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    Father Paul Rawlings

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    Rawlings is the Jericho team's chaplain, medic, and he is also an exorcist. He derives his power from an intense academic study of magic systems from around the world.

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    Paul Rawlings is the oldest active member of Jericho and is also the only member that originally began
    his military career as a chaplain (Jericho squad is afterall a branch of the Army Chaplain Corps). He inlisted in 1970 and has 3 tours of Vietnam under his belt as a chaplain's aid. He spent the next 20 years searching for meaning and direction, a result of his experiences in the war which caused him to question his beliefs. He was greatly changed by the indigenous tribes he visted throughout his missionary and relief efforts, and found himself adopting various religions and beliefs, becoming something of a universal cleric. He's fond of saying, "There's no such thing as too many Gods when it comes to watching your ass". His request to resume active duty was declined by the Chaplain Corps, but the Department of Occult Warfare was eager to have him placed in the Jericho squad. The DOW sees his knowledge in dealing with the occult and the paranormal as an asset.


    He has a quirky sense of humor, despite his grim appearance. In the heat of battle, and in the face of
    danger, Rawlings acts like he's seen it all. He helped recruit Sgt. Church into Jericho and feels responsible for her. Whenever he is asked about his past, particularly when asked about his 20 year sabbatical, we get the impression he was somewhat of a rogue. Rawlings fears succumbing to his human nature again. His past continues to haunts him; he has fallen to many sins especially in his early years as a chaplain.

    Combat Abilities

    Regardless of being a man of many cloths, as he would say, Rawlings is an experienced veteran having
    done tours in Vietnam and Iraq. His weapons of choice are a pair of customized automatic pistols, named Faith and Destiny, which are augmented by his own charms and talismans.


    Primary Weapon     

    .357 Caliber auto pistol with modular ammo: piercing, concussion, and explosive

    Secondary Weapon

    .357 Caliber auto pistol with modular ammo: piercing, concussion, and explosive

    Special Abilities

    Rawlings has an extensive knowledge in magic systems from around the world, but specializes in the
    areas of concecration and exorcism. By using his own health, he has the ability to heal fallen teammates from long distances, which briefly leaves him vulnerable to attack. He possesses Vlad's Curse, which allows him to rob health from his enemies and distributes it to his teammates.


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