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    The first game to be published by the EA Originals program is an exploration game from Zoink Games. Fe, a fox-like creature, must save their musical forest home from the Silent Ones.

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    I'm not quite sure what it is

    Fe is a very weird 3D platformer, you are a type of little fox-ish creature in a very dark forest with some bad stuff happening that the game doesn't really explain that well. You can comunicate with other animals through music, you can learn different types of languages (musical) to keep increasing the number of species that you can comunicate with. You help them and gain their trust to become close, receiving their help to progress. Each type of song can unlock a type of plant that has different use, from unlocking paths, to giving you a type a bomb to throw.

    I enjoyed the visual, the tree climbing and the fact that the game shows you were to go if you want to, so that you won't get lost (there are a few areas that would be very hard to see clearly where to climb). The game took me about 3h to complete, it was really weird.

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