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I've been waiting excitedly since the Nintendo Direct last month for this, but I was a biiiiiit unsure going in since Typoman was such a colossal letdown. Not only is this game IMMEDIATELY a blast, it's made me shed all regret for my Typoman purchase. That's $30 altogether for both($15 each), and FAST Racing Neo more than makes up for that with just how damn fun it is. You know that Atari Star Wars commercial, with the crazy, screaming guy? Not quite that, but damn if it doesn't feel close. With phase shifting, collecting boost, using said boost(WARP SPEED!), maneuvering through interesting and often challenging tracks, and AI racers that actually try to win it can seem a bit overwhelming at first, but once you get in it all blends together to maximize speed and most of all fun. It's so fast! It has a tremendously exciting sense of speed, which is not something I see done well in recent racing games, which only seem to care about emulating reality. I want my racing games to get the adrenaline pumping, and FAST Racing Neo absolutely covers that. The only criticism I have is that the learning curve seems a bit steep, as I'm already having some difficulty completing the third cup of the first set, but I'm just gonna chalk that up to not being good enough yet. (Note: GOTTA LEAN!!!)

I'm not very good at conclusions, aaaaaand I'm not gonna sit here and try because I'm gonna go play more FAST RACING NEO AND YOU SHOULD AS WELL BYE!!!

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