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    Fayt Leingod

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    Fayt Leingod is the main character of Star Ocean: Til The End of Time. He finds himself in the middle of an attack when on vacation.

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    Fayt is the young son of Dr. Robert Leingod, a famous symbological geneticist. He's an easy going college student, enjoying vacation with his family and good friend Sophie. He's a lazy kid, who enjoys games and combat simulations, which will turn out to help him in the future.

    Fayt isn't a physically strong person, but his use of swords is still good enough to make him a useful element of the party. It comes in handy when the resort he and his family are vacationing at suddenly comes under attack. Fayt is separated from his mother and father, and with Sophie, escapes the planet. Fayt winds up on an underdeveloped planet, and befriends Nel Zelpher, an espionage and information authority, who uses powers similar to symbology, called Runology. From there, Fayt meets various other characters, of all different races, ages, and backgrounds, and with their help, he leads the party to victory against someone who is destroying not just their world, bit their universe as they know it.

    Fayt uses swords in Star Ocean: Til The End of Time. His strongest weapon is called the Levantine, however, in terms of power, the Veinslay can be the strongest weapon (with Smithery modifications). His earliest weapon isn't even a sword, but rather a metal pipe.

    Fayt also uses the same armor that Cliff wears, the best being Valiant Armor. Like the rest of the characters, he can equip any form of accessory.

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