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Fastar! (Fight Angry Squares: The Action RPG!) is an incredibly unique action RPG game that follows the adventures of a nameless protagonist in a blue tuxedo and blue slacks (which can be customized with different colors as he runs across 2D landscapes battling squares of various sizes and colors while visiting villages along the way.


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The main character is controlled using the accelerometer; by tilting the iPhone left or right, the character will run in those directions. Attacks are controlled by merely tapping the screen and tilting the device quickly. Special powers which are selected before starting a game can be activate by tapping on their icons in the top right of the screen. The square enemies hop wildly, push forward and literally roll around as they attempt to hurt you. Defeated enemies drop coins which can then be used to purchase upgrades at shoppes. All of the modes are timed and these times are posted on global and local leaderboards which display the time to completion of a level and the stats of your character upon completion as well as your chosen spell. The game also features three alternate control schemes which include swiping, a virtual gamepad and one handed swipe controls.

Game Modes

Learn to Play
 A tutorial level that teaches the basic game mechanics
 Easy, Medium and Hard
 Basic modes that provide the "the classic Fastar experience". The higher difficulties have longer maps with harder enemies
 Profit Gather as much money as you can
 Battlemage Players get two spells, but upgrades are priced higher
 No Excuses
 A mode in which nothing is random
 Showdown Literally a showdown against 25 enemies
 Goliath A gauntlet of giant squares and no healing
 Sudden Death
 All enemies deal one hit kills
 Marathon An incredibly long mode which has an average time of 60 minutes
 Arena An infinite number of enemies tat progressively get harder
 Colors 12 different color modes in which all of the enemies take on the color of the mode


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Throughout the levels in the game, your character will happen upon villages with shoppes that have upgrades for sale. These upgrades include health restoration (10 cents), attack upgrades (15 cents) and defense upgrades (10 cents). Finding a balance between the upgrades is key to advancing through the higher difficulty levels.


 BZAP Stuns the enemy with a bolt of lightning
 FIAR Sets the enemy ablaze
 SLEY Destroys the enemy outright
 BEEFDoubles your defense for a short time
 MEER Reflects spells cast on you back to the enemy
 LIYF Restores your health to maximum
 SWUP Swaps your power and defense
 ZOOM Increases running speed for a short time
 HOAM Returns you to the previous village

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