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    This cat race appears throughout the Monster Hunter Franchise. They have become one of the most popular icons of the series.

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    Felyne's are a race of bipedal intelligent cats, that can communicate with humans in the world of Monster Hunter. Mostly portrayed as bumbling and accident prone, they are used as comedy relief often in the series. In civilized situations they are found working for humans doing such tasks as running farms, cooking and generally helping around town. In the wild, they will attack the player, stealing random items from them when they hit. If the player can find their secret hideout in the level, they can often retrieve their stolen goods. In Monster Hunter Freedom Unite they take an active role in combat, acting as companions for the player character in the single player mode. The Felyne companions have varying personalities that  affect what type of attacks (if any) they execute in combat, and what weapons they use. While they were replaced in Monster Hunter Tri by the Cha-Cha, Felyne companions will make a return in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd. Early previews of MHP3 indicate you will now be able to take 2 Felyne Companions with you on single player quests, and select their weapons and armor.
    Feylnes are also set to appear in their own Monster Hunter spin-off game, Monster Hunter Diary: Poka Poka Felyne Village.

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