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F.E.A.R truly instills fear

When I bought this game I was sure that I would be able to play this on all high graphics. Well it did.....kind of. When I went to check the FPS I averaged 32 FPS. This was not good for me and I could tell that it would chug in huge action sequences. So you can see the only downfall I have with this game is that it is a resource hog and you need a good computer for it. Now for the real review.

First thing you notice when you load the first level is that this game has a very good storyline. The voice acting and cut scenes in this game are phenomenal. You will notice high character res, and the voices are done by the low people in Hollywood the way Half-life 2 actors are. So obviously with the cut scenes and voice overs I have made my point. Which these renditions add more to the immersive value of the game.

Graphics while a resource hog you will notice are great anyways. With shadows on the enemy will see your shadow they will react and get to cover and prepare for the fire fight. I digressed from the point of this paragraph. This game seems to always take place at dusk or in the middle of night, which adds to the immersion of this creepy game. When something blows up and a fire erupts it looks like a fire erupts. Water reflects the way it would if you were at a pool and light was bouncing off of it. It is hard to describe graphics for a very exceptional game, basically it is very good, and brick walls look like real brick. Guns look very nice, not sure if sounds are authentic but that’s soon be talked about. Basically graphics wise you will not be disappointed with this game unless you have to run it on low graphics.

Sounds in the game are nice, in between fire fights there is creepy music and whispering from the little girl and Fettle. More on them later. You will hear your footsteps change with the change in ground from concrete to water it all changes. The only things I wonder about is are the gun sounds authentic. It makes me worry if they invented those sounds or if they are real. Otherwise the guns have their nice sounds which will vibrate off the walls. The sounds in this game if turned all the way up and you have all your lights out and you are alone in a room will send you for a shiver hear and there. Just remembering creepy little girls and men possessed by those girls whispering is always creepy.

For once I can talk about a storyline in a game. I won't give a way much though. All you need to know is this game is Half-Life 2 meets The Ring. You are a soldier with an unknown name working for FEAR. Uprisings of super human clone soldiers have been taken under control by Fettle. Alma is the little girl of Mr. Wade you will find more on that later, if you play the game. Alma can rip through anyone just by being near them so tread softly and quietly.

Multiplayer for this game isn't that impressive though. Sure it’s fast paced, you can use slow mo. it has really cool maps. Still not worth playing. Stick to your favorite multiplayer game for now.

This game holds lots of surprises from aspirations of Fettle and Alma in the weirdest and creepiest places. To delusions and quick glances at what’s to come before you see it. We finally have a game that can scare people. If you love first person shooters, creepy actions and finally a good story line pick this game up. A must have for Pc Gamers.

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