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    Fat Minister

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    Fat Minister is an enemy type in the PS3 video game Demon's Souls. He is the only enemy type to appear in two different worlds.

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    The Fat Ministers (Officials) are servants of King Allant, and ominously arrived before the King had even awoken The Old One. Their sinister laugh is just one of their creepy qualities. 
    They appear in Boletarian Palace, armed with great axes. They will attempt to do a sweeping attack (will laugh first) at you or will try a combo if you get close. 
    They also appear in Stonefang Tunnel, presumably stationed there to keep the miners working at full capacity. They are armed with whips here, and will attack with a combo or a sweeping attack (will laugh first) if you come too close. 
    In both instances, they will attack with fire spells from afar, using a weak spell and a stronger version. The stronger spell is identified by the Minister's haunting laugh. They may also use a short-range flame burst, also identified with a laugh.

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