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Fart Cat! is a game developed and published by Summer Camp Studios for the iPhone and iPad platforms. The game presents players with five different slots that hold various food items, from hamburgers to fish heads. Players must drag the food the Fart Cat is craving (indicated by the dream cloud over its head) by dragging the food to its mouth. Feed Fart Cat the requisite number of food items and touch its belly before its owner reaches in to pet it.

If the correct food type is not available, touching the cat's belly before meeting the requirement of food fed will swap the player's five food slots for new ones. Golden Mice give players a score bonus and will be accepted as edible by the Fart Cat at any time.


A secondary mode in Fart Cat!, Fartcraft features no time pressure or score but instead lets players mix and match different groups of ingredients to discover a bevy of scatological-related dish names.

Fart NameIngredients
U Can Has FartHamburger
Ocean SprayFish Head
RoquefartStinky Cheese
Call of PootyHamburger, Fish Head
Juicy LucyHamburger, Stinky Cheese
Stepped on a DuckHamburger, Pancakes
FartatouilleHamburger, Mouse
Toot-na MeltFish Head, Stinky Cheese
Brain FartFish Head, Pancakes
Bombin' JerryFish Head, Mouse
SplatulaStinky Cheese, Pancakes
The OdorodentStinky Cheese, Mouse
Shart StackPancakes, Mouse
That Was The DogHamburger, Fish Head, Stinky Cheese
Animal StyleHamburger, Fish Head, Pancakes
Smelt it, Dealt itHamburger, Fish Head, Mouse
Brunch BuffetHamburger, Stinky Cheese, Pancakes
Mighty Mighty Mouse ToneHamburger, Stinky Cheese, Mouse
Mrs. SplutterworthHamburger, Pancakes, Mouse
The Deadliest SplatchFish Head, Stinky Cheese, Pancakes
Toot in PuddleFish Head, Stinky Cheese, Mouse
Cut the CheeseFish Head, Pancakes, Mouse
Peeling PaintStinky Cheese, Pancakes, Mouse
Full English BreakfastHamburger, Fish Head, Stinky Cheese, Pancakes
Mouse on a MotorcycleHamburger, Fish Head, Stinky Cheese, Mouse
The Kitchen StinkHamburger, Fish Head, Pancakes, Mouse
Itchy, ScratchyHamburger, Stinky Cheese, Pancakes, Mouse
Where's the Beef?Fish Head, Stinky Cheese, Pancakes, Mouse
Apocalypse MeowHamburger, Fish Head, Stinky Cheese, Pancakes, Mouse

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