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    Felicia is a Catwoman who originally featured in Capcom's Darkstalkers games. Outside of the Darkstalkers universe she has been featured in many Capcom spinoffs, such as Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo.

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    Felicia was born in Las Vegas, Nevada in the US and was raised by a Catholic nun named Rose. When Rose passed away, Felicia left her home town in order to pursue her dream of becoming a world-famous star. Throughout her travels, she faced many hardships as a result of being a catwoman who, like the various other types of Darkstalkers, were widely feared and despised by regular humans.

    Luckily, she also met many other catwomen who aided her in her efforts to become a star. Eventually, Felicia and her catwoman friends started a musical production with Felicia featuring in the main role. Throughout Darkstalkers 3 Felicia attempted to find ways to bring happiness to others and eventually became a nun herself, founding an orphanage named Felicity House.

    She posses a very innocent, but also a very cat-like, playful personality. In addition to singing and dancing she also has an innate fondness for other felines and dislikes unfriendly or harsh individuals. When she fights, she only injures an opponent as much as she has to in order to win


    Felicia is extremely physically fit. Similar to other cats, she posses strong feline instincts as well as great agility resulting in most of her abilities being acrobatic in nature. Such abilities including being able to roll into a ball and tackle enemies as well as cover large distances with ease. She also appears to have a very strong tail that can support her full body weight. Like all catwomen in the Darkstalkers universe, Felicia also possesses some supernatural powers too, including the ability to transform into a cat.


    Felicia is a popular rushdown character. Although she tends to have lower health than most other characters in this category, she makes up for it by being extremely fast and able to pull off quick, punishing combos.

    She has generally been considered a mid-tier character, but has consistently remained a fan favorite both in and out of the game.

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    In the Darkstalkers games, when she is hit by Anakaris' Pharaoh's Curse, she is transformed into a small white cat that walks on it's hind legs (something she can technically do anyway). When attacked by Demitri's Midnight Bliss, her personality remains mostly the same, but she physically turns into her own image of success. She dawns a revealing white dress and strikes a "sexy" pose, both of which together can be seen as a tribute to Marilyn Monroe.

    Seth Killian called her MvC3 incarnation 'the strongest she's ever been' and her UMvC3 is considered even better though many long time fans still enjoy the way she plays in Darkstalkers 3.

    In Cross Edge, Felicia is generally considered one of the best characters to have in your party thanks to her fast, powerful attacks, and long, damaging combos.

    The Catwomen Race

    Catwomen are born the same just as any other human child.However, around the ages of 4-6, they start to grow body hair, cat ears, paws and tails (though fur patterns and colors may vary just like average cats). They also gain the ability to transform into regular cats, but some retain features from their catwoman form. In Felicia's case, when she transforms into a cat, she is often shown with a small patch of blue hair. Their sense of smell is several thousand times that of a human. They use this sense of smell to find other Catwomen. Like many of the other Darkstalkers, they also dislike sunlight and usually act at night.

    There are no men in the Catwomen race. They reproduce by mating with males of other species, and the offspring is always female. This is somewhat similar to the way the Asari, from Mass Effect, reproduce.

    Felicia's Friends

    Players are able to perform certain special moves that summons several other Cat-women to Felicia's aid. Each catwoman is part of certain attacks, with multiple catwomen being part of one attack. The appearance of each catwoman is not random either as the same attack will call the same companion. The specials that call forth companions are "Kitty's Helper," "Please Help Me!," and "Dark Force." Dark Force is only available in Vampire Savior/Hunter 2. They are not named in the game at all, but they each have been given unique origins and names.

    Alto: A child with a ribbon. She is 10 years old. It's unknown where she was born. She was kept as rare pet by a rich man but escaped. She lived in the mountains like a wild beast, but was saved by Grace. She is very shy and afraid of strangers. She was named Alto by Grace, possibly because of her voice type.

    Grace: The big one with a pony-tail. She is 24 years old. Born in Utah, she is the guardian of Alto. She has the best skills in turning into humans and can stay in that form the longest. She is like a mother to Alto and likes to take care of others.

    Lucy: The big one with a bandanna. She is 18 years old. Born in Virginia, she used to work under a circus. When one of her few understanding human friends died of a sickness, she left the circus. While she was wandering, she met Felicia. She's very cynical and likes to make cynical remarks. She is the strongest out of the group.

    Nana and Mimi: Children with ribbons on. They are 11 years old. Born in Hong Kong and raised in Saitama, Japan. They were taken to Japan where they snuck into a trade ship. They were found and raised by an understanding old couple. Both are very easy going.

    Nonno: Also called Tama, she is friends with Nana. They became friends in the mountains behind their house. Her age and background isn't clear, but she likes to hide in balls and play.

    Pico: A child with braided hair. She is 7 years old, born in Minnesota, America. She used to live in an orphanage, but after she saw Felicia's stage show, she left her orphanage to seek Felicia. She found out she was a Catwoman after she met Felicia. She is full of curiosity and fears nothing.

    Age & Appearance

    Although she appears to be somewhere in her 20s, she is technically quite old in terms of human years. In cat years, she's apparently somewhere around 3-7.

    The only instance in which her age is explicitly stated is in Cross Edge where she is listed as being 15. However, this game is not canon and she was most likely given that age because most of the cast are also teenagers.

    Due to her appearance, most people disregard her "real" age and resign to the idea that she's a woman somewhere in her twenties.


    In the OAV (original animated video), Felicia has achieved a respectable level of success and now has her own traveling show. However, her tour is interrupted early on when she is unable to focus when she senses a terrible threat approaching the town. She meets Lord Raptor, but is attacked shortly after a group of anti-darkstalkers. The two appear outmatched until Lord Raptor unleashes his power and kills the attackers.

    As Pyron begins his plans for wold domination, Felicia single-handedly attacks his Huitzil army to protect the city. She is able to destroy a few before being overwhelmed and saved shortly after by Jon Talbain. She is taken in by a human doctor and befriends the local children, only to be captured by a human, anti-Darkstalkers paramilitary group after she is falsely accused of attacking the city..

    She is freed by the Doctor and with her faith in humanity restored once more she attempts to lure the army out of town by baiting them with a train full of explosives ultimately killing them and her in the process. However, Talbain meets up with her once again and suggests a plan that doesn't involve her throwing her life away. The plan is successful and the two Darkstalkers, as well as the city, are saved from harm.

    A major difference between this Felicia and the one present in the video game series is that there is no mention of her origin and, while it is assumed she's Catholic in the game, during her discussion with Lord Raptor in the anime, she appears to be indifferent when it comes to religion.

    She is voiced by Janyse Jaud.


    Felicia appears as a major character in the UDON Comics version of Darkstalkers. In it, she is pursuing her dreams of fame, but the fact she's a catwoman still proves to be hindrance to her success. After she is fired by the owner of theater and her agent suggests she quit acting, she runs into Talbain, who she has never met at this point and is unaware he is a Darkstalker as well. After a small argument that results in Felicia angering Talbain due to her love of humans (and Darkstalkers), he leaves.

    Shortly after, Felicia is shown at an audition. Things seem to be going well until the audition is interrupted by an out-of-control Talbain, now in werewolf form, and the men chasing him. Felicia, still unaware of who the werewolf is at this point, chases off the men, but Jon turns on her claiming she's no better than the humans that hate Darkstalkers. After a small bout, Talbain is defeated, but due to the damages sustained to the theater during the fight, Felicia is kicked out of the audition.

    Later, Talbain is brought back to her apartment where Felicia bandages him up and heads off to bed. The next morning, she awakes to find Jon, now back in his human form, and she realizes he was the man she had the argument with before. They talk and during the discussion, Jon revelas his past and Felicia comes to understand him more. After it's known he has no where to go, she suggests that he tag along so he can keep her company on her long trips and also so she can prove not all humans are as bad as he claims. He agrees, but then, jokingly, says he might have reconsider if she's always so happy and bubbly.

    After they sneak aboard a train, they arrive back at Felicia's home town in Kansas. There, at the orphanage, she is reunited with the other orphans and the nun, Sister Cecilia, who took care of her. Talbain is also welcomed into the home though Sister Cecilia, thinking he and Felicia might be more than friends, jokingly demands he sleeps in a separate room.

    Later than night, something startles Talbain and he jumps out of bed immediately transforming into a werewolf only to find a small boy getting up out of the bed above him to get a drink of water. Shockingly, Jon finds the boy is excited to see his as a werewolf, which is a stark contrast to the fear most people seem to feel when they see him that way. Jon turns to find Felicia peeking into the room and she replies with, "See Jon. Humans aren't as hopeless as you thought they were, are they?"

    The events of the comic are different than that of both the video games and anime, but there are some similarities. She has the same personality, she's still an orphan, and she still wants to become a celebrity. While there are many differences between the comic and official canon, the only important ones to take away are that, officially, she was taken care a nun named Rose, not Cecilia, and she was born in Las Vegas, not Kansas like the comic implies. And although the comic does imply she was born in Kansas, Felicia is shown holding a picture of Las Vegas. Whether that means that's where she was really born, that's where her dreams want to take her, or it's just a simple nod to video game origins is never explained as the comic series was never continued after it's sixth issue.

    In the Chinese manhwa, Felicia is part of a triangle between Demitri and Talbain. During the events of the series, Felicia helps Jon escape from a group of soldiers after he is falsely accused of a werewolf attack he did not know of and had no part in. Some time after, she is captured and forced to work in a circus until she is rescued by Demitri. Later, Felicia meets up both Demitri and Talbain after Pyron begins his plans to take over the world. The two temporarily set aside their differences in order to work together.

    Win Quotes


    • "I hope I've show you how to treat a lady. Next time I'll have to get rough."

    Night Warriors

    • "You're not good enough to be my scratching post!" (with high remaining health)
    • "Not bad mouse. Next time I might have to make an effort!" (with low remaining health)
    • "You're lost to the rest, now you've lost to the best!" (with medium remaining health)
    • "A cheap copy, and I do mean cheap, is no match for me!" (vs. herself)

    Vampire Savior

    • "Don't exaggerate it! It is just a scratch!"
    • "Fighting is like dancing, you just need a sense of rhythm."
    • "Huh huh, enough with those old patterns already!"
    • "I hope you can find something worth devoting your life too."
    • "I make it a rule to be cheerful all the time!"
    • "If you are so insecure, you'll never become a star like me!"
    • "I'm quick right? It's got to be the shoes!"
    • "I'm sorry but... I would have lost if I didn't try."
    • "It's wonderful to be alive! Don't you think? Oh well...'
    • "Let's play it fair next time! Not!"
    • "My tail was the key to victory!"
    • "Never give up your dream! Don't be afraid to fail!"
    • "Puzzle Fighter, Nightwarriors, and Darkstalkers, I do it all!"
    • "The audience was watching, I had to hurt you."
    • "Violence doesn't solve things, but it sure feels good!"
    • "You can't ignore your lessons even after you become a star."

    Pocket Fighter

    • "Don't scratch my face! Stars always need to look their best!"
    • "Hey, that's so mean, stepping on my tail as a revenge!"
    • "Maybe if I perform as well as I fight, I'll be even more famous!"
    • "My ferocity is no act, but your applause is most welcome! Meow!"

    SNK vs. Capcom

    • "How strange... When did I win?"
    • "This battling's murder on my fur!"
    • "Were you first in the ugly line?"
    • "You gotta loosen up and enjoy it!"
    • "You talk funny. Stop it, okay?" (vs. Akari)

    Capcom Fighting Evolution

    • "Are you OK? You barely moved during the fight..."
    • "Dance! C'mon! Move your feet!"
    • "I don't care how seriously you take fighting... You've gotta smile!"
    • "I like it when my opponents smile, but I could tell you were faking yours."
    • "Throw me that ball of yarn! What? You mean you aren't gonna play with me?"
    • "Time for a catnap! Not that you tuckered me out or anything."
    • "What a relief! Winning is so much fun!"
    • "You don't look so good. Maybe you should go home and get some rest."
    • "If I remember correctly, you're a... great dragon, right? If so, how many thousands of years have you lived?" (vs. Hauzer)

    Marvel vs. Capcom 3

    • "I didn't want to fight, but you're the one who made me get all scratchy."
    • "I'm Felicia, the most dancingest, singingest woman you'll ever meet!"
    • "Singing, dancing, kicking your rear end: I have all the traits of a superstar!"
    • "Wanted to do a show on Broadway about cats... but somebody beat me to it."
    • "Whenever I'm down, I just sing and dance my woes away!"
    • "Whew, I won by a whisker!"
    • "Let's play together again, puppy!" (vs. Amaterasu)
    • "Sorry if I got a little carried away there. It's the whole cats and dogs thing, ya know?" (vs. Amaterasu)
    • "For the last time, I don't care how much catnip you have. I'm not getting into the car with you!" (vs. Deadpool)
    • "It's been a long time, hasn't it? I hope you and Jessica can make my next show in Metro City!" (vs. Haggar)
    • "You should know that stealing is wrong! If my mother were here, she'd really punish you and good!" (vs. Tron)

    Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

    • "I don't know if I have nine lives or not... And honestly, I don't want to chance it finding out!"
    • "I'm not a demon, I'm a Catwoman! We're people, too, you know!" (vs. Dr. Strange)
    • "Would you mind taking my headshots? I'm thinking of branching out from musicals to film." (vs. Frank West)


    • In all of her video game appearances Felicia is voiced by Kae Araki except for MvC3 where she is voiced by Kana Asumi.
    • In English, she is voiced by Melissa Fahn in Cross Edge and G.K. Bowes in MvC3.
    • Felicia is 168 cm tall and weighs 58 kg. Her bust, waist and hip measurements are 88 cm, 61 cm, 87 cm. Officially, she has the largest bust and widest hips of any female Darkstalkers character (and even edges out SNK's infamous Mai Shiranui), but most artwork often depicts her as having much smaller features than most female fighters, especially Morrigan.
    • Although people constantly comment on her 'outfit,' it should be noted that she technically wears no clothes at all and is therefore naked. She does wear actual clothes from time to time though.
    • When work first started on the series, Felicia was intended to be the "sexy" girl of the series while Morrigan was intended to be the "cute" girl. Early on in their designs however, their general concepts were reversed with Felicia now taking the part of the cute one while Morrigan became the sexy one.
    • The first few drafts of her character depicted her as a wereleopard or werepanther. Those designs were scrapped in favor of the one we see today.
    • Felicia's birth year of 1967 may be a reference to the poem 'Curse of the Catwoman' by Edward Field which was written circa 1967.
    • The name "Felicia" is the feminine form of the name Felix, part of the Latin name for common cats. Felix translates into "happy" while felicia, the plural form, translate literally into "happy things."
    • She was the first female to fight barefoot in any fighting game.
    • In Street Fighter Alpha 2, she can be seen in the pool in the background of Ken Masters' stage.
    • Other than Morrigan, she has the most appearances outside of the Darkstalkers series.
    • She can be seen referencing Blanka in one of her Darkstalkers endings.
    • Her win quote against Frank West in UMvC3 is a reference to her storyline in Pocket Fighter where her goal was to find Ken Masters in order to evolve her career from musicals to films.
    • One of her DLC costumes in UMvC3 gives her the same color scheme as Yellow Iris, another catwoman, from a Capcom beat-em-up game, Battle Circuit.
    • Although she is not the main character of the series, she is arguably the most popular which has been proven by her consistently high rankings in many related lists around the internet. She was ranked fifth in GameDaily's list of their favorite Capcom character, first as their favorite female Darkstalker, third on their list of "Hottest Game Babes," and also noted as one of their favorite American female characters in any fighting game. She has also been featured heavily in Play's "Girls of Anime" and "Girls of Gaming Series."
    • Other than Morrigan, she was the only fighter who had their entire body hidden in her character portrait on the U.S. MvC3 website. This is most likely due to the revealing nature of her body and it may have forced Capcom to adhere to the censorship standards (a clear example of this is Morrigan's more modest outfit in the U,S, version compared to that in the Japanese version). In the intro to the game, most of her body is cleverly censored because she is riding on Mike Haggar's back and is therefore mostly covered up.
    • Despite her feline nature, she seems to also have a fondness for canines, as shown in her intro with Amaterasu in MvC3.
    • In Namco X Capcom, Felicia is teamed up with King II from the Tekken series. This is the only team in the entire game to contain both a Capcom and Namco character. A running joke through the game is Felicia claiming King is a wereleopard despite his attempts to convince her he is just a man wearing a mask.

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