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Located just north of Ashenvale, east of Darkshore, and west of Hyjal and Winterspring, Felwood is a lvl 48-55 contested zone in the continent of Kalimdor.Due to the state of Felwood, there are no villages or cities, and the easiest way to get there is:
  • Alliance: From Astranaar in Ashenvale, head east to the point where the road branches to the north. Take the north fork into Felwood. Along the road, the Cenarion Circle have set up a camp with a flight path available.
  • Horde:From Splintertree Post in Ashenvale, head west to the point where the road branches to the north. Take the north fork intoFelwood. Along the road, the Cenarion Circle have set up a camp with a flight path available.
Even though there are no cities, there are flight hubs:

  • Alliance: Talonbranch Glade
  • Horde: Bloodvenom Post


Bloodvenom Falls

A corrupted waterfall high in Felwood. It is the source of the Bloodvenom River. The corruption of the Falls is carried beyond Felwood, as the Bloodvenom River cascades down the mountains to become the tainted Wildbend River in Darkshore.On the eastern side of Felwood, near the center, is a waterfall of sludge that feeds all the rivers and other bodies of corrupted water in the area.Once a shimmering waterfall fed by pure springs, these falls now spew putrid water. Venomous poisons pump out of a cursed earth, spilling over a rocky edge into a pool of sinister jade. The night elves claim that drinking the waters will kill you, and being doused by the waters burns like acid - if one is lucky, that is. Rumors suggest that the vile water twists those it touches, birthing evil creatures to wreak havoc upon the countryside.This is where the demons go to make sure the water stays polluted. Oozes and slimes are found here, no matter how many are destroyed, there seems to be dozens more. There are also “elementals” formed from the sludge — disgusting monstrosities, their numbers are endless. They appear to be corrupted water elementals. This is not a good spot for a picnic.

Bloodvenom Post

A tiny Horde outpost in Felwood near the Bloodvenom River. It sits on the high cliffs overlooking Darkshore and consists of only a single hut (an inn) with a mailbox, a wind rider master, a few guards, and several NPC-s. It seems to have been founded by the Tauren due to the architecture and the Tauren guards.
Felwood Map
Felwood Map

The Bloodvenom River

Corrupted river in central Felwood. The river spreads its corruption beyond Felwood, eventually becoming the Wildbend River in Darkshore. The banks of the Bloodvenom are crawling with noxious oozes and other corrupted wildlife. Swimming is not recommended.

Deadwood Village

Village of the Deadwood tribe of corrupted furbolgs in southern Felwood. The Deadwood furbolgs, like most of their kin, are corrupted and hostile. Killing the Deadwoods is a good way to gain reputation with the furbolgs of Timbermaw Hold.

Emerald Sanctuary

A camp of the Emerald Circle in southeastern Felwood. A large amount of druids are stationed here, and they offer many quests to adventurers about investigating demonic corruption and snuffing it out.

Felpaw Village

An encampment that lies in the very north of Felwood near the entrance of Timbermaw Hold. The encampment belongs to the Deadwood tribe of corrupted furbolgs. Killing the Deadwoods is a good way to gain reputation with Timbermaw Hold.

Irontree Cavern

A deep cave inhabited by Corrupted Warpwood Flayers and Warpwood Moss Flayers.

Irontree Woods

Once a peaceful forest glade, it has been corrupted like the rest of Felwood by the demonic presence of the Burning Legion. Three Ancients (Hastat, Stoma and Vartrus), the great living trees of the night elves, have been petrified and remain permanently entombed within the Irontree Woods. Crazed treants, twisted bog beasts, ferocious wildlife, and corrupted water elementals also roam the woods, attacking any who venture near.

Jadefire Glen

An encampment of demonic satyr in southern Felwood. Many of the quests in Felwood involve killing the satyr here and scattered throughout the rest of the corrupted woods.

Jadefire Run

A satyr encampment in northern Felwood. The most powerful satyr in Felwood make their home in Jadefire Run, so exercise caution when adventuring in the area.


Enclave of the Shadow Council in Felwood. The mortal of highest rank at the site is the orc warlock Fel'dan. Jaedenar is named after the Eredar warlock Kil'jaeden.Together with Gul'dan, he originally founded the Shadow Council on Draenor. A Nathrezim named Lord Banehollow also exists at the back of Jaedenar and may be the overseer of the hold.The Shadow Council and its warlock agents took up residence in a series of ancient night elf ruins somewhere within Felwood, though no habitable villages were found in the cursed region at the time. They have named this place Jaedenar, after the great demon Kil’jaeden. The Shadow Council purportedly seeks to spread the region’s corruption and evil to the rest of Ashenvale Forest, thereby finishing the legion's dire plans for Kalimdor's destruction.It was once a druidic barrow den, but members of the Shadow Council overtook it. Under Kil’jaedan’s hand, the orc warlock Gul’dan founded the Shadow Council to spread dark magic among the orcs. The warlocks murdered the druids sleeping here and renamed the site in honor of Kil’jaedan. Fel’dan, the current leader of the Shadow Council, plans with the dreadlord Banehollow within Shadow Hold, which was once the largest of the barrow dens. Archimonde appointed Banehollow during the Third War and tasked him with the cultivation of a network of fanatical spies who would infiltrate and corrupt the lands of mortals. The majority of the residents here are satyrs, but there are a number of other demons and corrupted mortals residing in the walls of Jaedenar as well.The central focus of Jaedenar is the corrupted barrow den of Shadow Hold.


Once a great night elf settlement, long before the Great Sundering. It is located at the southern edge of Felwood. There are similar ruins located nearby, at Ameth'Aran and Bashal'Aran in Darkshore, Ordil'Aran in Ashenvale, and Tethris'Aran in Desolace. Once thriving cities, now these ruins only serve as a reminder of the golden age that was lost long ago.

The Ruins of Constellas

is an area of Felwood. Xavathras, and his group of Jadefire satyr, inhabit the area. Judging by the remnants of the architecture, and the existence of a moonwell, it used to be one of the many night elven settlements near Mount Hyjal. This settlement was presumably destroyed in the Great Sundering. The moonwell has since become corrupted with Fel energy, and is being cultivated by Xavathras on behalf of Xavaric.

Shadow Hold

Located in western Felwood,  it is the main dwelling of the Shadow Council. It is a gigantic subterranean labyrinth roamed by Jaedenar warlocks and their demonic pets.
Night elf Arko'narin is being held captive inside as well as her close friend, a human by the name of Trey Lightforge, who later turns out to have been tortured to death.

Shatter Scar Vale

Lies north of the Bloodvenom Falls in Felwood. Shatter Scar Vale is where many of the demonic infernals fell to Azeroth during the invasion of the Burning Legion during the Third War. Stillsmoldering craters dot the vale, and demons still wander the scarred landscape.

Shrine of the Deceiver

A corrupted barrow den located at Jaedenar in Felwood. It is named for the Burning Legion's lord - Kil'jaeden the Deceiver. The shrine is filled with warlocks of the Shadow Council and is a dangerous place to enter for the unprepared.

Talonbranch Glade

A modest Alliance outpost located in the far northern parts of Felwood. It is populated by a handful of night elves, and is not a place where players stay longer than needed. Talonbranch Glade is located a bit south of Timbermaw Hold, which leads to Moonglade and Winterspring. The glade can be used as base camp while questing and improving your reputation with the Timbermaw Furbolg faction that is needed to safely enter their tunnel.

Timbermaw Hold

The tunnel that connects Felwood with Moonglade and Winterspring is also part of the Timbermaw Hold. It is inhabited by Timbermaw Furbolg. Only if someone proves themselves by driving back the corrupted Deadwood and Winterfall tribes, may they one day consider them as an ally. And only such allies are allowed to pass through the tunnel. The tunnels also branch to Hyjal and Azshara as well, but they aren't available to everyone.This tunnel which starts in Felwood is the only way for a player to initially get to Winterspring if they have never been there before (there exist two other ways to get to Moonglade; the Druids learn to teleport there early on, and for the other one, see the Moonglade article). In order to traverse the tunnel, you must either fight through, stealth or run through, or gain at least "Unfriendly" reputation with the Timbermaw Hold faction so they won't attack you. The last option is definitely the smartest, as the Timbermaw Hold faction also offers rewards as you gain standing with them.Another section of Timbermaw Hold is found in the north-eastern mountain-side at the zone of Azshara (Kalimdor).
Timbermaw Hold Layout
Timbermaw Hold Layout
 The Hold is a stone structure built within the mountain, similar to Ironforge. The architecture of the human-built Greymane Wall in Silverpine Forest and Thoradin's Wall in Arathi Highlands look similar to the exterior of the Timbermaw Hold.Some have speculated that the Hold may become a future instance. Others also speculated that the Timbermaw Furbolgs might have been the new race playable to the Alliance based on their past relationship with the night elves and their pursuit to cleanse their brothers from the corruption which currently affects them. It is unknown what adventurers may find within the walls of Timbermaw Hold if the gates are ever opened. Currently the entrance is filled in with dirt and guarded by Gatekeeper Rageroar, a Timbermaw Shaman furbolg, and two Timbermaw Den Watchers.The structure could have been formerly made by primitive humans. Nevertheless, based on lore, dwarves are the race that build structures within mountains. According to War of the Ancients: The Sundering, the Earthen joined the night elves in the War of the Ancients, fighting alongside with the Tauren and Furbolgs. Dwarves were revealed to be formerly from the Earthen race, created by the Titan Khaz'Goroth to dig the depths of the earth to rise and shape Mountains. The Timbermaw Hold could be the fortress of the Earthen that assisted the night elves during the War of the Ancients. After the Great Sundering, most Earthen hibernated within the halls of Uldum, Ulduar and Uldaman.


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