours
Plane Tree (limited)14 farm bucks99 coinsno feed

Pointy Garden Fence

Rooster Weather Vane

Fertilizer Rake

16 hours
Empress Tree (limited)12 farm bucks83 coins3 feed

Scented Empress Floral Bag (limited)

Empress Flower Bouquet (limited)

4 hours
Flavorosa Pluot Tree (limited)12 farm bucks82 coins2 feed

Flavorosa Crumble Bar (limited)

Pluot Lemonade (limited)

Pluot Wreath (limited)

8 hours
Pink Lilac Tree (limited)12 farm bucks83 coins3 feedCrimean Iris Wreath (limited)12 hours
Black Cherry Tree (limited)14 farm bucks95 coins2 feedBlack Cherry Clafoutis Pie (limited)8 hours
Umbrella Pine Tree (limited)12 farm bucks82 coins2 feedBlack Cherry Savarin Cake (limited)8 hours

Crafting Kitchen

Half and HalfMilk (x3) + Milk (x3)590 coins
Ice CreamHalf and Half + Sugar (x2)1110 coins
Strawberry Ice CreamIce Cream + Strawberry (x8)3090 coins
Piñon BreadPiñon Nut (x10) + Flour (x2)2310 coins
Desert FriscaYucca Fruit (x8) + Sugar (x2)1850 coins
Crab Apple BreadEgg (x12) + Crabapple (x11)3040 coins
Maple SconeBatter (x2) + Maple Syrup (x23)4020 coins
Blood Orange GalletBlood Orange (x10) + Sugar (x2)1460 coins
Blood Orange LemonadeBlood Orange (x12) + Lemonade1720 coins
Parsnip SoapBroth + Parsnip (x8)1670 coins
Wild Plum TartPie Crust + Wild Plum (x14)2770 coins
Wild Plum BreadEgg (x14) + Wild Plum (x10)3630 coins
FlourWheat (x2) + Wheat (x2)90 coins
BatterFlour + Egg (x3)290 coins
Apple SconeApple (x6) + Batter640 coins
Lemon WaterLemon (x2) + Water150 coins
LemonadeLemon Water + Lemon (x4)350 coins
Strawberry LemonadeStrawberry (x5) + Lemonade630 coins
Crate of EggsEgg (x5) + Brown Egg (x5)1000 coins
Goat Cheese TartMilk (x5) + Goat Cheese (x5)1500 coins
Swiss Cheese LoafMilk (x5) + Swiss Chees (x3)2000 coins
Tomato PasteTomato (x4) + Tomato (x4)120 coins
BrothWater (x3) + Onion (x6)420 coins
Tomato SoupTomato Paste + Broth700 coins
ButterMilk + Milk180 coins
Orange IcingOrange (x3) + Butter340 coins
Orange CupcakeOrange Icing + Batter780 coins
Fluffy BatterBatter (x4) + Brown Egg (x9)2090 coins
Angel Food CakeFluffy Batter + Sugar (x3)2690 coins
Strawberry Angel Food CakeAngel Food Cake + Strawberry (x8)4020 coins
Strawberry YogurtYogurt (x4) + Strawberry (x7)920 coins
Strawberry Yogurt FillingStrawberry Yogurt + Sugar (x3)1770 coins
Strawberry Yogurt PieStrawberry Yogurt Filling + Pie Crust3150 coins
Pumpkin FillingPumpkin (x4) + Pumpkin (x4)250 coins
Pie CrustFlour (x2) + Butter380 coins
Pumpkin PiePumpkin Filling + Pie Crust860 coins
Red Egg CartonPolish Red Egg (x3) + Polish Red Egg (x3)1100 coins
Lemon Meringue FillingRed Egg Carton + Lemon1200 coins
Lemon Meringue PieLemon Meringue Filling + Pie Crust2400 coins
Corn MealCorn (x4) + Corn (x4)230 coins
ButtermilkButter + Milk (x3)450 coins
CornbreadCorn Meal + Buttermilk930 coins
CustardEgg (x2) + Milk240 coins
Berry CustardBlueberry (x3) + Custard330 coins
Blueberry TartBlueberry Custard + Pie Crust1010 coins
Peach LemonadePeach (x6) + Lemonade1030 coins
Strawberry PieStrawberry (x10) + Pie Crust1030 coins
Pecan MuffinPecan (x5) + Batter1200 coins
DoughFlour + Water (x2)240 coins
BreadDough + Salt (x2)600 coins
Cheddar LoafCheese (x2) + Bread1230 coins
Apple JuiceApple (x4) + Water260 coins
Apple FillingApple (x4) + Apple Juice470 coins
Apple PieApple Filling + Pie Crust1300 coins
Sunflower BreadSunflower (x5) + Bread1350 coins
Mango MuffinMango (x6) + Batter1540 coins
Peach MuffinPeach (x10) + Batter1410 coins
Carrot BreadCarot (x2) + Bread1000 coins
FrostingButter + Sugar400 coins
Carrot CakeCarrot Bread + Frosting1940 coins
Fava Bean DipPaprika (x5) + Fava Bean (x7)2222 coins
Kurabiye CookieBatter (x2) + Carob Pod3080 coins
Jujube JamLemon Water (x2) + Jujube Fruit (x14)3520 coins
Vanilla CreamVanilla Bean (x5) +Milk (x4)1230 coins
Vanilla Butterscotch FillingVanilla Cream + Butterscotch (x3)2050 coins
Vanilla Butterscotch BundtVanilla Butterscotch Filling +Batter4260 coins



NameCosts (Baby)Costs (Adult)Produces (Adult)Produces (Prized)
White Chicken1500 coins6 farm bucks1 egg1 brown egg
Rhode Island Red Chicken6000 coins15 farm bucks2 eggs1 brown egg
Ameraucana Chicken

15 farm bucks

28 farm bucks

5 eggs2 brown eggs
Black Leghorn Chicken

20000 coins

65 farm bucks

3 eggs1 brown egg
Hubbard Chicken

15 farm bucks

28 farm bucks

5 eggs2 brown eggs
Gold-Laced Cochin Chicken

16000 coins

30 farm bucks

3 eggs1 brown egg
Blue Jersey Giant Chicken (limited)

19 farm bucks

36 farm bucks

5 eggs2 brown eggs
Columbia Plymouth Rock Chicken (limited)

17 farm bucks

34 farm bucks

5 eggs2 brown eggs
Crele Orpinngton Chicken (limited)

17 farm bucks

34 farm bucks

5 eggs2 brown eggs
Faverolles Chicken (limited)19 farm bucks33 farm bucks1 egg1 brown eggs
Red Ardennes Turkey (limited)20 farm bucks36 farm bucks5 brown feathers2 white turkey feathers


NameCosts (Baby)Costs (Adult)Produces (Adult)Produces (Prized)
Devon Cow85000 coins65 farm bucks3 milks, 2 cheeses1 swiss cheese
Swiss Cow65000 coins57 farm bucks3 milks, 4 cheeses1 swiss cheese
Jersey Cow35000 coins30 farm bucks2 milks, 3 cheeses1 swiss cheese
Longhorn Cow20000 coins17 farm bucks1 milk, 2 cheeses1 swiss cheese
Ayrshire Cow25 farm bucks47 farm bucks5 milks, 3 cheeses2 swiss cheeses
Holstein Cow25 farm bucks47 farm bucks5 milks, 3 cheeses2 swiss cheeses
Boer Goat75000 coins65 farm bucks4 milks, 1 cheese1 goat cheese
LaMancha Goat55000 coins65 farm bucks3 milks, 1 cheese1 goat cheese
Nubian Goat20000 coins46 farm bucks2 milks, 2 cheeses1 goat cheese
Saneen Goat9500 coins23 farm bucks1 milk, 1 cheese1 goat cheese

Red Goat

3000 coins7 farm bucks1 milk, 1 cheese1 goat cheese


22 farm bucks41 farm bucks5 milks, 3 cheeses2 goat cheeses

Pygmy Goat

18 farm bucks35 farm bucks5 milks, 3 cheeses2 goat cheeses

Nigerian Dwarf Goat (limited)

23 farm bucks40 farm bucks5 milks, 3 cheeses2 goat cheeses

Corsican Goat (limited)

21 farm bucks30 farm bucks5 milks, 3 cheeses2 goat cheeses

Kinder Goat (limited)

23 farm bucks30 farm bucks5 milks2 goat cheeses

French Simmental Cow (limited)

30 farm bucks43 farm bucks5 milks, 2 cheeses2 swiss cheeses


NameCosts (Baby)Costs (Adult)Produces (Adult)Produces (Prized)
Andalusian Horse35000 coins65 farm bucks2 horseshoes1 fine saddle
Black Arabian Horse22000 coins30 farm bucks2 horseshoes1 fine saddle
Mustang Horse14000 coins20 farm bucks1 horseshoe1 fine saddle
Gypsy Horse28 farm bucks54 farm bucks5 horseshoes2 fine saddles
Dales Pony (limited)35 farm bucks63 farm bucks5 horseshoes2 fine saddles
Percheron Horse (limited)30 farm bucks43 farm bucks5 horseshoes2 fine saddles
Spotted Appaloosa Horse (limited)33 farm bucks43 farm bucks5 horseshoes2 fine saddles
White Arabian Horse (limited)30 farm bucks43 farm bucks5 horseshoes2 fine saddles
Thorold's Deer (limited)27 farm bucks40 farm bucks5 furs2 antlers
Fallow Deer (limited)????40 farms bucks5 furs2 fine fur

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