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    Farseer Macha

    Character » appears in 2 games

    Macha is an Eldar Farseer from the craftworld of Biel-Tan. She commands the Eldar forces in Dawn of War, and even briefly sides with Gabriel Angelos and his chapter of Space Marines.

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    Farseer Macha is responsible for divining the path of her Eldar army. Unable to leave the path of the Seer, Farseer Macha is a knowledgeable and focused prophet. She is of the Eldar Craftworld of Biel-Tan. Macha is armed with a Witchblade and a Shuriken Pistol, and utilizes her significant psychic gifts to fight against the forces of Chaos.


    Farseer Macha Quotes:

    • Warlock: "Exalted Farseer. The Humans are moving. Traversing the slope as you predicted. They are walking into our Trap."
    • Farseer Macha: "Yes, but you can never ambush a Space Marine. Remember that. They expect treachoury at every turn you can only validate their suspicions."
    • Warlock: "Your orders?"
    • Farseer Macha: "We have locked the humans into this path as they have locked us into ours. They know they enter a gauntlet and will likely drag us into as well. Now we play our parts and pray that we are the better actors."

    • "Then the humans shall have the death they seek."
    • "Kill me. Obliterate my body and cast my name to the wind. But you must heed me. Bury that which lies beneath my feet. It will undo us all. I may be your enemy in this but we both have a greater foe."

    Voice Actor:

    Nicole Oliver

    Destiny (Spoilers Below)


    When an Imperial Excavation team on the Planet Tartarus uncovers a Chaos Marker that leads to an ancient artifact, Farseer Macha mobilizes a small Eldar force to ensure that the artifact is left undisturbed. Unfortunately, the Chaos Sorcerer Sindri, of Alpha Legion, set in motion a scheme that would uncover the artifact and unlock its power. The artifacts name was the Maledictum, and Farseer Macha knew the true nature of the relic. It was a prison. It was a prison that held a very powerful Chaos Demon, it was a prison built by the Eldar.


    The forces of Chaos were now aware of the Chaos Marker. The Alpha Legion lead by Lord Bale had already made planet fall. The recent Ork Waagh, lead by Warboss Orkamungus kept the Imperial Forces engaged in battle, and made Bale and his Chaos Space Marines practically invisible. Farseer Macha knew that the Orks recent Waagh was somehow tied into the presence of the ancient artifact. Chaos could not be allowed to obtain the Maledictum.

    The Maledictum was in very real danger of being found. Inquisitor Mordecai Toth of the Ordo Malleus branch of the Imperial Inquisition had been searching for some time for the dark artifact. The impulsive actions of the Imperium were always driven by fear more than understanding, and their brute force methods always caused more complications than they solved. No, the Imperium could not be trusted with the handling of the Maledictum.

    Four armies came together on the planet Tartarus: the invading Orks, the defending Imperials, the skulking Chaos Marines, and the enigmatic and knowledgeable Eldar. Using her psychic divination abilities, Faseer Macha tried to formulate a battle plan that would keep the Maledictum safe. Only the ancient Eldar were knowledgeable enough to guard the artifact.

    The Key

    The Maledictum required a key to unlock it. Gabriel Angelos and the 3rd Company of Blood Ravens wanted to find and destroy it in order to keep it out of the hands of Chaos. In a desperate attempt to guard the key, Farseer Macha called upon the Eldar God Kaela Mensha Khaine. One of her Eldar warriors became Khaine's avatar. Unfortunately, it was Chaos Sorcerer Sindri's plan all along for the Eldar and the Blood Ravens to meet in combat. While the Eldar and the Space Marines distracted each other, Sindri stole the key.


    Sindri was a wily Sorcerer indeed. Like a skilled puppeteer, Sindri masterfully controlled the tides of battle. The Chaos Sorcerer even orchestrated the demise of the Alpha Legion Chaos Lord, Bale. Now Sindri commanded the Chaos Space Marines, and for his coup de grace, Sindri attained the Maledictum.

    Farseer Macha realized that her destiny and Gabriel Angelos’ destiny were intertwined. It was folly to try and avoid it. Farseer Macha was forced to use her army to support Brother Captain Gabriel as he took on Sindri and the Alpha Legion.

    The Maledictum granted Sindri the rank, powers, and form of a Demon Prince. With the support of the Eldar, the Blood Ravens, and the Daemonhammer: Godspliiter, Gabriel was able to destroy Demon Prince Sindri. Farseer Macha saw a glimmer of hope. The Forces of Chaos had been denied the Maledictum. If only the Blood Ravens’ Force Commander could be reasoned with, but all of Macha’s hopes were in vain. With one swing of the mighty Godspliiter, Gabriel destroyed the Maledictum, and set the demon free. Farseer Macha and her small Eldar force departed from Tartarus as a warp storm traveled towards the decimated planet.

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