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    Fatal Inertia

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Sep 11, 2007

    Fatal Inertia is a futuristic racer from Koei for the Xbox 360. It is based in the Unreal Engine 3 and bears strong similarities to the racing series Wipeout and F-Zero

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    Race Craft Types

    Phoenix Class - Well balanced all rounders

    Aurora Class - Fastest of all classes

    Mercury Class - Lighter class with superior handling compared to other classes

    Titan Class - More fire-power and armour

    Weapons and Items

    Fatal Inertia lets you use a variety of weapons during a race. All weapons can be fired backwards but may have a different affect if you do this. Weapons work like Mario Kart so the good weapons are given to people at the back of the race while only magnets and smoke bombs are given to position 1

    Magnets - These stick to opposing craft and explode after a set period. The victim can shake these off with a barrel roll. If a player uses these while there is no target ahead, the magnets can sometimes come back and attach to the user

    Cluster Magnets - Similar to magnets but is a small ball of magnets that when within range will stick to a victim. These can also be shaken off but require more barrel rolls

    Rocket - This can either be used to propel you forward faster if you fire it backwards. It lasts for about 3-5 seconds. If fired forward, it will attach to a victim and make them unstable by having the rocket thrust them in a weird angle. If the rocket cannot find a victim, it may attach to the user

    Force Blast - a bomb of sorts. When fired forwards will make opponents within the vicinity fly off course and if fired backwards works like a boost.

    Smoke Bomb - a bomb that leaves a cloud of smoke after impact

    Cable - This is a cable that can be attached to an opponent. One end attaches to an opponent and the other can attach to the level geometry. It is used mainly for anchoring opponents to terrain but if the spiked end of the cable is released first, then it will attach you to the ground

    Force Field - A shield which blocks all other power ups

    EMP - Crafts within the area will lose thrust and manoeuvring capabilities for a small period of time

    Time Dilator - This slows opponents down while you move at normal speed


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