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    Felwithe is a city within a castle in the forests of Faydwer. It is the starting for all High Elves in EverQuest.

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    Keepers of the Art
    Keepers of the Art

    Felwithe is the home of Norrath's Koada'Dal, the high elves. The castle is a beauty to behold with its checkered marble floors, lush trees, silk tapestries, and sparkling water that flows through the heart of the city. The paladins and clerics are the pride of the hamlet due to their devotion to Tunare, the Mother of All. The city is named for Alissa Felwithe who led the elves from the devastatoin they suffered at the hands of Solusek Ro. The dwarves of Kaladim immediately formed an alliance with their new neighbors, helping construct the beautiful castle with their decades of masonry. Many shops are scattered throughout the city, many of which are run by heroes of old. Taverns are just as popular as in other cities, except here adventurers will find mostly wine instead of beer and ale. The city is governed by King Tearis Thex.

    South Felwithe is where the casters of the Koada'Dal learn their craft. Upon entering this part of the city, there is a shop selling robes, staves, and other equipment for the city's spellcasting population. Then there is a small marble building magically rests above a pond here in the southern half of the city. This building is the gateway to the Keepers of the Art, the magical academy. A stairway leads to the building where, inside, three glowing platform can be found. Each platform represents a house of magic and by stepping upon the selected platform, an adventurer will be teleported to the respective guildhouse on the otherwise unreachable opposite side of the pond. Inside each guild hall are countless tomes chronicling the elves' history. The greatness of the city of Takish'Hiz will not be forgotten by the elves of Faydwer.

    Neighboring Zones

    Starting City


    High Elves
    High Elves
    • Anti-Mage
    • Clerics of Tunare
    • Faydarks Champions
    • Keepers of the Art
    • King Tearis Thex
    • Merchants of Felwithe
    • Servants of Tunare
    • Tunarean Court

    Guild Halls

    Guild NameClassesGuildmasterChurch
    The Amethyst PalaceWizardsTarker Blazetoss
    Cathedral of FortitudePaladinsTynkaleTunare
    Chapel of TunareClericsYeolarn BronzeleafTunare
    The Jade PalaceEnchantersKinool Goldsinger
    The Ruby PalaceMagiciansNiola Impholder

    Commerce & Crafting

    Shop NameGoods SoldCrafting SuppliesCrafting Kiosks
    Bait & TackleFishing
    Beyond FaydarkFood, Water, General Supplies
    Emerald ArmorPlate Armor, Chain Armor, Weapons, ShieldsSmithingKoada'Dal Forge
    Faydark's BaneSlashing Weapons, Leather ArmorFletching, Tailoring, SmithingPottery Wheel, Kiln
    Felwithe Fish HouseFood, Water, AlcoholJewelryOven
    Felwithe KeeperBank
    Keepers ArchiveCloth Armor, PotionsTailoring, Jewelry, AlchemyLoom
    Shop of All HolosFood, Water, General Supplies, Cloth Armor, BootsBaking, Smithing, Jewelry, Pottery
    Tovanik's VenomAlcoholBrew Barrel
    Traveller's Home InnGeneral Supplies


    Notable NPCs

    Cathedral of Fortitude
    Cathedral of Fortitude

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