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    Fear Effect: Sedna

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Mar 06, 2018

    A new entry in the long dormant Fear Effect franchise, following the classic characters of the first two (alongside some new ones), now played within an isometric perspective.

    Short summary describing this game.

    Hong Kong


    1. Advance through the level to reach 1, read the tutorials then stealthily kill the guard at the door.
    2. Enter the room with Hana and kill the guards.
    3. Now you have to play as Rain, go to 3 and kill the guards.
    4. When you reach the door, trigger both of the switches (Rain & Hana) to open the door.
    5. Then go to 5 and kill the target and her guards.
    6. When it’s over, go to 6, listen to the dialog then defuse the bomb.


    The first puzzle is a bomb that you have to defuse. You can see there are three symbols, each have a specific color and three wires are attached to them. The wires have a small line on them, that’s their number. Also, a light is beeping from one color to the other in a cycling way.

    You can’t defuse this bomb without more information. You have to look around in the level to find panels. Those panels have the same symbols and color you saw, with a number written under it. It actually gives you which wires of which symbol you’re supposed to cut.

    Then continue to cut the specific wires with the order of the beeping light.

    The solution:

    The Loft

    1. Approach the man standing near the window then watch the cutscene.
    2. Search the flat in case he left something. Search the location 2, 3 and 4, the order doesn’t matter.



    1. Go to 1, kill the guards or make your way stealthily to reach the little building. Inside, do the oscilloscope puzzle to hack the drones.
    2. Then go out from the other door, and reach 2 to access the next level.


    This puzzle shows an oscilloscope, you have to reproduce the shapes that are drawn using the buttons on the right. If you press one of the 4 buttons at the bottom, its shape drawn appears. With the other buttons, you can move the shape, extend it or reduce it so it matches the line. When the shape is right positioned, it becomes green and it locks. There are 4 buttons with shapes, but you actually need only 3 shapes, the bottom left button is a trap.

    The solution:


    The objective of this level is to listen to conversations, the 6 numbers are the good conversations, go listen to them, and serve drinks to guests, you can pick up glasses if you need more.


    1. Go hide yourself behind the chair at 1, watch the cutscene and follow the ambassador. You have to stay hidden until the ambassador and his guests arrive at 2.
    2. This is the end of the ambassador’s path, now you’re blocked by closed doors. Make your way through to 3 to find a way to open them.
    3. Resolve the puzzle of the server room: 481376. Once it’s done, go to 4.
    4. A fight is waiting for you, and you can now play Axel too. Kill all the enemies then make your way through to 5.
    5. Once you’ve reached 5, go out to the next level.

    Server password

    In this puzzle you need to find a password. You can see 2 sets of 4 letters appearing and disappearing. Above the letter, it’s written “boot priority” which means the letters give you the order. But like the first puzzle, you can’t find the solution with just the interface, you need to look around in the level, since you can’t enter letters but numbers.

    If you look around, you can actually notice that the placement of the rectangles on the interface is corresponding with the placement of the server machines next to the computer. The server machines have numbers above them, but two of them are red.

    If you put it together, then you have to correspond the letter with its number : A is the first one and it’s on the slot of the server machine with the 4 above it, so A = 4. With that you obtain 48153726. But it’s a 6 numbers password, and you can see that 2 servers are red, it means they’re broken. So you remove the 5 and the 2 and you obtain the password.

    The solution: 481376

    Back to the roof

    1. Fight your way through this level, go to 1 so Rain can join you.
    2. Then continue to fight until you reach 2. The cutscene won’t trigger if you don’t kill the guards of the last zone.



    1. Once you’ve listened to the receptionist, go see the map of the building in 1. It triggers a dialog with Rain that tells you to go downstairs.
    2. You need to activate the fire alarm for the civilians to run away. Go to 2 and press the button n°1 so an archive goes up.
    3. Go to 3, be careful not to be seen by any civilian, and when you’re safe, trigger the fire alarm.
    4. Now that everyone is running away, go pick up the key then move toward 5.
    5. Beware of the camera, go under it so it won’t see you, then open the door.
    6. Activate the switch to move the archive, follow it to hide yourself from the camera then go to the next level.

    Storage room

    1. First, move toward the button next to the door, it will trigger a rhythm game-like puzzle. Once you succeed, the door opens and you are told to disconnect two cameras so you can access the main system. You can either chose to begin by 2 or 4, it doesn’t matter.
    2. You arrive in a situation where you have to move archives up and down so you can reach the first camera. Follow the order on the screen to reach point 3.
    3. Once you reach 3, disconnect the first camera and go back to the entrance (2), activate the switch G and H to arrive safely, then go toward 4.
    4. This situation is more based on speed and dodging cameras than a puzzle situation. Activate A and follow the moving archive to avoid cameras, then do the same thing with B, wait for the archives to hide cameras’ field of view before going toward 5/C.

    5. Disconnect the second camera, now you have to go back to 4 safely then reach 6. Activate D and to the same thing as before with B. Then, activate E to reach the switch F. Now this part is a little tricky, when you activate F, run between the two archives of the beginning and follow the right one which is leaving. You might want to do a roll to arrive quickly, but you can do it by running normally.

    6. Hack the main system, it will trigger an alarm. Eliminate the drones and go to the door 7 to go back upstairs.

    7. Take the door to go back to the previous level

    Rythm puzzle

    This puzzle is like a rhythm game, you have to let through nodes inside their corresponding slot. You can recognize a node from its symbol or color, then open its gate. For example the red node must go on the red slot at the bottom. You can only open one gate at a time so alternate quickly between gates until the end of the game. Moreover, you have three chances in case you make mistakes.

    Back to the musem

    1. Now drones are waiting for you in this level. Open the door and kill the drones coming at you.
    2. Run to 2 and change to next level.

    The docks

    1. First, you have to pick up the key of the cranes in the harbor master so you can move the containers.
    2. Then move the first container so it can create a bridge that you can walk on.
    3. Cross the bridge and go to point 4.
    4. Interact with the switch to open the door, it gives you a passage between the two parts of the docks so you won’t have to take the bridge anymore.
    5. Move the first container back to its initial position.
    6. Go to the second crane by using the new passage, and move its container down.
    7. Cross the bridge made of the two containers and interact with the switch to put back the power in the third crane (8).
    8. Go to the third crane and move up the containers.
    9. Move the container on the conveyor belt so it’s under the left container of the third crane.
    10. Interact with the third crane again so the container on the left gets stuck above the container on the conveyor belt.
    11. Since the container on the right is down but you can go under the left one, you can now access the switch in 11. Interact with it to open the door then move toward 12.
    12. Once you’re here, you’ll have to fight a boss then the level will be over.

    Sedna Labs


    1. When you arrive you’re directly attacked, kill the guards then go to 1 to trigger the button.
    2. After the cutscene, reach 2, the end of the level, you will be told that you’re missing a fingerprint.
    3. Go back to 3 and enter the little building. Then refer to Sedna Labs 02.
    4. Once you’ve gained the fingerprint, go back to 4 and open the door to the next level.

    Lab 01

    1. Go to the deadman at 1, loot him and you’ll get his finger. With that you can now open the door in Sedna Labs 01.
    2. Go back outside then refer to Sedna Labs 02.

    Lab 02

    1. This level don’t have any enemies, but you can search the level to find some ammunitions, medkits, totem and document. Then go to the door in 1 and you’ll change level.

    Lab 03

    1. Make your way to reach 1, kill all the enemies so you can open the door.
    2. Then, go to 2, there you can read a document that will give you the code of 3 (2841).
    3. Now that you have the code, go to 3 and use the code you just found to access the room.
    4. Do the fuse puzzle, it will open the door to the remaining part of the level.
    5. Now go to the control room, and activate the console, it will open a door to the exterior.
    6. Cross the exterior and go in the closed room, pick up the key in 6.
    7. You have the key that opens the last doors, you can go out by the door in 7 now.
    8. The key opens the door in 8 too, now you just have to reach the end of the level in 9.
    9. Kill the last enemies and reach 9, it will automatically trigger a cutscene.


    You have to find the code of this door to move forward. The code is actually written in a document hidden somewhere in the level. This document is in the room on the left side of the closed door.

    The solution: 2841


    In this puzzle you have to put every fuse inside the green line. You can control the grey fuses, but not the one on the right side. This one will only move when you move, such as the red fuses that will advance with you. If your grey fuse hits a red one, it’s a game over.

    The solution:

    Lab 04

    1. Advance through the level until you come to a big door at 1. Kill the enemies next to it so you can open it, then go inside the room.
    2. Here you’ll be confronted with a Boss, kill her and her guards. When it’s done, you have access to 3.
    3. Go to the last room and do the power redirection puzzle. When you succeed, it will trigger a cutscene, watch it and it will change level.

    Power redirection

    In this puzzle you have to balance the energy on both sides. When you click on an arrow it will switch the position of the lightnings. You have to find the right balance.

    The solution:

    Lab 06

    1. This level has a lot of enemies, so fight your way to point 1. There, you’ll find a button that activates the lift.
    2. Take the lift to access the bottom part of the level and go to 3.
    3. Take the second lift, once you’ve interacted with it, it will trigger the end of level cutscene.

    The Tanker

    Upper deck

    1. This level is pretty straightforward, just fight your way through until you reach the end of the Tanker. Note that you can actually do all the level without being detected, it’s even a trophy, so either chose to be aggressive or to stay discreet.


    1. No enemies in this level, take time to search it for medkit, ammunition, totem and document. Then take the door at 1 to change level.

    Lower deck

    1. Interact with the first switch to make the level of water go down.
    2. Then interact with the switch at 2 to unlock the first door.
    3. Interact with the door so it opens then go to 4.
    4. Make the level of water go up so you can advance on the floating platforms.
    5. Once you’ve reached 5, interact with the switch to make the water go down.
    6. Interact with the switch that unlocks the door at 7. To go back to 7, just do the the opposite thing to return: interact with 5, cross the platform, interact with 4 then go to 7.
    7. Interact with the door so it opens then move forward. You’ll have to beat an Akhlut. When you have, go to 8.
    8. Interact with the switch so the water goes up in the previous tank. Take the bridge platform which is created behind you to move to 9.
    9. Interact with the switch to make the water go up, and cross the platform.
    10. Interact with the switch to unlock the last door.
    11. Then go back to 11 to switch the water from one tank to the other and go to 12.
    12. Interact with the door and it will trigger a boss fight.
    13. Once you beat the boss, you have to loot a key on it, then you can leave.


    1. First, switch the light on, you’ll find the button at your left in 1.
    2. Now, search the drawer to find a fork.
    3. With the fork, interact with the base of the chain on the wall that cuffs Glas’s foot.
    4. Now that you’re free to move around, go search the drawer at 4 to find an empty tin can.
    5. Fill up the tin can with water then go to the wooden box at 6.
    6. Fill up the box with water to grab the key that was hidden out of your reach in it.
    7. With that key, you can open the closet at 7. Once it’s opened, you’ll have to find the code of the alcohol cupboard in it. The code is 1804. Once it’s opened, you can grab a bottle.
    8. You need to break the bottle to retrieve a shard of glass, but you can’t make too much noise. Thus, you have to break it only at 8, on the sheets. When it’s done, pick up the shard.
    9. Go to 9, there you can see your reflection so Glas can crack open his handcuffs. Once you made an opening in the handcuffs, you can hack it to remove them. Do the puzzle, when it’s done, it will trigger the end of level cutscene.


    To find the code you have to look at two elements. The first one is the panel under the digicode. You can read “Sedna IV”, under the S you can see a small arrow. If you look around you’ll find a poster of a compass. Under the S of the south, there is the same arrow on Sedna.

    Then you can deduce the number you’re searching for is 180, the south direction. But you need to enter 4 numbers. If you look at the panel, you’ll see the “IV” behind Sedna. If you add 180 and then the 4, you’ll have the code.

    The solution: 1804

    Hacking handcuffs

    The objective of this puzzle is for you to connect the lines on the buttons with the core in the middle. All the lines must be linked to the core in order to succeed. But whenever you move a button, another button also moves.

    With this system, you can see that if you move a button by clicking directly on it it will turn the button to the right, but if you want to turn that same button to the left, you have to make it move by using another button linked to it. Moreover, you must not link a button at the same time to the core and a black button, as it would trigger an alarm and you will lose.

    The solution:

    Oil rig

    Level 1

    1. Advance through the level and take the stairs at the left to access the upper part of the level. At the right end of the level, you’ll find a switch that puts down a footbridge.
    2. Go back down, and trigger the other switch that give you access to the bottom right side of the level.
    3. Since you activated the footbridge, you can cross it and go to the door in 3. Once you’ve interacted with it, you’ll go to the next level.

    Level 2

    1. Go to the end of the level, there you’ll see that you need to activate the lift. In order to do so, kill the guards and retrieve a key on the body of an enemy.
    2. Go back to the room you walked by and open the door at 2 with the key.
    3. Then, interact with the console to activate the lift. It works, but it also spawns Tupilaqs, inuit creatures.
    4. Kill them all and take the lift to the next level.

    Level 3

    1. Make sure to pick up the medkits before going to 1, you’ll probably need it. When you’re in room 1, you’ll find yourself in front of Atiqtalik in her bear form. Defeat her. When it’s done, you’ll have a cutscene followed by another fight.
    2. Now you have to defeat Atiqtalik in her reindeer form. At the end of the fight, make sure to destroy her barrier before she regenerates too much. When it’s done, finish her and watch the end of level cutscene.

    Spirit World


    1. Follow the blood trails that appear when you advance, and eliminate the zombies in the three arenas to reach the end of the level (1). Once you’ve reached the last arena, you will have a fight against zombies that keep coming back to life. To kill them you have to actually destroy the tombstones with Glas’s grenades. If you don’t have grenades anymore, kill the other zombies that spawn, they are regular zombies that drop grenades.
    2. Once you’ve destroyed the tombstones and killed the remaining zombies, go to 2, it will trigger a cutscene.


    1. The level is duplicated in three versions, you begin in the middle one.
    2. Take the first geyser to go on the upper version of the level.
    3. Reach the end of the level and interact with the door icon, just like you were going through a door. It will teleport you at the beginning of the lower level.
    4. Advance through the level, be careful to not take any geyser or else you will have to restart from 2. Interact with the switch. It opens the door of the middle level.
    5. Take a geyser just next to the switch so you arrive in the middle level, just in front of the door you just opened.
    6. Advance through the level and take the geyser of the little path at the left to go to the upper level.
    7. Then, continue the path and use the door to teleport on the lower level.
    8. Go back down to reach the second switch and activate it. It opens the two remaining doors.
    9. Go back to a previous geyser, take two of them to reach the upper level.
    10. Go to the beginning of the level and take the door to teleport to the end of the lower level.
    11. Take the geyser to reach the middle level.
    12. Now you can go to the arena zone and fight the boss.


    1. In the first situation, you just have to avoid Rain, be careful to not enter her field of view.
    2. Just like before, avoid Rain and go through the doors that open and close.
    3. In the third situation, you have to walk without seeing the path. You walk in the void, and you have to actually look to your left to see the reflection of the path. Use the reflection as a mirror to see where you can walk. Then continue to the point 4.
    4. Here you just have to hide from Rain behind the blocks, then run to 5.
    5. You have to choose between the left path or the right one. When you arrive at the end of the path, you see Rain walking toward you, stay hidden behind a block until the cutscene launches.


    Very bad ending

    Don't make any choice.

    Bad ending

    Choose Glas and fight Sedna.

    Good ending

    Choose Hana and fight Atiqtalik.


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