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    FBI Hostage Rescue

    Game » consists of 0 releases. Released Feb 05, 2004

    A low budget first person shooter about bringing hostages to safety.

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    A low-budget take on the Rainbow Six template, FBI Hostage Rescue charges the player with leading a team of crack counter-terror operators on ten different missions, fighting terrorists and rescuing hostages within a time limit.


    The game reviewed poorly, being given a 1.9 rating by

    "FBI Hostage Rescue is an unplayable mess of a game; it feels like a really bad amateur mod that was released before it was finished."

    Scott Osborne

    In addition, it also made the prestigious #5 spot on Alex Navarro's Top 10 Most Frightfully Bad Games of 2004.

    "FBI Hostage Rescue is a hostage rescue game where the hostage AI is so bad that they can't actually be rescued. Try getting past the first level! I dare you."

    Alex Navarro

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