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Fates Forever is a MOBA designed exclusively for tablets.


  • Bruno Joe: The Champion Pup
  • Cottontail: The Bandit Hare
  • Dim: The Solar Mole
  • Elroc: The Angry Bard
  • Lee Chi: The Planting Panda
  • May: The Radiant Lynx
  • Modo and Tago: The Stopping Snails
  • Mona: The Shockingly Slow Loris
  • Renwil: The Gluttonous Warthog
  • Skippard: The Exiled Frog
  • Volunder: The Blacksmith Rhino

Game Modes

  • 3 Versus 3
  • Co-op Versus Bots - 3 players fight a 3 bot opponent team.
  • Offline Versus Bots

The Map

The single map has two lanes with a jungle in between them. There are two shrines that can be captured by Contestants and grant buffs. There are neutral creatures that can be killed for gold and experience.

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